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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Clemson in...


Obit for deadlyputter... R.I.P. Eric Blazi

WarnerRobinsDawg44002/18/2021 08:02AM

R.I.P. to a DGD***

theTODD4502/21/2021 09:48AM

Sounds like a great man. Prayers for family and friends.***

ugafan493702/21/2021 07:31AM

RIP Eric!***

1970dawg3802/18/2021 10:59AM

Thanks for posting that.***

Shadrach3502/18/2021 09:05AM

Thanks WRD, praying for his family and friends.

DawgDaddy7002/18/2021 08:55AM

Yeah...Ric played football at WR and Liberty and now a preacher in NC***

WarnerRobinsDawg4302/18/2021 10:06AM

Re: Yeah...Ric played football at WR and Liberty and now a preacher in NC

Dawghammarskjold3504/18/2021 06:21AM

RIP Eric.***

UncleJohnsDawg3602/18/2021 08:13AM

prayers for family and friends.***

JaxDawg.com3502/18/2021 08:05AM

Hang in there, you can beat it. Prayers sent.***

deadlyputter10602/10/2021 09:43AM

His last post was him thinking of someone else with struggles...

theTODD12002/17/2021 01:00PM

Yep...about when he started fighting for his own life***

WarnerRobinsDawg4302/18/2021 08:42AM

Terrible...RIP to a DGD***

theTODD3702/18/2021 04:35PM

Tee and i were crusin along @ 100 MPR and just hit the Arkansas line

MeatCleaverDawg38402/09/2021 05:25PM

Every story that includes TEE is great. Thank You!!!****

ugafan493802/09/2021 08:30PM

Mrs79 was driving us down to Jax in the Ho for UGA v. Ufag. Me and TEE in the back seat......

79Dawg16202/09/2021 07:21PM


ugafan493702/10/2021 05:00AM

Great stuff MCD. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg3902/09/2021 06:28PM

Hey, I know Jake Lewis from Hephzibah!...

LuvsDawgs18302/09/2021 05:58PM

Let me tell you he got killed down on Walton Way At McDonald.

MeatCleaverDawg20802/09/2021 06:02PM

Not a great part of town, that’s for sure.***

LuvsDawgs4602/09/2021 07:05PM

You were driving the HO?***

smokindawg4502/09/2021 05:39PM

Chevy pickup

MeatCleaverDawg13202/09/2021 05:45PM

Great story Meat, thanks!***

DawgDaddy4302/09/2021 05:38PM

I don't know how well you knew Tee but he could drink a case of Miller

MeatCleaverDawg16102/09/2021 05:48PM

Unfortunately, I've found out on google. We have lost another good Dawg. Link.....

ladyQ90008/05/2020 03:30PM

Dawg Bless You West Point***

Top Row Dawg4301/26/2021 07:32AM

RIP, WPD. We miss ya, brother*

Lurk7008/28/2020 11:39AM

RIP Sir Westpoint****

Leotis8108/06/2020 09:20PM

sad to hear this news, thanks for letting us know****

MillDawg7508/06/2020 05:26PM

Thanks LadyQ- for letting us know. Praying for family.****

ugafan497408/06/2020 01:14PM

Always sad. Thanks for letting us know.***

LuvsDawgs7308/06/2020 09:28AM

RIP Westpoint - say hello to WonderDawg for us, too.***

Doris6808/06/2020 07:53AM

Dawgspeed, Westpoint.***

Dawgwater7708/06/2020 07:46AM

DJD...Hate seeing this...RIP, Westpoint.***

TDK7908/06/2020 07:38AM

Sad...always sad*

gulfportdawg7508/06/2020 05:23AM

It is sad to hear of the passing, but I take comfort in him being with his son again. I know he missed him. RIP Westpoint.***

GriffWoody7308/05/2020 09:21PM

Very nicely written and touching obit for a DGD. Dawgspeed, Westpoint. R.I.P. **

Sapelo Dawg7308/05/2020 08:53PM

Damn Good Dawg. Dawg Bless.***

Top Row Dawg7208/05/2020 07:26PM

RIP. Prayers for his family. His son passed a few years ago. I think his son was the original Underdawg on the old board. Enjoyed his posts, too.***

Zolotisty8708/05/2020 05:30PM

His son was wonderdog on the other site. He also had a tough and sad battle with cancer. *

ladyQ8108/06/2020 07:54AM

That's right wonderdog. I enjoyed his posts BITD. I always liked his view on things. He was an original thinker. I remember when his Dad posted about his passing. RIP***

Zolotisty7308/06/2020 09:48AM

Oh no. I thought he was improving. *

30Adawg7108/05/2020 05:29PM

Dang. Godspeed Westpoint.***

Shadrach7408/05/2020 04:58PM

May he R.I.P.***

DawgDaddy7308/05/2020 04:42PM

Dang, this is terrible.news! But, thanks for sharing, ladyQ. Fletch was a great guy, and I considered him to be a dang good friend. We’ve all lost a Damn Good Dawg, and he will be sorely missed...

