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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. South Carolina in...

Bronze Member
$631k, per my maths.***
August 03, 2021 07:26AM


Dang.....Trae Young getting paid...

DawgFacedGremlin142August 03, 2021 07:06AM

uncle sam smiles***

bNe9August 03, 2021 08:08AM

Nice paycheck.***

UncleJohnsDawg11August 03, 2021 07:55AM

LOL $500,000 per regular season game...that seems bout right ***

Fetchin' Bones11August 03, 2021 07:16AM

$631k, per my maths.***

Dymwit14August 03, 2021 07:26AM

I sux at maff*

Fetchin' Bones12August 03, 2021 08:21AM

Nope. You were correct. I thought it was a 4 year deal. 5 years=$505k/game.***

Dymwit10August 03, 2021 09:16AM

not as much as the Honks suck at oppression***

Toasty B11August 03, 2021 08:55AM

I'm as pro-capitalist as there is and believe he should be free to make as much as anyone is willing to pay him but that's crazy.***

Swad15August 03, 2021 07:16AM

He won't be getting any money from me so the Honks can pay him whatever they want***

JC-DAWG8311August 03, 2021 07:37AM

I feel the same way. ****

UncleJohnsDawg10August 03, 2021 07:56AM

True that. I don't even have cable so they aren't getting a penny from me unless there's some kind of state kickback using my tax dollars.***

Swad11August 03, 2021 07:47AM

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