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TRD tribute Uncle John .......
First a TRD Nugget ....

[Image: Ne49AmL.jpg] [Image: SUYTALy.jpg]
Uncle & TRD - Uncle & WRD Brotherly Love.

[Image: VoPWRlK.jpg] [Image: JIJVlcR.jpg]
Uncle Daughter (Sweet Melissa) Grand kids - JC even got in there

[Image: 8K6BICr.jpg]
WRD - Uncle - TRD - 65 and wife

[Image: jJ3YqcT.jpg]
The infamous ONLY image of Black Pug ...... UGA 49 - Bad Leroy Dawg - TRD - Black Pug - Uncle - WRD
[Image: iOvLDN1.jpg?1] [Image: 1VWtPlw.jpg?1] [Image: CK0zHIu.jpg] [Image: yTj6tPw.jpg?1] [Image: Nhc7kqD.jpg?1] [Image: J3gH23f.jpg?1] 
[Image: XL6hRLC.jpg?1] [Image: 5sF0KCy.jpg] [Image: Krtkq7L.jpg?2] [Image: zhgbCrH.jpg?1]
Great stuff. Dirty Ol Dawg and I tried to hook up with Uncle but couldn't find him. But it was always nice to see you, when we could manage the walk over from out spot. Getting too old to walk that far twice. Prayers continue for Uncle. Thanks for posting.
Good stuff
(04-13-2024, 12:11 AM)Replying to Top Row Dawg

Awesome tribute, thank you
Gonna pushpin
Very nice tribute. Thanks TRD!
Thanks TRD.. will use some of these later
Great job TRD, Thanks Brother.

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