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sweetriverdog says...Georgia at Kentucky in...

Commie Freeloader

This article bothers me

Anonymous User278September 01, 2020 07:37PM

Scary stuff. I think they will go the mail fraud route.***

UncleJohnsDawg10September 02, 2020 03:50AM

The way the swing states are changing it may take mammoth fraud to pull that off***

Booneville Dawg10September 01, 2020 09:55PM

can riot and protest by the thousands but damn scared to go to a voting booth. strange aint it?***

GriffWoody11September 01, 2020 09:47PM

Dims gonna Dim.***

UncleJohnsDawg10September 02, 2020 03:51AM

I might consider the source

LawDawg66September 01, 2020 09:10PM

Gonna be a lot of ballots "found" in car trunks à la Al Franken***

81n95dawg12September 01, 2020 08:22PM

Mayhem will ensue. May not know till the Electoral College meets, if then. God help us***

4sure8September 01, 2020 08:17PM

Laying the groundwork for election day chaos.***

oldmandawg12September 01, 2020 08:07PM

No doubt. ****

UncleJohnsDawg11September 02, 2020 03:53AM

Sounds to me the want to get this out and when it doesn't happen the dems can act like Gap Tooth..

Tybee-Dawg70September 01, 2020 08:01PM

The county clerks, etc won't be able to count the votes fast enough before the real riots start. USPS doesn't really matter***

Tomato Sandwich14September 01, 2020 08:07PM

That is a scary scenario***

DawgDaddy11September 01, 2020 07:51PM

Feels like a prognostication to me

Anonymous User72September 01, 2020 07:54PM

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