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Good morning Dawg brothers and sisters. 452 Forever ....
Heart  for Uncle John (Gary Talbert) Always!


A total of 83 University of Georgia student-athletes were named to the 2024 Spring Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll for their outstanding performances in the classroom, the SEC announced this week. The 2024 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll includes the sports of baseball, golf, softball, tennis, and track & field. It is based on grades from the 2023 Summer, 2023 Fall, and 2024 Spring terms. Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport, has a grade point average of 3.00 or higher, and has completed a minimum 24 semester hours, is eligible for nomination.

Bulldog sprinter Kaila Jackson and thrower Stephanie Ratcliffe have been named to the College Sports Communicators (CSC) Academic All-America teams for track & field and cross country, according to an announcement Tuesday. To be nominated, a student-athlete must be a starter or important reserve with at least a 3.50 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) at his/her current institution. Jackson was a Second Team Academic All-American while Ratcliffe was a Third Team selection.  This continues a banner week for Ratcliffe who was named to her Australia's Olympic team in the hammer throw.
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Good morning UJD & to all Dawgs Everywhere!

Thanks for all you do TRD!
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Mornin already!

Good morning Uncle, TRD, and ALL our HOTD folks. Thanks TRD for kicking us off . Go Dawgs!!
Good morning, TRD and Dawg brothers and sisters! Today is yet another gift from God!
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Good Morning UJD....Mornin' Dawgs
Thanks Top Row....
Good morning Dawgs.  4:52
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Mornin’ TRD! Hope you have a great Hump day! 4:52 carrying on for UJD!
"But, we didn't come up here to take shots. We came up here to throw 'em." - Kirby Smart 11/13/2021
Morning TRD. Thank you
Good Wednesday morning TRD & all y’all DAWGS!


GO DAWGS!  Big Grin

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