eubie12208/05/2020 04:16PM

Damn sorry to hear. Rip***

smokindawg7108/05/2020 03:54PM


McDonoughDawg7508/05/2020 03:49PM

Rest in Peace Westpoint.***

bNe7108/05/2020 03:44PM

Dang... good find Lady Q...Thanks***

WarnerRobinsDawg7408/05/2020 03:40PM

Thanks for the update, ladyQ. I hate to see that. He was one

UncleJohnsDawg14208/05/2020 03:37PM

Oh no! RIP Westpoint sad smiley**

Bullochdawg7408/05/2020 03:35PM

Damn...that is terrible***

theTODD7608/05/2020 03:35PM

We've lost another long-time member...Bark4u...and today is her birthday as well...

theTODD88102/19/2020 09:55AM

Dawg Bless you Bark4u***

Top Row Dawg4701/26/2021 07:31AM

Just saw this......

smokindawg18002/28/2020 03:58PM

RIP good lady, prayers for all****

MillDawg11102/21/2020 08:14PM

So sorry to learn about this very sad news. She was a mighty fine gal...

eubie18002/20/2020 04:21PM

Bark was a very special woman.***

TyTyDawg11002/20/2020 08:12AM

Sad news, prayers for all of the family***

DawgDaddy10402/19/2020 09:05PM

She was a great one - funny as hell. RIP Sweet Jane***

Doris8802/19/2020 06:56PM

Prayers for the family. She was from up my way***

dirtyolDawg10402/19/2020 04:57PM

Damnit,....she was a good'un*

Lurk10102/19/2020 03:55PM

My heart aches for my dear friend. I was shocked when SSI called me with the news.

ladyQ20002/19/2020 03:40PM

Dang. Losing too many dawgs lately. RIP Bark. May your family find peace and comfort.***

GriffWoody9302/19/2020 03:33PM

D,JD. We're losing too many. Prayers going out.*

Doc Hollidawg10202/19/2020 03:04PM

Prayers for the family.***

Dawgman2510002/19/2020 01:51PM

I hate to hear that. Met her at a TEE tailgate. Prayers for the family.***

UncleJohnsDawg10502/19/2020 01:49PM

So sorry to hear that. Prayers for the family. ***

RockmartDawg9802/19/2020 11:26AM

Absolutely hate that. Prayers for her family!***

JimDandyDawg10402/19/2020 10:48AM

(sigh) RIP Bark. Tell the others hello for us. #CancerSucks***

4sure9902/19/2020 10:47AM

Man that sux, RIP Bark **

Fetchin' Bones9602/19/2020 10:41AM

Re: We've lost another long-time member...Bark4u...and today is her birthday as well...

Anonymous User14402/19/2020 10:27AM

Damn that sux. Met her 1 time way back. RIP****

Jmac10302/19/2020 10:23AM

Today is Casino's birthday and it hurts so bad to hear this news. Prayers for comfort and Peace.***

Beatledawg10402/19/2020 10:23AM

That’s awful! So sorry for her family and friends!***

LuvsDawgs9902/19/2020 10:22AM

Prayers for the family***

EufaulaDawg9402/19/2020 10:11AM

sad smiley***

GaSpiderDawg10102/19/2020 10:08AM

Prayers, Peace****

ugafan499902/19/2020 10:08AM

DJD, that's awful...Prayers and peace to the family...Dawgspeed, Bark4u.***

TDK9902/19/2020 10:00AM

Bamakp’s tribute video...

Shellfish73912/04/2019 10:31AM

Very sweet, Shell.

uga198811912/06/2019 06:06PM

Just Awesome***

JamanDawg12512/05/2019 06:31AM

Very Moving. Dawg Bless you all. ****

Top Row Dawg9612/05/2019 05:13AM

Beautiful, Shell. Well done. You hang in there, darlin. Call me anytime***

Anonymous User10812/04/2019 10:06PM

Like many on here, I never met him, but felt like I knew him. ...

1966septemberdawg11512/04/2019 09:07PM

DJD. Lived a best life. Prayers to those he left behind.***

humpindawg10112/04/2019 05:03PM

This thing call age makes me sadder & sadder when friends leave. Never met KP but considered him a friend because of HOTD*

