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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Alabama in...


Just got back home from 4sure’s service…

81n95dawg40410/19/2023 05:18PM

Thanks for your report. Wish that i could have know him

1970dawg1910/20/2023 09:30AM

4sure introduced HOTD to Marietta's Square

waycrossbulldawg3210/20/2023 08:30AM

Thanks for the report. He will be missed **

Fetchin' Bones1710/20/2023 06:51AM

Good work, he was a good one***

McDonoughDawg1510/19/2023 10:12PM

Thanks for that report 81, wish I could have been there***

E. CobbDawg1610/19/2023 09:41PM

He is where im trying to go! Thanks for sharing. We continue to pray for his family and friends.***

ugafan491410/19/2023 08:48PM

Awesome…Thanks, 81…He was a good’un.***

TDK1310/19/2023 07:10PM

Thanks, 81n95dawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg1710/19/2023 06:58PM

That sounds like him. Man, gone too soon.***

Shadrach1610/19/2023 06:47PM

thank you for sharing***

MillDawg1610/19/2023 06:25PM

Great post, thank you***

Tomato Sandwich1810/19/2023 05:44PM

That had to have been an amazing service.***

UncleJohnsDawg1810/19/2023 05:43PM

What a wonderful tribute for a life well lived.***

DawgDaddy1610/19/2023 05:35PM

Thanks for that!***

JimDandyDawg1810/19/2023 05:34PM

E. CobbDawg did a great job.***

UncleJohnsDawg1610/19/2023 05:45PM

Thanks, appreciate the update… glad you went***

WarnerRobinsDawg1610/19/2023 05:32PM

Wonderful. 81n95dawg. Thanks***

UncleJohnsDawg1710/19/2023 05:25PM

A few pictures of 4sure that I found in the archives...RIP, friend.

TDK14310/13/2023 10:57AM

Thanks TDK..***

WarnerRobinsDawg1210/24/2023 01:33PM

Excellent. Thanks for saving all that.***

UncleJohnsDawg1710/19/2023 10:07AM

Great Pics! Thanks for posting!***

rogasingingdawg1510/13/2023 11:37AM

Farewell 4Sure.

Top Row Dawg7710/09/2023 07:17AM

4sure's battle is over

81n95dawg1,97210/02/2023 08:45PM

RIP, brother.....No more Sucky Seats for you,....you've got the best view ever for eternity*

Lurk2210/12/2023 06:08AM

Prayers for his family. Sorry to hear.***

Dawgman251410/11/2023 01:34PM

He was/is an inspiration to me. I saw how strong he was and how positive and I try to be like him i my

Doc Hollidawg5010/10/2023 12:01PM

I am sad for his family and us that will miss him. His bride is correct, he is perfect now!…..

1966septemberdawg3510/09/2023 06:47PM


Doc Hollidawg2310/10/2023 11:56AM

I am so happy his pain is gone…but his families just beginning. RIP!***

LuvsDawgs1410/09/2023 05:05PM

Prayers for him and his family. A damn good dawg.***

dawghead1710/09/2023 03:37PM

Prayers for peace and comfort for the family; RIP***

dingo1510/09/2023 10:32AM

My head is telling me to be sad, but my heart is full knowing that the body is healed

Dawgette6910/09/2023 10:26AM

Perfectly put into words. I can’t improve or even match what dawgette typed. RIP 4sure. I’ll have a beer in your honor this week.***

GriffWoody1810/09/2023 12:51PM

Like with most of you on here i have never had the pleasure of

1970dawg4510/09/2023 10:24AM

RIP. He's in a better place now.***

MusicCityDawg1410/09/2023 10:10AM

A prayer sent to his family. RIP MY FRIEND***

TyTyDawg1710/09/2023 10:03AM

Massive loss for THOTD, The Dawg Nation, and The World and a HUGE gain for Heaven****

Leotis1510/09/2023 09:52AM

DGD - what an incredible loss.***

GaSpiderDawg1310/09/2023 09:48AM

Good people are too few. Humbles me. I am sorry for his family and friends*

30Adawg1510/09/2023 09:46AM

Prayers to his Family***

McDonoughDawg1410/09/2023 08:39AM

He will be mist - glad he's home and healed

Concourse E2810/09/2023 08:02AM

Prayers to the family. RIP Dawg!***

TritonDawg1610/09/2023 07:58AM

Prayers going up for the family. He will be missed, but now has perfect peace. ***

RPDawg1710/09/2023 07:57AM

Very sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family. Godspeed, 4sure.**

canis maximus1510/09/2023 07:56AM

So sorry to hear this***

JC-DAWG831710/09/2023 07:50AM

Prayers for his family. He will be missed.***

JimDandyDawg1410/09/2023 07:42AM

I will miss you my friend***

theTODD1410/09/2023 07:18AM

My condolences.***

Death1310/09/2023 07:16AM

Damn. Momento Mori. Godspeed.***

FeralDawg1510/09/2023 07:05AM

So sad, my thoughts and prayers for all of the family and friends. A true DGD!***

DawgDaddy1510/09/2023 07:05AM

Peace for Jerry’s family. I will miss my friend.***

LawDawg1710/09/2023 07:05AM

God Bless***

MillDawg1610/09/2023 06:51AM

Dreamed about this last night….. really hate this. Rest in Peace, Jerry***

WarnerRobinsDawg1810/09/2023 06:47AM

Re: 4sure's battle is over

56gwad5510/09/2023 06:29AM

sad smiley Condolences to his family/friends....#cancersucks

Buzzfan2610/09/2023 06:24AM

Condolences to all his family and friends.***

treeclimbin'dawg1610/09/2023 06:15AM

Oh Man that cancer was agressive. He died as Back to Back National Champion.

