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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. UT Martin in...


Could be a mistake to tell Bobo he won't get the OC job if Jerome "Jungle Love" Monken

Dawghammarskjold240February 02, 2023 05:37PM

Mickeys Monken was more fun. SIAP***

Toasty B2February 02, 2023 08:02PM

Where did Monkman hurt you?***

Death9February 02, 2023 06:16PM

Touch on the doll***

McDonoughDawg0February 02, 2023 07:38PM

His fellow coaches and boss call him Jerome to his face,

Dawghammarskjold101February 02, 2023 07:19PM

80% chance this dude lives in a basement for $250/mo and all of the Capri Suns he can drink.***

Dymwit9February 02, 2023 06:40PM

wait...what? i thought he owned a bunch of car dealerships***

BulletDawg4February 02, 2023 07:17PM

Family owns a total of eight, if you count me as family. I married well

Dawghammarskjold70February 02, 2023 07:39PM

Hot Wheels collections.***

Dymwit1February 02, 2023 07:27PM

Dude called the plays that brought us 2 Nattys and butthurt abounds. Amazing.***

Death7February 02, 2023 06:57PM

If Stet don’t like him, basement boy don’t like him.***

Dymwit5February 02, 2023 07:13PM

How you liking Tech, Buster? Getting plenty of

Dawghammarskjold67February 02, 2023 07:36PM

I actually gradumuated from UGA. I don’t just play an alum on tv.***

Dymwit2February 02, 2023 09:06PM

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