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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. UT Martin in...

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I miss Wicked Wiesel Wednesday***

Creed187November 02, 2022 09:23AM

That last gal looks like she's got a mask on an 8Lb snapper.***

DawgNatty29November 02, 2022 09:39AM

Reminds me of an old joke

dawghead98November 02, 2022 10:05AM

laughing smiley***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 12:03PM

laughing smileyRe: Reminds me of an old joke***

DawgNatty18November 02, 2022 10:09AM

LOL nice*

Fetchin' Bones1November 02, 2022 09:43AM

Good one DawgNatty. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 09:43AM


Toasty B1November 02, 2022 09:40AM

That was always a high spot of the week.***

UncleJohnsDawg3November 02, 2022 09:34AM

Wicked Weasel Wednesday™ for OTD......#mist

TDK156November 02, 2022 09:32AM

I don't remember OTD posting "doables" in his WWW post's, fwiw....

Lurk56November 02, 2022 09:46AM

laughing smiley OTD loved some skank action.***

TDK4November 02, 2022 09:50AM

Always brought the nasty stuff***

Toasty B4November 02, 2022 09:55AM

you could chum with his women of choice****

Lurk1November 02, 2022 09:54AM

Dude liked a high mound...better for his slider***

Toasty B1November 02, 2022 09:57AM

smiling bouncing smiley ***

TDK0November 02, 2022 10:07AM

Well done, TDK.***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 09:42AM

7,8, Maction***

Toasty B2November 02, 2022 09:35AM

OTD had one heck of a collection.***

UncleJohnsDawg3November 02, 2022 09:35AM

Dude was a mess.***

TDK1November 02, 2022 09:36AM

Some of those qualify for Toe Toosdy too ***

Fetchin' Bones3November 02, 2022 09:34AM

WW designers always had toe in mind...called it the Toe in the Sand collection***

Toasty B6November 02, 2022 09:37AM

Marketing geniuses**

Fetchin' Bones2November 02, 2022 09:43AM


UncleJohnsDawg2November 02, 2022 09:45AM

I WOOD have called it the Cootchie collection....and got fired ***

Fetchin' Bones2November 02, 2022 09:47AM

No kidding. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 09:53AM

and change the words to "Honey Suckle Blue" for the commercial***

Toasty B1November 02, 2022 09:50AM


TDK1November 02, 2022 09:43AM

Oh yeah!***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 09:35AM

Dymwit seems to be suffering from it***

Toasty B3November 02, 2022 09:25AM

Dymwit seems to be suffering from it***

Toasty B2November 02, 2022 09:25AM

OTD's pic dumps were always an adventure to moderate, especially WWW™...LOL***

TDK5November 02, 2022 09:25AM

OTD was the Man.***

UncleJohnsDawg1November 02, 2022 09:36AM

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