Top Row Dawg4410/09/2023 06:03AM

Very sad to read this. RIP 4sure***

Tomato Sandwich1610/09/2023 05:49AM

He has graduated. Peace!***

ugafan491410/09/2023 05:32AM

Prayers for his family. He will be greatly missed here at HOTD.sad smiley***

rogasingingdawg1510/09/2023 05:18AM

Gonna miss the heck out of him around here. The world has less class in it today than it did yesterday.***

bNe1510/09/2023 04:46AM

This really herts. Good Bless Jerry.***

UncleJohnsDawg1510/09/2023 03:46AM

So sorry to hear this....prayers for his family, both real life, and online.***

Samjo1510/09/2023 03:04AM

God bless you Jerry. Prayers for his family***

ToccoaDog1510/09/2023 12:28AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”***

eubie1410/08/2023 11:30PM

Dang…You will be missed, 4sure…Dawgspeed, brother.***

TDK1510/08/2023 10:48PM

That sucks, but good for Jerry. 4sure was a DGD and I'm glad he's slipped the grip of cancer. I'm sure many of us will think of him when cracking open a cold one.***

Shadrach1510/08/2023 10:47PM

So heartbreaking seeing this. Thoughts and prayers for his family.*

ladyQ1410/08/2023 10:09PM

Rest in peace Jerry, good and faithful servant.

SSI-Dawg4210/08/2023 09:50PM

God has His hand over you. Prayers for all of your family. Wonderful to know 4sure knows Him**

canis maximus1610/07/2023 03:49PM

Damn. That's tough to read. Even tougher to go through. My heartfelt prayers for all. Damn.***

LuvsDawgs1610/06/2023 02:07AM

Prayers Sent ******

Dawgma1510/05/2023 11:33PM

Praying for 4sure and his family***

Booneville Dawg1710/05/2023 11:03PM

You won’t be forgotten here and will visit you on the other side, 4sure. Prayers for peace for your family to comfort them til they meet you again.***

PharmDawg1610/05/2023 10:19PM

So very sorry, this verse comes to mind. To live as Christ, To die is gain! We pray for the family and friends.***

ugafan491910/05/2023 08:35PM

Heartbreaking news. Praying he is at peace.***

79Dawg1710/05/2023 05:59PM

damn, this breaks my heart. A fine man.......God bless him and his family***

MillDawg1810/05/2023 05:31PM

4Sure helped me last year

Whatdawg8510/05/2023 05:31PM

This news hurts my heart in this moment and then gives way to joy.

SSI-Dawg6010/05/2023 03:16PM

If anyone can bring Dawgette back, it's 4sure.

Dawgette9910/05/2023 03:06PM

sad smiley **

Buzzfan1610/05/2023 02:08PM

Very sad, but him being at peace is great to hear. Prayers for his family**

outbackdawg1610/05/2023 01:59PM

This latest update is so very sad...yet glorious at the same time. We can all take solace...

eubie5910/05/2023 01:43PM


teddybdawg1710/05/2023 12:34PM

Prayers sent to 4sure and family for peace and strength.***

Coon Dawg1610/05/2023 11:24AM

very sorry to hear; 4sure is one of cornerstones of HOTD; prayers for him and his family**

waycrossbulldawg1810/05/2023 11:14AM

Man, that is rough. He's a great guy and at least sounds like he's in a good place mentally.***

Death1510/05/2023 10:54AM

Oh man; heartbroken.***

Creed1710/05/2023 10:34AM

I’ve never met 4sure, but as I type I fight back tears. I can tell from our family here, he is one of the good ones. Peace be with you and your family, 4sure. GATCA! Keep fighting!***

GriffWoody1710/05/2023 10:26AM

I can only echo what Beatle and Rockmart have said already

1970dawg5510/05/2023 10:03AM

Dawgspeed, 4sure***

Dawgwater1310/05/2023 09:51AM

Godspeed 4sure and thank you for listening to me.***

MusicCityDawg1510/05/2023 09:49AM

Dammit man. No words are sufficient.

Sapelo Dawg3510/05/2023 09:37AM

Speechless and teary-eyed. He is a hero and so is she for sharing that with us

bNe7410/05/2023 09:11AM

I just reread her words, you are spot on about her being a Hero.***

McDonoughDawg1410/05/2023 09:34AM

May God bless him and his entire family!!*

gulfportdawg1410/05/2023 09:05AM

So hate to hear this. Praying for 4sure and his family***

E. CobbDawg1610/05/2023 08:54AM

Re: 4sure update

JudgeLarryDawg7010/05/2023 08:52AM

He is a good guy. So sorry.***

TyTyDawg1710/05/2023 08:46AM

I am so sorry...prayers going up for all family and friends.***

TritonDawg1610/05/2023 08:45AM

Aw damn, man. That is absolutely crushing. Man, he's been solid since the Vent days.***

FeralDawg1510/05/2023 08:36AM

While I am sadden at this news, my heart is lifted knowing he

Beatledawg5410/05/2023 08:27AM

Absolutely hate to see this. Prayers for Jerry and his family.***

LawDawg1610/05/2023 08:25AM

I’m so sorry to hear that. I love he knows he will be in God’s presence soon and is at peace…

1966septemberdawg3210/05/2023 08:17AM

Until we see you again. You ran a good race and won*

Dawgsroll1510/05/2023 08:17AM

Godspeed to 4sure and his Family…***

McDonoughDawg1710/05/2023 08:11AM

fly high D4S!***

barnesville dawg1510/05/2023 08:10AM

The peace God provides is immeasurable. 4sure will be healed. Prayers to his family that God helps them*

30Adawg1310/05/2023 08:08AM

That's a bad update. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers headed his way from the HOTD is good to see. Hoping for a miracle.***

Shadrach1410/05/2023 08:05AM

Really so sad. Hoping for peace for his family.***

LandDawg1610/05/2023 08:05AM

Horrible news for us that enjoyed his wit and wisdom. Knowing his pain will soon end and he’ll be in the presence of his Savior is wonderful news.

rogasingingdawg3010/05/2023 08:03AM

Prayers for 4sure, friends and family, and for us all.***

junkyarddawg1410/05/2023 08:01AM

That's terrible news.. He is a great guy 4sure.. praying for him and his family***

WarnerRobinsDawg1710/05/2023 07:59AM

pass along our prayers, it really helps to know you have people praying for you.***

JaxDawg.com1710/05/2023 07:59AM

Awful news...speechless sad smiley***

theTODD1610/05/2023 07:56AM

Thank you for the update, even though we hoped for better.

