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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. UT Martin in...

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So I had never been in a Costco until the one in Athens opened and the wife

Ahmahtbychew256November 22, 2022 01:20PM

Think I walked in one once with a friend. That said MIL purchased a membership for Mrs. Viper and I yesterday when she came down. Gonna have to check it out.***

Viper23695November 22, 2022 03:59PM

Outside of the crowds/parking, it’s such an improvement over Walmart/Target, etc.

Dymwit23November 22, 2022 04:54PM

Get the big ass bucket of chicken noodle soup. They use the rotisserie chicken. You’ve got food for a week.***

Dymwit3November 22, 2022 03:39PM

Pizza is a great value too. Large pizza will feed 4 adults easily and is about $10***

JC-DAWG834November 22, 2022 02:41PM

Bring back the combo pizza***

McDonoughDawg1November 22, 2022 03:10PM

Just signed up for the Athens one online day with a promo code to get a free $45 gift card...

DawgsGoneWild37November 22, 2022 02:22PM

Mrs Roga and I spend between $250 and $300 monthly in the warehouse, mostly food, but includes office supplies, laundry supplies, etc.

rogasingingdawg15November 22, 2022 03:45PM

their take & bake lasagna is pretty damn good, as is the Caesar salad

sugarhilldawg31November 22, 2022 02:19PM

That's what we buy. I bought a 2 TB drive for $99. Protein shakes & bars for the kids.***

FeralDawg2November 22, 2022 02:08PM

those are awesome and a loss leader for them.....***

MillDawg5November 22, 2022 01:54PM

I stop & fill up gas tank anytime I drive by and tank is below 3/4.

rogasingingdawg59November 22, 2022 01:36PM

I never buy gas at Costco because the line is always way too long.***

Dawgalways5November 22, 2022 02:30PM

Have had a Sam's membership for a couple of years until this month. Rode by there every morning....

Viper236940November 22, 2022 04:01PM

Go in the morning on the way to work, no one there most days, the old people and Asians show up starting around 9:30, also....

JC-DAWG8325November 22, 2022 02:49PM

Correct. I rarely buy gas there in the afternoon unless my tank is on E.

rogasingingdawg23November 22, 2022 03:48PM

Agreeance. Will pay more not to be in that line.***

JimDandyDawg0November 22, 2022 02:35PM

Their prime meat cuts are great and usually not too expensive. They had st louis and baby backs for $1.99 a lbs a few weeks ago.

dncdawg29November 22, 2022 01:25PM

^^^^^^ this. Also their brisket is awesome.***

Creed1November 22, 2022 03:42PM

You are typically going to save $30-$40 for a full brisket there over somewhere else...

Viper236910November 22, 2022 04:04PM

Been a member since 2010, and yes, the rotisserie chicken is inexplicable.

canis maximus76November 22, 2022 01:25PM

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