Brewsterdawg10212/04/2019 04:08PM

Shell, Thank You So Much

UGAHumpsPolls11912/04/2019 03:18PM

The world is a lesser place without him. Thank you for sharing.***

GriffWoody9712/04/2019 02:57PM

Hard to watch, fwiw*

Lurk10112/04/2019 01:52PM

Thanks for sharing....RIP Bamakp***

Dawgman2510212/04/2019 01:40PM

Thank you for sharing this with us Shell, may he RIP***

DawgDaddy10412/04/2019 01:35PM

Thanks Shell. Simply perfect.****

Leotis9812/04/2019 01:34PM

Re: Thanks Shell. Simply perfect.*

Tursiops12112/04/2019 10:37PM

Got some sand in my eyes or somethin'. God bless you Shell and KP.*

Doc Hollidawg10112/04/2019 01:30PM

Thanks for sharing this, Shell. And again sorry for your loss.*

Sapelo Dawg10212/04/2019 12:56PM

Wonderful video...thanks for posting it...he will be greatly missed***

theTODD10412/04/2019 12:47PM

Awesome video, thank you for sharing. He is missed, for sure. ***

Bake Ham10212/04/2019 12:02PM

Thanks for posting, Shelly. Very nice **

4sure10312/04/2019 11:40AM

Great Video and Tribute! God Bless!****

ugafan499912/04/2019 11:16AM

Good stuff...thanks for sharing it.***

McDonoughDawg9812/04/2019 11:05AM

Awesome video and memories..thanks for sharing***

WarnerRobinsDawg10212/04/2019 11:04AM

Great video. Thank you for sharing*

T-D9812/04/2019 10:58AM

Thanks for sharing this, Shell**

Bullochdawg10112/04/2019 10:49AM

What a great tribute to KP. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg9612/04/2019 10:46AM

RIP, Bamakp***

Tomato Sandwich10212/04/2019 10:45AM

Great video, Shell...Thanks for posting...RIP, kp.***

TDK9612/04/2019 10:40AM

the world lost an awesome guy***

Anonymous User9812/04/2019 10:39AM

Very well done***

MusicCityDawg10312/04/2019 10:38AM

Another update on Bamakp’s obituary on his life and history

Tursiops81211/25/2019 07:52PM

D,JD, he was born in my hometown, Jackson, TN. 3 years younger than me but I don't remember ever meeting him.***

MusicCityDawg10611/27/2019 11:55AM

Didn't know his brother and his family live in WR***

WarnerRobinsDawg11311/26/2019 10:59AM

thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about Kevin's life and honoring him by learning more about him****

MillDawg10511/26/2019 07:20AM

Seemed like an okay guy to me.....leaves behind a big family...Prayers for them all.***

Dawgman2510311/25/2019 09:37PM

Re: Another update on Bamakp’s obituary on his life and history

wooly_bugger15311/25/2019 08:46PM

Thanks for the updates.**

Bullochdawg10411/25/2019 08:12PM

Thanks for sharing that Tursiops.***

DawgDaddy10611/25/2019 08:10PM

Wish I had known him sounds like an interesting cat***

barnesville dawg11211/25/2019 08:06PM

Re: Wish I had known him sounds like an interesting cat

30Adawg16511/25/2019 08:11PM


Shellfish1,02211/25/2019 09:01AM

So sorry for your loss Shell. Prayers for you And yours*

DawGone8511411/27/2019 08:49PM

Prayers for peace and comfort.........God Bless.***

oldmandawg10511/27/2019 07:21PM

Thank you for posting this, I am so sorry for your loss. ....

1966septemberdawg11711/26/2019 09:37PM

Very sorry for your loss, and ....

JohnnyBeeDawg18211/26/2019 08:44PM

Hung out with him a couple of times at signing day gatherings at the Blind Pig.

LMD16311/26/2019 05:50PM

So very sorry for the loss. KP reached out to me...

Dawgma14111/26/2019 05:04PM

So sorry about this news and your loss...drop by here from time to time***

WarnerRobinsDawg11111/26/2019 11:18AM

I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. ***

RockmartDawg10511/26/2019 09:45AM

Re: Bamakp...

Lurk14211/26/2019 07:37AM

Re: Bamakp...

wooly_bugger15011/25/2019 08:53PM

Sincere condolences. Having never met Kevin, I consider myself poorer.*

canis maximus11211/25/2019 07:42PM

So sorry... God Bless you all.***

Professor Dawghair11111/25/2019 07:02PM

Just this one time for Bamakp....."Roll Tide!!!!!!!!"***

dirtyolDawg11111/25/2019 04:45PM

He will be missed greatly. Thank you for sharing him with us. RIP Bamakp****

GriffWoody10711/25/2019 02:37PM

Prayers for you and all of bama's family Shell. May he RIP***

DawgDaddy11111/25/2019 02:36PM

Sorry for you loss, Shell. Gonna miss talking to him***

Anonymous User10111/25/2019 01:50PM

God bless, keeping you in my prayers. I never met Kevin, but a life well lived is evident by those he touched here.***

MillDawg10811/25/2019 01:41PM

Re: Bamakp...

Whatdawg14811/25/2019 01:27PM

Prayers- Peace and beat auburn****

ugafan4910011/25/2019 01:12PM

Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family.***

rogasingingdawg10911/25/2019 12:45PM

Thanks. I am so sorry for your loss. We are going miss Bama. *

JimBfishN11411/25/2019 12:39PM

Condolences to you and Kevin’s family. Kevin was a really good guy and...

eubie15311/25/2019 12:30PM

We're so sorry for your loss, Shell. He will be missed by

UncleJohnsDawg16611/25/2019 11:31AM

Always enjoyed Kp's posts and the glimpse of what a great guy he was. Thanks for posting Shell, so sorry for your loss. Roll Tide***

Dawgbrain10111/25/2019 11:19AM

My deepest condolences for your loss. It sucks for all close to kp. I love chatting with him here. For me, we could disagree, but Kevin was never disagreeable. I respected that about him. Gone, not forgotten.***