RockmartDawg4010/05/2023 07:54AM

DJD...This one hurts...Dawgspeed, 4sure.***

TDK1510/05/2023 07:52AM

dang, that really hits the heart

Concourse E2810/05/2023 07:46AM

Heart broken....I'll definitely continue with prayers. So very sorry*

Doc Hollidawg1410/05/2023 07:44AM

Not the update any of us wanted to get,....just awful......dammit*

Lurk1610/05/2023 06:56AM


oldmandawg1410/05/2023 06:35AM

Like Paul, 4sure has fought the good fight he has finished his course..

Jawjan5910/04/2023 11:02PM

Amen, brother. This is what it is all about. ***

RockmartDawg1710/05/2023 07:55AM

Appreciate you and her for the updating us on such tough news. Our hearts ache for her and the family.,*

ladyQ1710/04/2023 10:45PM

Oh Man, prayers and Love to you dude, and your family.***

Top Row Dawg1810/04/2023 10:44PM

Peace, 4sure***

Tomato Sandwich1410/04/2023 10:28PM

Praying for you and your family, 4sure.***

Jawjan1910/04/2023 08:32PM

So sorry to hear this. We will definitely keep 4sure in our prayers. *

eubie1710/04/2023 12:16PM

Done. Hang in there, 4sure***

Tomato Sandwich1610/04/2023 08:01AM

pass along our prayers, it really helps to know you have people praying for you.***

JaxDawg.com1410/04/2023 07:19AM

Cancer sucks, but it can be beaten. Sending prayers. ******

Dawgma1510/03/2023 09:19PM

Oh, no. Prayers for him and the entire family.***

UncleJohnsDawg1510/03/2023 06:08PM

Continued prayers for the whole family. I completely agree- salt of the earth.***

TyTyDawg1610/03/2023 01:57PM

Thanks for update. Praying for answers and healing!***

1970dawg1410/03/2023 09:59AM

I have never met the man in person, but that's difficult to read. I am not surprised how dignified he is in handling this though. Prayers for his family who I know will miss him*

Sidetrack Silvera1910/03/2023 09:36AM

Thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. Hang tough.***

LandDawg1510/03/2023 09:02AM

God Bless 4sure!***

JimDandyDawg1610/03/2023 08:39AM

Re: Y'all continue to keep 4sure in your prayers…done.***

McDonoughDawg2310/03/2023 08:14AM

Awful news. Prayers for 4sure and family. sad smiley***

rogasingingdawg1710/03/2023 07:33AM

Hurts to read this about a special man. Keep hunkering down.*

ladyQ1410/03/2023 07:07AM

That's very concerning,...he's in my prayers, and please keep us updated*

Lurk1810/03/2023 07:02AM

Praying for you 4Sure

Walnut River3210/03/2023 06:48AM

GATA 4sure, hang in there! **

Fetchin' Bones1510/03/2023 06:36AM

Gata, 4sure. Keeping you front of mind and prayer.***

GriffWoody1610/03/2023 06:17AM

Thoughts and prayers for 4sure and family!*

gulfportdawg1410/03/2023 05:25AM

Sharon and i are praying, Thanks for letting us know!***

ugafan491610/03/2023 05:12AM

Thanks for the update. Praying they get this sorted out and that he gets back on track***

bNe1610/03/2023 04:22AM

Thanks for letting us know. Praying. ***

RockmartDawg1510/03/2023 01:22AM

Fight like hell , brother. We are with you the whole way***

JamanDawg1710/02/2023 09:14PM

Prayers sent.***

CDXX1610/02/2023 09:04PM

Dang, don’t like the sound of that…Dawgspeed, 4sure and Hunker Down.***

TDK1510/02/2023 08:49PM

Prayers sent***

Toasty B1510/02/2023 08:46PM

[4sure's FINAL POST] : Will not give auburn another thought until they show up on the schedule again, if then***

4sure19610/01/2023 10:46AM

Auburn games always seem to be wild with very emotional finishes. I'm so happy this was one of the right ones.

ladyQ10510/01/2023 11:02AM

The officials are always like that over there.***

UncleJohnsDawg1510/01/2023 12:04PM

one day the SEC might be good enough to have legit refs UncleJ.***

bNe1110/01/2023 12:44PM

Amen. The penalty flag had a Yellawood logo on it yesterday. 2 non calls kept them in the game & kept the crowd in the game***

Zolotisty1710/01/2023 11:24AM

even the first INT should have been PI. Barner went thru RSJJS1 to get the INT.***

bNe1610/01/2023 12:15PM

That was a shameful non call. The other non call was the Aubie QB playing hokey pokey at the LOS . That 1 was so bad even Danielson called them out about it***

Zolotisty1410/01/2023 01:04PM

thumbs up thumbs up ***

RockmartDawg1410/01/2023 11:06AM

15 ugly 1 pt wins = an MNC FWIS

bNe5110/01/2023 10:47AM

Yep, but my heart might not take the strain. eye popping smiley***

rogasingingdawg1510/01/2023 12:18PM

Oh yeah!***

UncleJohnsDawg1210/01/2023 12:04PM

I’m down with that***

McDonoughDawg1410/01/2023 11:17AM

Canecur. ***

RockmartDawg1610/01/2023 11:05AM

I'd take 15 ugly wins every year.***

Shadrach1610/01/2023 10:49AM

amen. might not be healthy for the tickers of dawgfans tho lol***

bNe1510/01/2023 10:59AM

[4sure's FINAL BELL RINGING] : Ring the damn bell***

4sure3109/30/2023 05:46PM

Ju get the video?***

81n95dawg1309/30/2023 05:51PM


TDK1109/30/2023 05:47PM

Hey y’all, Dash is reporting on the DawgVent that RedClayHound has passed away.

