For those that don't know, TEE was probably one of the most well-known and beloved posters in UGA Sports message board history. He was a long-time poster at numerous forums, including the Dawgvent and Dawgchat. He was also one of the folks responsible for the creation of this forum as well as my friend.

When he approached me about starting another forum I was skeptical, thinking I probably wouldn't have the time. Yet somehow (probably against my better judgement) he convinced me otherwise. And as the site was being built he would always push me to make it better. As a result I had to re-learn a lot of things, like PERL, HTML, CSS, SQL, etc. He was a great inspiration, and an even greater friend.

When he first became sick, I didn't worry too much as I knew how tough he was. But the last time I talked with him on the phone was when he was in the hospital. I remember him telling me "Keep the forum going no matter what." I promised him I would and I didn't intend on breaking that promise. And then the diagnosis came...cancer.

I knew I had to do something for my friend so I came up with a couple of things to try and lift his spirits. First, I was going to get my good friend Ross, who owns the UGA Barn Sign, to paint a message to TEE. I was also going to get the UGA Athletic Department to send him something. Unfortunately, the news came that TEE had passed. I was devastated. But as I made a promise to get these things done I continued working on them for his family.

After communicating with the wonderful staff at the UGA Athletic Department, I managed to get Coach Mark Richt to send a condolence letter to TEE's family.

My good friend Ross also painted TEE's classic saying "Y'all be civil." on the barn for the family. A picture of it was taken, framed, and given to TEE's family (thanks again Ricky for making that happen).

To this day, I still expect to see an email or message from him. There's an emptiness from his passing. I continue to work on the website just as I promised him I would. I know he'd be proud of what this place has become. He's the reason a lot of us are here and I'll always consider him HOTD's heart and soul.

In his honor I have pinned his last post to the top of the page, where it will remain forever. Rest in peace my friend.


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