Shadrach11111/25/2019 10:35AM

God Bless you and all the family shell,***

kdsdawg10411/25/2019 10:30AM

Sorry for your loss....Prayers for you.***

Dawgman2510811/25/2019 10:13AM

Very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family***

lawdawg2410811/25/2019 10:10AM

God bless you***

barnesville dawg11111/25/2019 09:59AM

So sorry for your loss Shell...he will definitely be missed...take care and if you need anything just ask***

theTODD10311/25/2019 09:54AM

Bless you Shell! Sorry for your loss!***

JimDandyDawg10811/25/2019 09:44AM

for kp: ROLL TIDE!***

GaSpiderDawg11011/25/2019 09:34AM

Thanks for posting Shell. I remember your first time posting on the other site.

ladyQ18111/25/2019 09:22AM

So sorry for your loss, Shell. Always enjoyed talking to Kevin and reading his posts. He will always be missed**

Bullochdawg10811/25/2019 09:20AM

He was one of my favorites here. Bless you, Shell.***

junkyarddawg9911/25/2019 09:11AM

Thanks Shell. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you will continue to post. Let us know how we can help **

4sure10411/25/2019 09:10AM

Sorry Shell. Thanks for posting. Take care of yourself***

humpindawg10611/25/2019 09:10AM

God bless you Shellfish ****

Leotis10611/25/2019 09:08AM

Always enjoyed KP, sorry for your loss***

Tomato Sandwich11411/25/2019 09:08AM

Y'all will be sorely missed. Hope you can find some peace soon. GATA***

LandDawg10411/25/2019 09:07AM

Praying for peace in your heart. Take care*

T-D10911/25/2019 09:07AM

Sorry for your loss...BamaKP is missed.***

McDonoughDawg10811/25/2019 09:06AM

Thanks for stopping by, Shell...So sorry for your loss. He will be missed...Keep us posted and stop by when you can.*

TDK11511/25/2019 09:06AM

Is there an obituary out yet?*

gulfportdawg19211/21/2019 06:52AM

A funny kp story again...

Tursiops51111/20/2019 10:44PM

I remember that pic****

MillDawg10511/21/2019 06:54AM

Very cool. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg10611/21/2019 04:59AM

Thanks, fish grinning smiley Please post more***

4sure10511/20/2019 11:05PM

A Damn Mammal—————>***

Tursiops11211/20/2019 11:25PM

Which one of you thought it was a good idea to give the bird a Diet Pepsi?***

ToccoaDog11611/20/2019 10:49PM

Would you try to take it away?***

4sure10311/20/2019 11:03PM

Re: Would you try to take it away?

Bullochdawg17211/20/2019 11:09PM

after I saw the pic I thought at least it wasn’t a BEER...luckily I took the pic***

Tursiops11211/20/2019 10:58PM

Re: after I saw the pic I thought at least it wasn’t a BEER...luckily I took the pic

Bullochdawg18011/20/2019 11:02PM

Feel compelled to tell my KP story...

1sickpup41911/20/2019 01:53PM

Such a shock about KP. Seemed like a truly nice chap. We exchanged a couple of jokes about being Episcopalian some time ago.

canis maximus24711/20/2019 10:43AM

Wow, prayers to KP his family and friends.

Under Dawg36311/20/2019 08:58AM

I had never seen him post anything boastful or braggart as a bama fan - dude was a good one.***

GaSpiderDawg10811/20/2019 09:49AM

Yep. I had just exchanged PMs with him about that very thing a few days ago. Damn.***

junkyarddawg9911/20/2019 10:34AM

kp shared his cappersmall login with me. Total stranger that was sometimes not the nicest over the Alabama thing****

Anonymous User12611/20/2019 09:44AM

It figures that you would do something like this...

gulfportdawg26411/20/2019 09:56AM

Read it again..this was not at all derogatory about him

Anonymous User23411/20/2019 10:00AM

I knew what you meant***

Tomato Sandwich10511/20/2019 10:26AM

^^^^high postball IQ^^^^***

Anonymous User10111/20/2019 10:36AM


Teddybulldawg10611/20/2019 11:17AM

Confusing to read, should have written...with me, a total stranger that was...., glad you clarified, i thought the same as gulfport***

JC-DAWG8310511/20/2019 10:22AM

He’s never been really good at posting coherently***

scn10511/20/2019 10:27AM

maybe one day I'll get butter***

Anonymous User10411/20/2019 10:31AM

or at least margarine****

MillDawg10711/20/2019 11:10AM

No worries.***

junkyarddawg10311/20/2019 10:38AM

17 years and counting........it ain't happening*

Lurk10511/20/2019 10:33AM

why don't you just go back to lurking at work, dawg****

Anonymous User10111/20/2019 10:38AM

Your post read different than what you meant*

gulfportdawg10611/20/2019 10:22AM

RIP KP! Sorry to hear this sad news.***

Herbiesball19611/20/2019 08:27AM

No words here...RIP kp****

Anonymous User10311/20/2019 09:30AM

Throwing my arms in the air...