JackRussellDawg63202/26/2022 10:45PM

So sorry, Very sad. Remember him from the "other side".*

Doc Hollidawg6103/09/2022 03:42PM

Re: Hey y’all, Dash is reporting on the DawgVent that RedClayHound has passed away.

AirForceDawg13403/02/2022 11:07AM

Damn that is terrible news***

theTODD6203/01/2022 07:42AM

He started the old Grapevine, iimc***

LandDawg5902/28/2022 03:54PM

He was a good dude. RIP, Charlie.***

Shadrach5902/28/2022 08:57AM

D,JD.....RCH was good people. RIP, brother*

Lurk6002/28/2022 07:12AM

Charlie and I both graduated from Southern Tech…..

OSDawg12302/27/2022 08:26PM

Haven't heard that handle in a long time. Sorry to hear the sad news. ***

RockmartDawg5402/27/2022 03:43PM

RCH was a DGD, and will sorely be missed. Our condolences go out to his family.*

eubie6402/27/2022 01:03PM

Dang. He was a DGD.***

LawDawg5502/27/2022 10:08AM

sad smiley Prayers for his family.***

rogasingingdawg6402/27/2022 08:02AM

Re: Hey y’all, Dash is reporting on the DawgVent that RedClayHound has passed away.

56gwad15102/27/2022 07:35AM

I'm so sad t see that. He was a great guy and DGD. Prayers for the entire family.***

UncleJohnsDawg5802/27/2022 06:14AM

Sad news to awaken to this morning, he was a DGD. Prayers for all of his family and friends.***

DawgDaddy5702/27/2022 05:38AM

The REAL Program Man. So full of trivia and detailed postings of different amazing bits of history and knowledge. Really a Mentor. Good Bye Red Clay Hound.

Top Row Dawg13202/27/2022 05:27AM

Sad...he was a good un*

gulfportdawg6502/27/2022 04:22AM

Hate to hear that. I've missed his posts here and wondered about his health.*

ladyQ5102/26/2022 11:47PM


Death5602/26/2022 11:08PM

Damb. Haven't seen him in a while but RCH IS/WAS a Master.***

Death6102/26/2022 11:08PM

This one hurts. Damn. He was one of the best ever here and over there. I'm going to miss Charlie***

GibsonDawg5502/26/2022 10:54PM

Tursiops obituary

SSI-Dawg1,05108/09/2021 09:26PM

Dawg Bless you Luke and family.

Top Row Dawg14108/11/2021 04:52AM

Just too young...*

gulfportdawg10908/11/2021 04:45AM

Prayers to his family***

copedawg1210308/10/2021 07:30PM

Thanks for posting, SSI. May his family and friends find peace as they...

eubie15408/10/2021 01:14PM

Re: Thanks for posting, SSI. May his family and friends find peace as they...

SSI-Dawg16408/10/2021 02:35PM

Hey, AB. Really is sad news. We’re ready for some football, too..

eubie12808/10/2021 03:38PM

Thanks SSI. Will greatly miss finally meeting him in the Keys in 2 weeks. So sad.*

Doc Hollidawg11308/10/2021 03:12PM

Hey Doc, a crying shame that

SSI-Dawg16908/10/2021 03:28PM

Will do. Toccoa is going down, too. They were going to stay together and our groups planned on

Doc Hollidawg16008/10/2021 03:39PM

Like so many others on here i never met him but i always

1970dawg13308/10/2021 10:10AM

TOO DAMN YOUNG…Godspeed…***

McDonoughDawg9908/10/2021 08:14AM

Thanks for posting, SSI.***

TDK10508/10/2021 08:00AM

Re: Thanks for posting, SSI.***

SSI-Dawg11708/10/2021 01:55PM

RIP Mammal.

Dawgwater16008/10/2021 07:19AM

Thanks friend.

SSI-Dawg14008/10/2021 01:53PM

Thanks SSI-Dawg!***

ugafan4910208/10/2021 06:27AM

thank you for posting that, I am saddened that I didn't meet Luke, I think we had a lot in common. what a good man. God Bless you Luke!****

MillDawg10408/10/2021 06:25AM

Thanks, SSI-Dawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg11308/10/2021 05:48AM

Thank you for posting this SSI***

DawgDaddy10308/10/2021 04:22AM

Your welcome to all, I know lots of folks

SSI-Dawg13708/10/2021 03:32PM

Re: Tursiops obituary

DeltaDawg28408/09/2021 10:21PM

Natural causes is the official determination***

ToccoaDog12708/09/2021 10:28PM

Thank you. *

DeltaDawg13108/09/2021 10:39PM

thumbs upsad smiley***

junkyarddawg10408/09/2021 09:58PM

If you wish to donate to Dolphin Research Center, please notate Luke Kicklighter in the memo line. Website info inside

ToccoaDog19008/09/2021 09:58PM

I donate before I knew his last name, but did put in Memory of Luke on my donation.

MillDawg12608/10/2021 06:27AM

Guess we were at uga at the same time...I graduated in 97***

dawglegright11908/09/2021 09:55PM

RIP Luke.*

Coon Dawg10608/09/2021 09:38PM

Just got the news: Tursiops has passed away suddenly at his home. I got the news about 10 minutes ago***

ToccoaDog1,18508/06/2021 08:15PM

D, JD. He was one good dude.***

MusicCityDawg9708/09/2021 10:58PM

Sad news. Hard to believe…sending prayers***

CCDawg9808/09/2021 03:03PM

Damn seriously?? I just logged in and get this, this sucks. Condolences to his family man, I hate to hear it.***

GatorTuss10208/09/2021 02:39PM

I am totally effin' crushed. Was really lookin forward to seeing him in a couple weeks. My God....no words*

Doc Hollidawg10308/09/2021 12:00PM

So sad..R.I.P.***

McDonoughDawg9308/09/2021 11:52AM

I cannot believe this. Very sad news*

Sidetrack Silvera11008/09/2021 11:03AM

What in the world? Man. I’m at a loss for words. RIP brother.***

GriffWoody10108/07/2021 08:55PM

Looks like this is the funeral home handling things.

