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Some of y’all may not want to hear this, but, when you die…
You don’t become an angel.    You don’t “gain your wings”.  If you go to heaven you become a Saint…. Pretty big difference in Saints and Angels.   

Not trying to debate this…it’s not really up for debate.    

Just had to get that off my chest.    Y’all carry on…
Wait. What ? I am no saint. This is a level I can't meet.
Big Difference 

Angels are Baseball
Saints are Football
(02-12-2024, 05:36 PM)Replying to Smokindawg

im trying my best to make sure i get there and take as many as i can with me.. Right ON!!!!!
(02-12-2024, 08:54 PM)Replying to ugafan49

But you know it's His work and not yours, that "gets you there."

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