gulfportdawg26711/20/2019 09:14AM

So how old was our Brother KP??***

burnsidedawg12411/20/2019 09:17AM


UncleJohnsDawg10811/20/2019 10:39AM

Too young...51*

gulfportdawg10511/20/2019 09:54AM

Oh hell. WTH? *

30Adawg9611/20/2019 10:22AM

Who is KP

bhdawg21611/20/2019 09:25AM

51 according to post below***

WarnerRobinsDawg10811/20/2019 09:18AM

Shit, almost got him by 2 years.***

burnsidedawg10511/20/2019 09:20AM

Couple of stories about KP

Tursiops69111/19/2019 09:20PM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls14911/21/2019 06:25AM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls13411/21/2019 06:25AM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls12411/21/2019 06:24AM

Great stuff Tursiops. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg11311/20/2019 04:57AM

Remember the first time I met KP

ToccoaDog40211/19/2019 10:41PM

Thanks, ToccoaDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg11011/20/2019 04:58AM

What a great tribute . . .

Doris17911/19/2019 10:58PM

I laughed out loud when you described his outfit...you are 100% right...he will forever leave a mark***

Tursiops10811/19/2019 10:51PM

I remember him wearing this bright color Nascar jacket with sponsor ads

DawgsGoneWild23911/19/2019 11:23PM

typical KP....he went all all out***

Tursiops11411/20/2019 01:02AM

I remember it too, at the Blind Pig***

Doris11811/19/2019 11:29PM

Yep...at the old BP...signing day maybe?***

DawgsGoneWild11611/19/2019 11:31PM

Yep - that was it***

Doris10611/20/2019 12:08AM

I had forgot - that was the first time I met him.***

Doris10311/19/2019 11:31PM

OK in my book for sure***

McDonoughDawg10711/19/2019 10:35PM

Good stuff Tursiops, thanks for sharing.***

DawgDaddy11011/19/2019 10:33PM

I think his father was faculty at UGA.***

EastBroadDawg11011/19/2019 10:25PM

Thanks for sharing, Tursiops. Still in shock. *

Sapelo Dawg10911/19/2019 10:07PM

Good stuff. Thanks***

JimDandyDawg11111/19/2019 10:01PM

Wow! Sorry to hear that. Praying for his family!!***

deadlyputter10811/19/2019 10:01PM

typical of his fashion style at a Charleston Sc wedding for one of our friends

Tursiops31911/19/2019 09:58PM

Yeah - no way I could pull that off***

Doris11411/19/2019 11:00PM


McDonoughDawg11411/19/2019 10:39PM

Outstanding !!***

JamanDawg11911/19/2019 09:49PM

I got that impression. Seemed like a real genuine guy. About convinced me to work winters down in the keys.***

Death11711/19/2019 09:48PM

lots of opportunity down there ...especially for folks that have handyman skills***

Tursiops11311/19/2019 10:02PM

Great memories, thanks for sharing, never met him, but Todd and Jimmy tought a lot of him and that's good enough for me. Right ON****

ugafan4911011/19/2019 09:44PM

Almost everytime we spoke one of us brought up some advice he shared with me that his father had told him:

Leotis23111/19/2019 09:43PM

One of the most generous people I've met...don't think a lot of folks really realized what he was like...

theTODD28711/19/2019 09:40PM

What a beautiful tribute to a life well lived****

MillDawg11111/19/2019 09:34PM

Thanks Tursiops. Please share more of those. “You will know them by their fruits”**

Bullochdawg11311/19/2019 09:26PM

Damn good *

JimBfishN10511/19/2019 09:25PM

Thanks, fishboy **

4sure11111/19/2019 09:24PM

‘tis a Mammal ———————>***

Tursiops11111/19/2019 09:41PM

LOL **

4sure10711/19/2019 09:43PM

Cool to hear stories like that...Thanks, Tursi.*

TDK11111/19/2019 09:24PM

Bamakp - never too high or low. Always gracious, with a superb sense of humor and taste. RIP brother. ***

Bake Ham17711/19/2019 09:13PM

Speaking of gifts from kp: He sent me this sticker for my guitar case not long ago...LOL

TDK56511/19/2019 08:51PM


ugafan499511/19/2019 09:49PM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg10211/19/2019 09:07PM

LOL! Perfect **

Bullochdawg10111/19/2019 08:59PM


JimDandyDawg10711/19/2019 08:52PM

Funny stuff.*

TDK10511/19/2019 08:58PM

KP rubbed me the wrong way at first. I took exception to some of his comments.