LookoutMtnDawg26408/07/2021 05:00PM

Farewell sir and condolences to friends and family .***

Top Row Dawg9808/07/2021 04:23PM


SS from LaGrange10708/07/2021 09:38AM

That is so sad to see. Such a great guy. RIP Tursiops.***

UncleJohnsDawg10308/07/2021 09:26AM

This is so sad. He was keeping us updated on what is going on with the red tide situation. Prayers for the family. ***

RockmartDawg10308/07/2021 08:58AM

Just seeing this terrible news. Rest In Peace, Luke***

Bullochdawg9608/07/2021 08:49AM

That’s terrible news! What happened?***

E. CobbDawg11608/07/2021 08:45AM

Re: That’s terrible news! What happened?

WarnerRobinsDawg28308/07/2021 01:45PM

Not quite. He dove last week down in Tampa, but he had been home for almost a week. Didn’t dive after last Thursday 6th***

ToccoaDog13708/07/2021 03:05PM

Thanks….. damn***

WarnerRobinsDawg10608/07/2021 04:14PM

That is terrible news! Prayers for his family***

WRGA Dog10308/07/2021 08:42AM

No words. Too sad.***

Beatledawg9508/07/2021 08:14AM

Awful, awful, awful. Dammit!!!***

sweetriverdog9608/07/2021 08:06AM

Awful news. Sorry to friends and family.***

humpindawg10108/07/2021 07:53AM

So tragic and sad. Really at a loss for words. He and his presence will

bNe17608/07/2021 07:39AM

So sorry to hear this.....what's happening to the younger group?? Prayers for his family.***

Dawgman259208/09/2021 09:04AM

Luke lived to help others. He especially loved helping people plan trips

Leotis19808/07/2021 07:00AM


oldmandawg9208/07/2021 06:19AM

Very sad news. Prayers for his family.sad smiley***

rogasingingdawg10408/07/2021 06:14AM

damn, wow....so sorry to hear****

MillDawg10308/07/2021 06:11AM

Can’t believe this… hoped to meet him for a beer the last we went to Shellman’s Bluff but didn’t work out***

WarnerRobinsDawg9508/07/2021 05:43AM

This is awful. He and I have been sharing some PMs about some big plans he had. Hope this isn't true.*

ladyQ9408/07/2021 12:03AM

Awful. One of too many too soon. Prayers to family **

Dawgma9208/07/2021 12:01AM

Very sad. Much too young.***

lobatt9608/06/2021 11:31PM

My weekend is ruined..great guy***

Toasty B10308/06/2021 10:44PM

Miss you buddy, was good talking to you for 30 minutes 2 months ago

klesko1218508/06/2021 10:20PM

No, no, no. Please say this is not true*

MCG DAWG10508/06/2021 09:44PM

Shocking news.

SSI-Dawg16808/06/2021 09:39PM

Just awful***

JamanDawg11308/06/2021 09:07PM

This is shocking news! We find it difficult to comprehend. Tursiops was a...

eubie27508/06/2021 09:05PM

This is terrible. Damn***

Tomato Sandwich9008/06/2021 08:56PM

Dammit…Awful…RIP, Tursi.***

TDK10208/06/2021 08:54PM

Luke was my friend and I know he and you were extremely close.

Doris32408/06/2021 08:53PM

Ugh. That’s hard to take. God bless his friends and family.***

JimDandyDawg10708/06/2021 09:50PM

Had a call with him a few months back. He was helping Shell...***

4sure12208/06/2021 09:00PM

Very sorry to hear. Prayers sent for all friends and family.*

Coon Dawg9408/06/2021 08:50PM

Damn. So sorry to hear that. Unbelievable. **

Sapelo Dawg10808/06/2021 08:40PM

What!!!?? Oh nooo.***

LookoutMtnDawg10208/06/2021 08:39PM

What???! No dammit.***

LawDawg9508/06/2021 08:36PM

I’m at a loss for words sad smiley***

theTODD10308/06/2021 08:36PM

Damn. Seems impossible***

FeralDawg9508/06/2021 08:36PM

Oh Man...prayers sent. That's awful.

4sure16308/06/2021 08:36PM

Please, please, please no.***

Shadrach10808/06/2021 08:33PM


junkyarddawg10508/06/2021 08:30PM

I am so very sorry....

DeltaDawg19908/06/2021 08:26PM


ugafan499308/06/2021 08:26PM


Dymwit9908/06/2021 08:24PM

Horrible news. Prayers lifted up***

Zolotisty10808/06/2021 08:23PM

Prayers sent for his family.***

Swad9608/06/2021 08:22PM

Wow! He was recently diving in Fla. Hope its not true.***

EastBroadDawg10408/06/2021 08:21PM

I got the text from his phone, written by his mom***

ToccoaDog12208/06/2021 08:28PM

Damn. Hard to believe.***

Death10008/06/2021 08:35PM

No words, stunned***

JC-DAWG8310108/06/2021 08:34PM

Very sad.***

EastBroadDawg10908/06/2021 08:32PM

Oh no, thoughts and prayers for the family.***

DawgDaddy10008/06/2021 08:21PM

My prayers are with his family so hard to believe.***

smokindawg10208/06/2021 08:18PM

that's terrible***

BulletDawg9708/06/2021 08:18PM

This can't be true, are you certain?***

JC-DAWG8310708/06/2021 08:17PM

Holding out hope someone grabbed his phone and is playing a sick joke....

Tybee-Dawg20308/06/2021 09:20PM

No. No man!***

Death10408/06/2021 08:16PM

Heading down to the keys ina few weeks if any of you’ins want to meet and fight

Tursiops59608/04/2021 06:47PM

Hope you have a great trip and safe travels.***

UncleJohnsDawg10308/05/2021 03:53AM

How's the red tide situation looking?

