Hair of the Dawg was started years ago by a small group of longtime posters from the old Dawgvent. Disillusioned by his time there, UGA forum legend TEE decided to strike out on his own.

Around this time, another former poster ToddUGA1995 had created a forum called Cheetos & Pron, which enjoyed some success until the plug was unceremoniously pulled by the webhost for... reasons. Knowing of Todd's experience in web design, TEE contacted him about creating a forum to bring all of the old Dawgvent posters together again.

With the help of TDK and 4sure, longtime Dawgvent posters, the group managed to quickly get the forum up and running. TEE, having a particular vision of how the new forum should look and operate, made sure every little detail was just right. And after a few stumbles along the way, HOTD became a thriving community for Georgia Bulldog fans from around the country.

As HOTD grew and thrived, tragedy struck. TEE, the heart and soul of HOTD, passed away from cancer. TEE's death was felt in every corner of the UGA sports online community. To honor his longtime friend, Todd contacted the UGA Athletic Department and got Coach Mark Richt to send a condolence letter to TEE's family. He also got Ross from the UGA Barn Sign to paint TEE's well-know saying "Y'all be civil" on the side. His last post is still permanently pinned to the top of the board, where it will remain for all time. There is even a section of the website dedicated to TEE.

In 2023, tragedy struck again and 4sure passed away from cancer. As well as secretly moderating the forums, he was also know for his incredible sense of humor. His celebrity impersonation accounts were legendary. He never failed to make everyone laugh and was always the voice of calm and reason.

Today TEE's vision is alive and well. Hair of the Dawg is one of the most active and well-known University of Georgia sports forums on the internet, all because of one man's vision. So now that you know our history, if you want to join just go to the forum and click on Register. And make sure to read the rules in the FAQ. As always, remember what a wise man once said... "Y'all be civil."


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