JimDandyDawg47311/19/2019 08:48PM

Yessir, he and TyTy were close...We need to check in with him.*

TDK10411/19/2019 08:56PM

I have let Ty know... **

4sure10511/19/2019 09:07PM

Thanks, 4sure...They were long time friends, iinm.*

TDK10111/19/2019 09:13PM

Damn hate to hear it. Always liked KP, he took some underserved shit from a couple people here and never showed his ass. Never met him but seemed like a good dude. RIP**

DawgInDixie19011/19/2019 08:47PM

Yeah, he took a lot of crap from people here, but never took offense to it. Think he had deeper ties the Athens and UGA than most of us. He was just easy going dude that loved life imo**

Bullochdawg10611/19/2019 08:58PM

I think he grew up in Athens*****

MillDawg10511/19/2019 09:06PM

Yep. He told his story here once. Athens & the Dawgs were a big part of his life from what I remember of his story **

Bullochdawg11211/19/2019 09:12PM

I bet he's been to more Dawg games than 50% of the people on HOTD.***

UncleJohnsDawg10911/19/2019 09:06PM

Concur. I consider him a DGD in my book **

Bullochdawg10511/19/2019 09:10PM

Yes sir. ****

UncleJohnsDawg10311/20/2019 04:59AM

Yeah he said he liked the Dawgs but went to Bama for a change****

MillDawg10411/19/2019 09:44PM

Tried to tell the wife about Kevin. I just busted out crying as I was telling her the news. Weird how you can feel such a connection to someone you’ve never met**

Bullochdawg19611/19/2019 08:26PM

Did the same. Dawgspeed, KP. And thanks to Leotis for the offline heads up. Devastating. *

sweetriverdog11111/19/2019 08:35PM

I did the same here. It may feel a little silly for this to hit you so hard . . .

Doris24911/19/2019 08:32PM

Yep. He had just sent me a bottle of bourbon for my birthday back in Sept. Meant to tell him I finished it off watching the Dawgs beat the turds. He was good people **

Bullochdawg10711/19/2019 08:36PM

Remembrance. Lmao now....65 bragged on staying at some high dollar hotel and KP...

JimBfishN57111/19/2019 08:25PM

I can't be certain because I've posted here when I have been terribly over served (by my own hand) but I don't think...

JC-DAWG8327611/19/2019 08:42PM

Kp could take it...

JimBfishN25811/19/2019 09:04PM

I considered him a DGD despite his Bama discrepancy.***

Death10911/19/2019 08:47PM

Best post you ever made Jim . . .

Doris20511/19/2019 08:37PM

Until we meet again brother. We will have that Summer Summit one day

Leotis39111/19/2019 08:16PM

Yes, Amen****

ugafan4910011/19/2019 09:52PM

Peach, brother. Well done. ***

sweetriverdog10411/19/2019 08:42PM

Oh man***

4sure10111/19/2019 08:39PM

Nice...RIP, kp.***

TDK10511/19/2019 08:17PM

smileys with beer Raise one for him***

Tursiops22111/19/2019 07:33PM

Drink raised...***

McDonoughDawg10611/19/2019 10:33PM

Ignore my email, fwiw . . .

Doris19111/19/2019 08:23PM

no words for that, wft. godspeed kp.***

Shadrach10811/19/2019 08:23PM

Never met him in person, but proud to drink one in memory, He might of been a Bammer, but he was a DGD.***

PlainOldDawg11011/19/2019 08:13PM

Raised! Cheers to Bama!***

Tomato Sandwich11311/19/2019 08:05PM


JimBfishN10811/19/2019 07:54PM

Just poured one***

JC-DAWG8310311/19/2019 07:37PM

Done. This is just terrible.***

Death10711/19/2019 07:36PM

To kp!…Have you talked to Shell?…Any way we can contact her?*

TDK12711/19/2019 07:35PM

She called to let me know....not sure about contacting her..maybe a private message here...it will go to her email***

Tursiops13711/19/2019 07:46PM

I would not presume to contact her, he seemed like a good guy but I had never met him in person, would be inappropriate imo***

JC-DAWG8310911/19/2019 07:55PM

Yep he was a different breed but a very good guy

Tursiops24411/19/2019 08:00PM

He and I (and you) had the salt water fishing thing in common, he and I posted a good bit about the new engines on Shell's boat and other fishing stuff, we also....

JC-DAWG8320611/19/2019 08:15PM

Sorry for your loss, he was one of the guys who I always read his posts. Seemed like a great guy.***

Dawgbrain11511/19/2019 08:09PM

Thanks...Todd found her email...Let us know if she needs anything.*

TDK10711/19/2019 07:49PM

I have some sad news to report...I lost a good friend today...

theTODD2,09611/19/2019 07:26PM

Re: I have some sad news to report...I lost a good friend today...

UGAHumpsPolls15311/21/2019 06:07AM

Very sad. Prayers for his family***

dirtyolDawg11411/20/2019 05:20PM

Damn........RIP buddy

reebdawg14111/20/2019 04:24PM


T-D11411/20/2019 02:35PM

Wow! Shockingly sad news! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. I always...

eubie15611/20/2019 01:53PM

D,JD. Sorry to hear that. Have you talked to Shellfish?***

MusicCityDawg10811/20/2019 01:17PM

Oh my God! I am at a loss for words. What a great compliment to this board. He will be sorely missed. damn*

Doc Hollidawg13311/20/2019 12:10PM

So sorry to hear this news Prayers for his family. May he.

