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Finally “got outside” Saturday after being gone for a while…
Parked at Hyde Farm and took the trails down to the river…

[Image: 5J7VIFal.jpeg]

The trail (above) by the river used to be more wooded. They cleared a lot the past few years.

[Image: qAJESdTl.jpeg]

Reckon what critter, fox or coyote built this den (above)?

[Image: TI2ekRel.jpeg]

[Image: QG8wqFol.jpeg]

Reckon how old is this tree?

[Image: MIcrHK3l.jpeg]

Pic taken from Cobb side looking over to Fulton.

[Image: Sfvyw4fl.jpeg]

Must be nice living over there, not that I’d want to live in Fulton.

[Image: 5ZcT70al.jpeg]

Said hello to this guy on the way out.

[Image: 1Nk7uowl.jpeg]

After inspecting my empty hand he decided I was of no use to him. Even kicked his leg back in my direction when I clicked and said “here boy!”.

Got some exercise and #Outside time but damn my right knee and both feet were hurting Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Looks like another orthopedic visit ahead for me.
Damn like a GNW
[Image: iOvLDN1.jpg?1] [Image: 1VWtPlw.jpg?1] [Image: CK0zHIu.jpg] [Image: yTj6tPw.jpg?1] [Image: Nhc7kqD.jpg?1] [Image: J3gH23f.jpg?1] 
[Image: XL6hRLC.jpg?1] [Image: 5sF0KCy.jpg] [Image: Krtkq7L.jpg?2] [Image: zhgbCrH.jpg?1]
(02-12-2024, 11:52 AM)Replying to Top Row Dawg

Nowhere near as good as GNW.
(02-12-2024, 11:43 AM)Replying to junkyarddawg
looks to toastyb that it's wooded about the same
Think I was on the same trail with son, DIL and Granddaughter a couple of years ago, took same pic of River with that house at top…a good part of the trail had been cleared because they were doing large pipe installation…maybe that’s the same part you were on…
Great pictures..

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