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Just before midnight my big brother Gary Talbert (Uncle John) passed
(04-14-2024, 06:42 AM)Replying to Top Row Dawg

Thanks....I'll try, but I retired Jan 1, and I tend to sleep till lunch now. (6:30am or so)

I'll hollar when I can get up that early.
(04-13-2024, 07:49 AM)Replying to WarnerRobinsDawg

Damn it man i'm sorry to hear that.
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Long time lurker, seldom poster here.  One thing I learned long ago was that Uncle John was a good, kind man.  That came across clearly.  I used to chuckle when 4Sure (RIP) occasionally referred to the "Evil Unka John" because that was so unlike the real Uncle John.  

Condolences to the family.  I trust that Uncle is at eternal peace with the Lord.
(04-13-2024, 07:49 AM)Replying to WarnerRobinsDawg

WRD, I hate to hear the news.  I’ve been absent for a few days and this isn’t what I wanted to come back to.  Condolences and prayers for your and unc’s family.  I feel like an era has ended, sadly.  We are here when you need to chat or vent.  Know that he is in a wonderful place, with our maker, and family and friends that have passed.

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Prayers for him and your family

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