1970dawg13511/20/2019 11:34AM

Very sad. Prayers for his family*

StratDawg12011/20/2019 11:13AM

Dang, that's terrible. Prayers for all***

lawdawg2411911/20/2019 11:02AM

Great guy....sad sad news****

Anonymous User10611/20/2019 09:42AM

Oh my word.... I am so sorry to see this. Prayers for his family, for sure.

RockmartDawg13411/20/2019 09:34AM

Damn, sorry to hear this...

gulfportdawg14311/20/2019 09:05AM

That's astoundingly awful, so sorry to read this.***

Sheriff Bart11011/20/2019 08:55AM

Never met him but we messaged a few times...always a nice guy to me. This really sucks***

WarnerRobinsDawg10911/20/2019 08:26AM

DJD - sad news*****

Buc-N-Dawg10911/20/2019 08:09AM

So sad & sorry to hear this. Much prayer for his family*

Brewsterdawg10911/20/2019 07:59AM

That is shocking and terrible news. Prayers sent for the family***

EufaulaDawg11211/20/2019 07:51AM

WTF? Noooooo. Gods Speed, Bama*

Lurk10611/20/2019 07:50AM

Hate to hear that***

Booneville Dawg10711/20/2019 07:48AM

Shocking news. So sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family and to you.***

treeclimbin'dawg12111/20/2019 07:24AM

20640 Post that will be greatly missed.

Top Row Dawg17011/20/2019 06:16AM

Wow...prayers for the family. Sad, sad news***

LJD11111/20/2019 06:10AM

Dang so sorry to hear, seemed like a great guy. Will pray for his family

MeatCleaverDawg13711/20/2019 06:08AM

Re: I have some sad news to report...I lost a good friend today...

bNe19811/20/2019 06:06AM

For the record

JudgeLarryDawg23911/20/2019 05:41AM

Wow! Sometimes the things life throws at us just suck. I am so sorry for his family and friends.***

LuvsDawgs11111/20/2019 03:22AM

Gonna miss my friend. RIP, Kev***

Anonymous User10911/20/2019 02:34AM

Didn't know him except that I thought he was from Athens....

Dawgma16011/20/2019 12:41AM

I’m stunned by this news. I enjoyed his post and banter. ......

1966septemberdawg14011/20/2019 12:30AM

OMG! Horrible news. Rip Bama***

Tybee-Dawg12011/19/2019 11:58PM


Teddybulldawg13311/19/2019 11:55PM

What? He was just posting here yesterday as if nothing was wrong!?!?! Im at a loss. Just, damn!***

GriffWoody11611/19/2019 10:59PM

Concur. Terrible news. Never met him, but I can tell he was a gentleman*

Sidetrack Silvera11111/19/2019 11:10PM

R.I.P. BAMA.***

McDonoughDawg10311/19/2019 10:31PM

Damn, sorry to hear. Prayers for his family.***

Dawgman2510711/19/2019 10:15PM

Sad News Indeed... RIP KP.***

Professor Dawghair11411/19/2019 09:36PM

Sgt. Hulka Dawg just emailed me with this news. Oh my sweet Lord.

Beatledawg20511/19/2019 09:17PM

That's awful, RIP Kev and condolences to Shell and his family*

jonzerdawg10011/19/2019 09:14PM

Prayers, Peace****

ugafan4910811/19/2019 09:11PM

Hate to hear that***

Booneville Dawg10111/19/2019 09:08PM

Damn it! What a shock! KP was a great guy - truly, a gentleman and scholar. No words. He will be missed. ***

Bake Ham10311/19/2019 09:02PM

What in actual hell? Damn.***

LawDawg11711/19/2019 09:01PM

So sorry to hear that, always thought he was a good guy.*

TheReasonADawg11811/19/2019 08:49PM

That is shocking news. Damn.***

JimDandyDawg11011/19/2019 08:45PM

I am so sorry to hear that RIP***

dingo11411/19/2019 08:38PM

Sad news, prayers for all of the family and Shell.***

DawgDaddy10611/19/2019 08:35PM

This is such a gut punch. Never met Kevin in person, but talked to him and Lori on the phone. Truly good people. Praying for Shell and family **

Bullochdawg10811/19/2019 08:22PM

KP was a great guy - only met him in real life once . . .

Doris21011/19/2019 08:22PM

That's terrible. Prayers to the family. ****

UncleJohnsDawg11411/19/2019 08:17PM

Not even believable. This sucks.***

FeralDawg11011/19/2019 08:17PM

So sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family. He was fairly young, wasn't he? sad smiley***

rogasingingdawg11211/19/2019 08:05PM

My word. Just saw this. Prayers for his family. RIP****

GOPUGA11511/19/2019 08:03PM

"Goodnight Sweet Prince

Dawghammarskjold23111/19/2019 07:58PM

Just damn... I’m really sorry to hear that***

BROM BONES11411/19/2019 07:48PM

D, JD. Prayers for Shell and his family.***

rdawg9911211/19/2019 07:47PM

So sad..