RockmartDawg12208/04/2021 08:31PM

How big a girl is she/zee?***

Swad11408/04/2021 07:47PM

She’s tall..prob 5’11***

Tursiops15308/04/2021 10:17PM

May fly to Miami and rent a Jeep and surprise you..never been to the keys but it’s on my list*

Punkin149608/04/2021 07:42PM

Obit for deadlyputter... R.I.P. Eric Blazi

WarnerRobinsDawg70302/18/2021 08:02AM

R.I.P. to a DGD***

theTODD14902/21/2021 09:48AM

Sounds like a great man. Prayers for family and friends.***

ugafan4914902/21/2021 07:31AM

RIP Eric!***

1970dawg14302/18/2021 10:59AM

Thanks for posting that.***

Shadrach14202/18/2021 09:05AM

Thanks WRD, praying for his family and friends.

DawgDaddy17302/18/2021 08:55AM

Yeah...Ric played football at WR and Liberty and now a preacher in NC***

WarnerRobinsDawg14802/18/2021 10:06AM

Re: Yeah...Ric played football at WR and Liberty and now a preacher in NC

Dawghammarskjold15604/18/2021 06:21AM

RIP Eric.***

UncleJohnsDawg13602/18/2021 08:13AM

prayers for family and friends.***

JaxDawg.com12702/18/2021 08:05AM

Hang in there, you can beat it. Prayers sent.***

deadlyputter26902/10/2021 09:43AM

His last post was him thinking of someone else with struggles...

theTODD26102/17/2021 01:00PM

Yep...about when he started fighting for his own life***

WarnerRobinsDawg13802/18/2021 08:42AM

Terrible...RIP to a DGD***

theTODD13402/18/2021 04:35PM

Tee and i were crusin along @ 100 MPR and just hit the Arkansas line

MeatCleaverDawg62902/09/2021 05:25PM

Every story that includes TEE is great. Thank You!!!****

ugafan4913802/09/2021 08:30PM

Mrs79 was driving us down to Jax in the Ho for UGA v. Ufag. Me and TEE in the back seat......

79Dawg30802/09/2021 07:21PM


ugafan4913102/10/2021 05:00AM

Great stuff MCD. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg15002/09/2021 06:28PM

Hey, I know Jake Lewis from Hephzibah!...

LuvsDawgs32402/09/2021 05:58PM

Let me tell you he got killed down on Walton Way At McDonald.

MeatCleaverDawg34802/09/2021 06:02PM

Not a great part of town, that’s for sure.***

LuvsDawgs14002/09/2021 07:05PM

You were driving the HO?***

smokindawg15202/09/2021 05:39PM

Chevy pickup

MeatCleaverDawg23602/09/2021 05:45PM

Great story Meat, thanks!***

DawgDaddy14902/09/2021 05:38PM

I don't know how well you knew Tee but he could drink a case of Miller

MeatCleaverDawg27602/09/2021 05:48PM

Unfortunately, I've found out on google. We have lost another good Dawg. Link.....

ladyQ1,18008/05/2020 03:30PM

Dawg Bless You West Point***

Top Row Dawg13801/26/2021 07:32AM

RIP, WPD. We miss ya, brother*

Lurk18408/28/2020 11:39AM

RIP Sir Westpoint****

Leotis18508/06/2020 09:20PM

sad to hear this news, thanks for letting us know****

MillDawg17708/06/2020 05:26PM

Thanks LadyQ- for letting us know. Praying for family.****

ugafan4917708/06/2020 01:14PM

Always sad. Thanks for letting us know.***

LuvsDawgs17308/06/2020 09:28AM

RIP Westpoint - say hello to WonderDawg for us, too.***

Doris16208/06/2020 07:53AM

Dawgspeed, Westpoint.***

Dawgwater18508/06/2020 07:46AM

DJD...Hate seeing this...RIP, Westpoint.***

TDK18708/06/2020 07:38AM

Sad...always sad*

gulfportdawg19008/06/2020 05:23AM

It is sad to hear of the passing, but I take comfort in him being with his son again. I know he missed him. RIP Westpoint.***

GriffWoody17808/05/2020 09:21PM

Very nicely written and touching obit for a DGD. Dawgspeed, Westpoint. R.I.P. **

Sapelo Dawg17308/05/2020 08:53PM

Damn Good Dawg. Dawg Bless.***

Top Row Dawg17308/05/2020 07:26PM

RIP. Prayers for his family. His son passed a few years ago. I think his son was the original Underdawg on the old board. Enjoyed his posts, too.***

Zolotisty21008/05/2020 05:30PM

His son was wonderdog on the other site. He also had a tough and sad battle with cancer. *

ladyQ20208/06/2020 07:54AM

That's right wonderdog. I enjoyed his posts BITD. I always liked his view on things. He was an original thinker. I remember when his Dad posted about his passing. RIP***

Zolotisty16508/06/2020 09:48AM

Oh no. I thought he was improving. *

30Adawg18108/05/2020 05:29PM

Dang. Godspeed Westpoint.***

Shadrach17308/05/2020 04:58PM

May he R.I.P.***

DawgDaddy17808/05/2020 04:42PM

Dang, this is terrible.news! But, thanks for sharing, ladyQ. Fletch was a great guy, and I considered him to be a dang good friend. We’ve all lost a Damn Good Dawg, and he will be sorely missed...

eubie24308/05/2020 04:16PM

Damn sorry to hear. Rip***

smokindawg18308/05/2020 03:54PM


McDonoughDawg17008/05/2020 03:49PM

Rest in Peace Westpoint.***

bNe18108/05/2020 03:44PM

Dang... good find Lady Q...Thanks***

WarnerRobinsDawg16608/05/2020 03:40PM

Thanks for the update, ladyQ. I hate to see that. He was one

UncleJohnsDawg24608/05/2020 03:37PM

Oh no! RIP Westpoint sad smiley**

Bullochdawg17908/05/2020 03:35PM

Damn...that is terrible***

theTODD19308/05/2020 03:35PM

We've lost another long-time member...Bark4u...and today is her birthday as well...

theTODD1,15502/19/2020 09:55AM

Dawg Bless you Bark4u***

Top Row Dawg14701/26/2021 07:31AM

Just saw this......

