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Dawgbrain's Rec Tec Burgers
Since quite a few of us have taken the smoker by the horns and bought a Rec Tec, I'll share how we like burgers at the house of Brain. Burgers are pretty simple on any grill and I used to turn out a pretty good ones on my BGE but this is mucho easier and the results are fantastic.

On your way out to start the grill grab 1-2 slices of thick sliced bacon for each burger you'll be cooking. My first choice is the house smoked thick cut from Dekalb Farmers Mkt but quite often it is just Kirkland thick sliced. Throw the bacon on the right end of the cold grill, start/set the grill to 400. This lets your bacon absorb all that extra smoke while the grill heats up. I have searing grates but I usually just use the regular grates for burgers.

I normally don't take the time for a custom grind, we just buy the 73% lean from Ingles or Kroger. That lean 90+ crap is not worth the effort and if that's your thing just stop reading now! Hand pat a 7~8 oz burger getting the meat molded tight but don't over work it. Hit each patty with a good dousing of Lea & Perrins worcestershire and then liberally sprinkle with McCormicks Montreal Seasoning. Lightly press the spices into the patty, flip it, and if the bottom isn't already wet with L&P hit it again. Press in a little more Montreal and head toward the grill.

By now your temp will be ~300 on its climb to 400. Place the burgers on the grill working from the center out. Go inside and preheat your oven at 350. In ~20 minutes throw some large quality HB buns straight on the oven rack. Head to the fridge, grab a bag of shredded cheddar and back out to the grill. Flip your bacon and burgers, placing the burgers as close together as possible. Mound up as much cheese on each patty as humanly possible. Close the grill and stand there for a minute taking in the mouth watering smell. Now turn the grill off and let it start it's cool down cycle. Go back in the house and check your buns, they'll be getting close.

Spend another 5-6 minutes checking your sides, burger dressings, beer, etc. Go get your burgers and bacon. The cheese should be fully melted and just starting to drip off the edge of the burgers. The outside of the burgers are not going to be dark brown like over charcoal or wood. Even if you use the searing grates they will not be much darker. No problem, they will be slightly pink inside, incredibly juicy, and have a nice smokey flavor.
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