JimmylikesUGA16311/19/2019 07:46PM

Wow. Wasn't expecting that. Sorry for the loss of your friend.***

79Dawg11211/19/2019 07:44PM

Lord have Mercy...

JimBfishN22611/19/2019 07:44PM

Terrible news .Another huge loss for HOTD***

JamanDawg11911/19/2019 07:43PM


DawgFacedGremlin11511/19/2019 07:41PM

That is terrible. Sad news***

JohnnyBeeDawg12811/19/2019 07:39PM

Awful news..didn’t know him, but always enjoyed his posts*

Punkin1411111/19/2019 07:37PM

Give to the departed eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine upon them*

CSUDawg10811/19/2019 07:37PM

That's awful. You just never know, be ready.***

Dawgbrain10811/19/2019 07:36PM

Wow. What do you even say to that? RIP.***

Samjo9911/19/2019 07:36PM

D,JD. That's awful.***

Tomato Sandwich11511/19/2019 07:34PM

What? Can't be.***

Death11311/19/2019 07:34PM

Dang...Always seemed like a pretty good guy, willing to help...Hate to hear that.*

TDK11711/19/2019 07:33PM

Just now seeing. Very sad to read. Prayers for his family.*

canis maximus10911/19/2019 08:19PM

man, that is sad. Gonna miss him***

copedawg1211511/19/2019 07:33PM

oh wow. thats awful.***

humpindawg11011/19/2019 07:32PM

Lordy *****

4sure11311/19/2019 07:30PM

WHAT???? I wonder if it anything to do with his "numb" leg problem a couple of weeks ago?***

redclayhound12011/19/2019 07:30PM

Totally forgot about that. Will wait for The Todd to share details.***

scn10311/19/2019 07:32PM

Wow...I forgot about that.*

TDK11411/19/2019 07:31PM

Same here, remember folks here telling him to get that checked out, still shocking news***

JC-DAWG8311611/19/2019 07:35PM

For real...DJD.*

TDK11111/19/2019 07:37PM

He wasn’t that old either was he?***

scn10811/19/2019 07:39PM

Early to mid 50s, iirc.*

TDK10011/19/2019 07:41PM

From pics he posted, he appeared to be in good shape too, much better than me***

JC-DAWG8310111/19/2019 07:43PM

Me too...That’s what I was thinking...Wake up call.*

TDK10911/19/2019 07:46PM


ToccoaDog11011/19/2019 07:43PM

Too damn young***

Tomato Sandwich11011/19/2019 08:04PM


TDK10711/19/2019 07:45PM


MillDawg10711/19/2019 07:29PM

Shocking, I am stunned and saddened even though I never met him in person***

JC-DAWG8310911/19/2019 07:29PM


kdsdawg11211/19/2019 07:28PM

Holy shit. Seriously?***

scn11311/19/2019 07:28PM

Damn. Hate to hear that.***

11B1SG(Ret)Dawg11111/19/2019 07:52PM


Tursiops58511/18/2019 06:19PM

Re: 6 DAZE

ToccoaDog24211/18/2019 06:31PM

Re: 6 DAZE

Tursiops21311/18/2019 06:41PM

Bring back

ToccoaDog22011/18/2019 06:35PM

thought you wanted skrimps

Tursiops18211/18/2019 06:43PM

Skrimps come from Georgia, Lobster come from the Keys***

ToccoaDog11911/18/2019 07:00PM

royal reds and key west pinks are down there

Tursiops16311/18/2019 07:03PM

True, but good ole brown georgia skrimps are best***

ToccoaDog11611/18/2019 07:04PM

I agree...Shellfish said we may try to find some lobster on the ocean side***

Tursiops11411/18/2019 07:06PM

If you can handle the current or go at slack tide,they can be found here. Sharky though.......

bamakp22311/18/2019 07:16PM

there’s sharks everywhere in the water...only place I’m hesitant to dive down there is the bahia honda bridge during the tarpon season***

Tursiops11611/18/2019 07:25PM

Big ass Hammerhades get after those tarpon.*

bamakp16211/18/2019 07:29PM

yep...my buddy Captain Dickey told me he was fishing there in his 15ft flats boat and a Hammer was under his boat waiting for the tarpon to brought in. said he could see the head and tail of the fish under the boat....it was longer than his boat***

Tursiops11311/18/2019 07:46PM

Big Mo..heard of him years ago

Tursiops16311/18/2019 07:49PM

I thought Georgia shrimp were white and Gulf shrimp were brown? SIAP.*

bamakp10711/18/2019 07:06PM

get both here in Ga***

Tursiops10911/18/2019 07:07PM

Used to buy the brownish Gray ones on the docks on Amelia.***

FeralDawg11111/18/2019 07:52PM

browns usually show up in summer but once it cools off the whites show up...***

Tursiops11211/18/2019 08:02PM

Oh Heyull it's on now. Tursiops you're SAVAGE!****

Leotis11211/18/2019 06:48PM

somewhere Toccoa is deleting my phone number***

Tursiops11011/18/2019 06:52PM

No conch fritters WNB****

Leotis10611/18/2019 06:20PM


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