smokindawg30302/28/2020 03:58PM

RIP good lady, prayers for all****

MillDawg21302/21/2020 08:14PM

So sorry to learn about this very sad news. She was a mighty fine gal...

eubie30102/20/2020 04:21PM

Bark was a very special woman.***

TyTyDawg22302/20/2020 08:12AM

Sad news, prayers for all of the family***

DawgDaddy22402/19/2020 09:05PM

She was a great one - funny as hell. RIP Sweet Jane***

Doris18902/19/2020 06:56PM

Prayers for the family. She was from up my way***

dirtyolDawg20802/19/2020 04:57PM

Damnit,....she was a good'un*

Lurk22702/19/2020 03:55PM

My heart aches for my dear friend. I was shocked when SSI called me with the news.

ladyQ31302/19/2020 03:40PM

Dang. Losing too many dawgs lately. RIP Bark. May your family find peace and comfort.***

GriffWoody20402/19/2020 03:33PM

D,JD. We're losing too many. Prayers going out.*

Doc Hollidawg20502/19/2020 03:04PM

Prayers for the family.***

Dawgman2520402/19/2020 01:51PM

I hate to hear that. Met her at a TEE tailgate. Prayers for the family.***

UncleJohnsDawg21202/19/2020 01:49PM

So sorry to hear that. Prayers for the family. ***

RockmartDawg20802/19/2020 11:26AM

Absolutely hate that. Prayers for her family!***

JimDandyDawg22002/19/2020 10:48AM

(sigh) RIP Bark. Tell the others hello for us. #CancerSucks***

4sure22802/19/2020 10:47AM

Man that sux, RIP Bark **

Fetchin' Bones20102/19/2020 10:41AM

Re: We've lost another long-time member...Bark4u...and today is her birthday as well...

Anonymous User26902/19/2020 10:27AM

Damn that sux. Met her 1 time way back. RIP****

Jmac22402/19/2020 10:23AM

Today is Casino's birthday and it hurts so bad to hear this news. Prayers for comfort and Peace.***

Beatledawg20502/19/2020 10:23AM

That’s awful! So sorry for her family and friends!***

LuvsDawgs20102/19/2020 10:22AM

Prayers for the family***

EufaulaDawg20302/19/2020 10:11AM

sad smiley***

GaSpiderDawg19802/19/2020 10:08AM

Prayers, Peace****

ugafan4919802/19/2020 10:08AM

DJD, that's awful...Prayers and peace to the family...Dawgspeed, Bark4u.***

TDK21702/19/2020 10:00AM

Bamakp’s tribute video...

Shellfish96112/04/2019 10:31AM

Very sweet, Shell.

uga198822412/06/2019 06:06PM

Just Awesome***

JamanDawg23712/05/2019 06:31AM

Very Moving. Dawg Bless you all. ****

Top Row Dawg21612/05/2019 05:13AM

Beautiful, Shell. Well done. You hang in there, darlin. Call me anytime***

Anonymous User22012/04/2019 10:06PM

Like many on here, I never met him, but felt like I knew him. ...

1966septemberdawg21912/04/2019 09:07PM

DJD. Lived a best life. Prayers to those he left behind.***

humpindawg20212/04/2019 05:03PM

This thing call age makes me sadder & sadder when friends leave. Never met KP but considered him a friend because of HOTD*

Brewsterdawg21612/04/2019 04:08PM

Shell, Thank You So Much

UGAHumpsPolls22912/04/2019 03:18PM

The world is a lesser place without him. Thank you for sharing.***

GriffWoody20512/04/2019 02:57PM

Hard to watch, fwiw*

Lurk20512/04/2019 01:52PM

Thanks for sharing....RIP Bamakp***

Dawgman2521212/04/2019 01:40PM

Thank you for sharing this with us Shell, may he RIP***

DawgDaddy20912/04/2019 01:35PM

Thanks Shell. Simply perfect.****

Leotis20112/04/2019 01:34PM

Re: Thanks Shell. Simply perfect.*

Tursiops24112/04/2019 10:37PM

Got some sand in my eyes or somethin'. God bless you Shell and KP.*

Doc Hollidawg21712/04/2019 01:30PM

Thanks for sharing this, Shell. And again sorry for your loss.*

Sapelo Dawg22512/04/2019 12:56PM

Wonderful video...thanks for posting it...he will be greatly missed***

theTODD21012/04/2019 12:47PM

Awesome video, thank you for sharing. He is missed, for sure. ***

Bake Ham21012/04/2019 12:02PM

Thanks for posting, Shelly. Very nice **

4sure21012/04/2019 11:40AM

Great Video and Tribute! God Bless!****

ugafan4921712/04/2019 11:16AM

Good stuff...thanks for sharing it.***

McDonoughDawg21412/04/2019 11:05AM

Awesome video and memories..thanks for sharing***

WarnerRobinsDawg20412/04/2019 11:04AM

Great video. Thank you for sharing*

T-D20612/04/2019 10:58AM

Thanks for sharing this, Shell**

Bullochdawg20012/04/2019 10:49AM

What a great tribute to KP. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg20012/04/2019 10:46AM

RIP, Bamakp***

Tomato Sandwich21912/04/2019 10:45AM

Great video, Shell...Thanks for posting...RIP, kp.***

TDK19412/04/2019 10:40AM

the world lost an awesome guy***

Anonymous User20812/04/2019 10:39AM

Very well done***

MusicCityDawg23312/04/2019 10:38AM

Another update on Bamakp’s obituary on his life and history

Tursiops1,02311/25/2019 07:52PM

D,JD, he was born in my hometown, Jackson, TN. 3 years younger than me but I don't remember ever meeting him.***

MusicCityDawg21311/27/2019 11:55AM

Didn't know his brother and his family live in WR***

WarnerRobinsDawg21711/26/2019 10:59AM

thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about Kevin's life and honoring him by learning more about him****

MillDawg21411/26/2019 07:20AM

Seemed like an okay guy to me.....leaves behind a big family...Prayers for them all.***

Dawgman2520411/25/2019 09:37PM

Re: Another update on Bamakp’s obituary on his life and history

wooly_bugger27211/25/2019 08:46PM

Thanks for the updates.**

Bullochdawg22811/25/2019 08:12PM

Thanks for sharing that Tursiops.***

DawgDaddy21211/25/2019 08:10PM

Wish I had known him sounds like an interesting cat***

barnesville dawg22311/25/2019 08:06PM

Re: Wish I had known him sounds like an interesting cat

30Adawg28011/25/2019 08:11PM


Shellfish1,24211/25/2019 09:01AM

So sorry for your loss Shell. Prayers for you And yours*

DawGone8522711/27/2019 08:49PM

Prayers for peace and comfort.........God Bless.***

oldmandawg20911/27/2019 07:21PM

Thank you for posting this, I am so sorry for your loss. ....

