1. No nudity when posting pictures. That goes for nipple slips, see-through clothing, etc. We have lots of female members so let's be respectful. For pictures that are inappropriate post a link instead and use a NSFW (not safe for work) tag. Note: mods have the discretion to delete any post containing a picture they find offensive.

2. Threads that devolve into bickering and arguing will be deleted and the people involved will be asked to take their disagreement to personal message or put each other on ignore. Let's keep the discussion civil.

3. No registering with multiple usernames. Pick a username and post with it. If anyone is caught using multiple usernames they will be banned. (Note: the staff at HOTD reserve the right to create parody accounts of celebrities in order to make things fun from time to time.)

4. If your only purpose here is to instigate, start trouble, or test the limits of the forum rules then you will be banned.

5. Please do not copy and paste info from other sports sites, especially info that is behind a paywall for subscribers only. For information not behind a paywall a brief summary and link to the original article is fine.

6. All political/politics related/conspiracy theory/controversial posts (and anything else the management thinks might fall into or come close to those categories) belong in The Lounge. Also, no attempting to circumvent this rule by posting political content in your signature. If you continue posting these types of topics in the main HOTD Sports Forum you will be put into timeout and/or possibly banned.

7. No posts that could be considered hate speech/racist/etc. are allowed as they violate the webhost's terms of service.

8. Complaining about the rules or posts being deleted publicly are not allowed. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules/post deletions, please PM one of the moderators. Any posts complaining about a deletion and/or rules will be deleted.

9. If you see a post you think violates the rules please use the Report Post button to report it to management.


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