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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Alabama in...

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Gruden just got shit canned...

DawgFacedGremlin252October 11, 2021 08:12PM

Wonder how much money he's gonna have to give back. Didn't he sign a 10 year contract or some shit?***

GatorTuss11October 12, 2021 07:17AM

"It's Selma all over again...........****"

ignatiusdawg12October 12, 2021 06:25AM


UncleJohnsDawg14October 12, 2021 03:59AM

Too bad there is no opening at Tenn.***

dingo17October 11, 2021 09:58PM

We can find Grudens emails from 10 years ago, but still cant find Killary's or Hunters.***

oldmandawg16October 11, 2021 09:44PM

Ain't that the truth. ****

UncleJohnsDawg12October 12, 2021 04:00AM

Great point OMD**

DawgFacedGremlin11October 11, 2021 10:00PM

Vols on line 1*

DM13October 11, 2021 09:37PM


Toasty B12October 11, 2021 09:38PM

I hereby nominate John Gruden for the Jimmy the Greek Medal of Honor.

JackRussellDawg89October 11, 2021 09:05PM

I'm sure he is being paid very well to leave.*

redpantsdawg12October 11, 2021 09:01PM

Re: Gruden just got shit canned...

junkyarddawg171October 11, 2021 08:47PM

Mark Davis.....

DawgFacedGremlin126October 11, 2021 08:57PM

Bring back Al, God rest his soul.***

junkyarddawg13October 11, 2021 08:59PM


Toasty B13October 11, 2021 08:48PM

Wonder if he pist the Vegas wise guys off***

Bullochdawg14October 11, 2021 08:44PM

10 yr old emails, and he wasnt employed by the nfl at the time

bNe126October 11, 2021 08:42PM

I guess the Hunt's, the Halas's, et al are glad e-mails didn't exist in 1939....

DawgFacedGremlin52October 11, 2021 09:08PM

the way they're reporting it ...racist/homophobic/sexist ...this is a setup all along***

BulletDawg24October 11, 2021 08:41PM

Well, the Raiders do employ the NFL's second cocksucking player...

DawgFacedGremlin93October 11, 2021 08:49PM

That man is my new hero. He’s basically DJT as a football Corch. Wood fit in nicely on Hotd***

LawDawg16October 11, 2021 08:36PM

After reading about the emails

lobatt205October 11, 2021 08:35PM

Didn’t he mention Jeff Fisher)***

Toasty B15October 11, 2021 08:47PM

He said they were gonna kick Fishers pussy ass in LA this year.***

lobatt16October 11, 2021 08:56PM

Re: He said they were gonna kick Fishers pussy ass in LA this year.

Toasty B57October 11, 2021 09:03PM

If it were e-mails from 2011 as reported, he was referring to Obama....

DawgFacedGremlin111October 11, 2021 08:39PM

The article I read indicated he said that about then Vice President Biden.***

lobatt18October 11, 2021 08:41PM

Gotcha....they're both clueless pussies, so it really doesn't matter spinning smiley sticking its tongue out**

DawgFacedGremlin14October 11, 2021 08:46PM

never say anything in an email you wouldn't say in church***

BulletDawg14October 11, 2021 08:34PM

For what?***

junkyarddawg17October 11, 2021 08:31PM

Google is your friend**

DawgFacedGremlin14October 11, 2021 08:34PM

Will do.***

junkyarddawg12October 11, 2021 08:39PM

What a buncha horse shit. I've been playing video games and my urge to kill it's already way to high***

GibsonDawg14October 11, 2021 08:27PM

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