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Nature's Favorite State ....................(*** means under construction)
Welcome to Top Row Dawgs Georgia Natural Wonders Forum. It started out just recounting the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia, but I kept going. Totally random and free-form, not an actual ranking, just what comes to mind from my Wanders and Internet Surf. Trying to go around to every County before I am through. Georgia came up with a slogan a few years back, Nature's Favorite State. They let me create this separate Forum on this Georgia Football Site so I ran with it because I Love Georgia so much. One way to enjoy this Forum is to go to the oldest page to see the first Georgia Natural Wonder, which was the Long Swamp Valley Marble Vein. No longer an official Wonder, but I have so many places listed here that I have gone way past the 7 Natural Wonders of Georgia. You can go in order or surf around, again they are not ranked past the original 7, the revised 7, and maybe at first. I'm just going anywhere down here at this point.

[Image: yJqQTDO.jpg?1] [Image: tlP4HXO.jpg?1]
With my daughters in the Okefenokee Swamp. Serious look, surrounded by Gators. Daughter not impressed. Her twin sister had a better experience. Great side trip on way to Georgia Florida game. (GNW #8)

[Image: tnTG01X.jpg] [Image: v3aMGtk.jpg?1]
With hiking daughter and Onyx at Cherokee Bluffs. (GNW #232) With some random kid at Mill Creek Falls with Hendrix. (GNW #32)

Have covered the ten tallest peaks, the ten best swamps, the ten best caves. I had themes - Mountains to Ocean - National Landmarks - Old South - White Water - Boulder Fields - Springs - Waterfalls - Beaches - Different Counties - All the State Parks - Revolutionary/Indian/Civil War Battles. There are 10 post on Savannah and 5 post on Athens. We haven't even got to Atlanta yet, Was targeting post #250 for that. 

[Image: HoS1fEo.jpg] [Image: 1CmR6aI.jpg?1] [Image: iL97N5k.jpg?1]
In front on 7 foot falls Chattooga River, (GNW #18) Riding niece Wildcat Creek, (GNW #87)  Daughters at Copper Mine rapids Chestatee River. (GNW #88)

I have huge History Tangents, so much so, that I spent several post just on history of a county rather than it actually being a new Natural Wonder of Georgia.

[Image: rcHQIN8.jpg?1] [Image: AhqD8RE.jpg?1]
Folks seem to click on my Cave post because there is not a lot about Caves on the Internet. (GNW #145) I still hold record for Highest Snow Man in Georgia atop Brasstown Bald. (GNW #20)

Some of my HOTD brothers suggested a pretty Georgia Natural Wonder Gal at the end of each post so I may have gone overboard on some of those, but it helps drive the views, especially from my HOTD Brothers and Sisters.

[Image: Gbd3kCS.jpg?1] [Image: Y2Id9C1.jpg?1]
With Son at Hemlock Falls at Moccasin Creek State Park (GNW #36) and with Pop, and Son at Frat Beach on St. Simons Island. (GNW #60)

I know I have plagiarized and appropriated many images, but it's in an effort to show the Great State of Georgia in ALL it's Glory. 

[Image: obkVe1p.jpg?1] [Image: 1jGBQ2f.jpg?1]
With two year old son Cloudland Canyon (GNW #10) and other Niece on Tray Mountain. (GNW #13)

I have used Wikipedia and New Georgia Encyclopedia. Have featured images and text from Vanishing Georgia, American Whitewater, Atlanta Trails, Sherpa Guide, Face Book, Trip Advisor, etc. 

[Image: BWnlBCR.jpg?1] [Image: 4I4bHav.jpg?1]
Wife and twins atop Blood Mountain. (GNW #12) Wife and family Edge of the World Rapids. (GNW #38)

Used all my old Family images on some of these camp-outs and hikes. 

[Image: HLr42jm.jpg?2] [Image: szgZXcF.jpg?1]
Blood Mountain Creek Falls (GNW #43) and Mount Yonah. (GNW #14)

Have been trying to explore more for my own photos. I have been trying to get better at giving credit for information given, contact me if I've fallen short, and I will edit (Hopefully not forced to delete). Not really for profit but getting close to a Half Million Views. A labor of Love, the view count on the old Forum is listed.

[Image: stoCvVm.jpg?1] [Image: rfzSOv3.jpg?1]
Rock City with Hulk Hogan and Family (GNW #22) and on Minnehaha Falls. (GNW #41)

I am a Tour Guide with Atlanta Sightseeing Bus Tours if you ever come to Atlanta Monday through Friday 9 to 2. Half price if you use Groupon. Some people say I talk too much kinda like these post, but most everyone loves the Tour and my musical interludes. 

[Image: UjX4I3u.jpeg] [Image: drenQE0.jpg]
They make me wear this Yellow Shirt every day. Angry

I can do after hours (after 2 and on some weekends) Civil Rights, Civil War, or General Tours. Enjoy my Forum and the Great State of Georgia. Good for recruiting, builds Love for the great state of Georgia, come to UGA.  Or, if you live in (Or visit) Georgia, find all these places for weekend getaways. I have several more places lined up to feature but if you have a recommendation, PM me. Since it is a Georgia Bulldog Message Board ....Go Dawgs!

[Image: iOvLDN1.jpg?1] [Image: 1VWtPlw.jpg?1] [Image: CK0zHIu.jpg] [Image: yTj6tPw.jpg?1] [Image: Nhc7kqD.jpg?1] [Image: J3gH23f.jpg?1] 
[Image: XL6hRLC.jpg?1] [Image: 5sF0KCy.jpg] [Image: Krtkq7L.jpg?2] [Image: zhgbCrH.jpg?1]

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