1966septemberdawg21511/26/2019 09:37PM

Very sorry for your loss, and ....

JohnnyBeeDawg30611/26/2019 08:44PM

Hung out with him a couple of times at signing day gatherings at the Blind Pig.

LookoutMtnDawg27811/26/2019 05:50PM

So very sorry for the loss. KP reached out to me...

Dawgma26611/26/2019 05:04PM

So sorry about this news and your loss...drop by here from time to time***

WarnerRobinsDawg23211/26/2019 11:18AM

I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. ***

RockmartDawg21611/26/2019 09:45AM

Re: Bamakp...

Lurk25411/26/2019 07:37AM

Re: Bamakp...

wooly_bugger27311/25/2019 08:53PM

Sincere condolences. Having never met Kevin, I consider myself poorer.*

canis maximus21911/25/2019 07:42PM

So sorry... God Bless you all.***

Professor Dawghair22311/25/2019 07:02PM

Just this one time for Bamakp....."Roll Tide!!!!!!!!"***

dirtyolDawg21711/25/2019 04:45PM

He will be missed greatly. Thank you for sharing him with us. RIP Bamakp****

GriffWoody22511/25/2019 02:37PM

Prayers for you and all of bama's family Shell. May he RIP***

DawgDaddy23311/25/2019 02:36PM

Sorry for you loss, Shell. Gonna miss talking to him***

Anonymous User22111/25/2019 01:50PM

God bless, keeping you in my prayers. I never met Kevin, but a life well lived is evident by those he touched here.***

MillDawg22611/25/2019 01:41PM

Re: Bamakp...

Whatdawg26511/25/2019 01:27PM

Prayers- Peace and beat auburn****

ugafan4921611/25/2019 01:12PM

Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family.***

rogasingingdawg21011/25/2019 12:45PM


JimBfishN22011/25/2019 12:39PM

Condolences to you and Kevin’s family. Kevin was a really good guy and...

eubie27211/25/2019 12:30PM

We're so sorry for your loss, Shell. He will be missed by

UncleJohnsDawg28211/25/2019 11:31AM

Always enjoyed Kp's posts and the glimpse of what a great guy he was. Thanks for posting Shell, so sorry for your loss. Roll Tide***

Dawgbrain22211/25/2019 11:19AM

My deepest condolences for your loss. It sucks for all close to kp. I love chatting with him here. For me, we could disagree, but Kevin was never disagreeable. I respected that about him. Gone, not forgotten.***

Shadrach22211/25/2019 10:35AM

God Bless you and all the family shell,***

kdsdawg20911/25/2019 10:30AM

Sorry for your loss....Prayers for you.***

Dawgman2522611/25/2019 10:13AM

Very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family***

lawdawg2422911/25/2019 10:10AM

God bless you***

barnesville dawg21411/25/2019 09:59AM

So sorry for your loss Shell...he will definitely be missed...take care and if you need anything just ask***

theTODD22511/25/2019 09:54AM

Bless you Shell! Sorry for your loss!***

JimDandyDawg21611/25/2019 09:44AM

for kp: ROLL TIDE!***

GaSpiderDawg21811/25/2019 09:34AM

Thanks for posting Shell. I remember your first time posting on the other site.

ladyQ32011/25/2019 09:22AM

So sorry for your loss, Shell. Always enjoyed talking to Kevin and reading his posts. He will always be missed**

Bullochdawg21511/25/2019 09:20AM

He was one of my favorites here. Bless you, Shell.***

junkyarddawg22911/25/2019 09:11AM

Thanks Shell. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you will continue to post. Let us know how we can help **

4sure21511/25/2019 09:10AM

Sorry Shell. Thanks for posting. Take care of yourself***

humpindawg22611/25/2019 09:10AM

God bless you Shellfish ****

Leotis24311/25/2019 09:08AM

Always enjoyed KP, sorry for your loss***

Tomato Sandwich23211/25/2019 09:08AM

Y'all will be sorely missed. Hope you can find some peace soon. GATA***

LandDawg21211/25/2019 09:07AM

Praying for peace in your heart. Take care*

T-D20711/25/2019 09:07AM

Sorry for your loss...BamaKP is missed.***

McDonoughDawg21411/25/2019 09:06AM

Thanks for stopping by, Shell...So sorry for your loss. He will be missed...Keep us posted and stop by when you can.*

TDK23411/25/2019 09:06AM

A funny kp story again...

Tursiops73311/20/2019 10:44PM

I remember that pic****

MillDawg21511/21/2019 06:54AM

Very cool. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg22811/21/2019 04:59AM

Thanks, fish grinning smiley Please post more***

4sure22011/20/2019 11:05PM

A Damn Mammal—————>***

Tursiops22811/20/2019 11:25PM

Which one of you thought it was a good idea to give the bird a Diet Pepsi?***

ToccoaDog22511/20/2019 10:49PM

Would you try to take it away?***

4sure22111/20/2019 11:03PM

Re: Would you try to take it away?

Bullochdawg28611/20/2019 11:09PM

after I saw the pic I thought at least it wasn’t a BEER...luckily I took the pic***

Tursiops23711/20/2019 10:58PM

Re: after I saw the pic I thought at least it wasn’t a BEER...luckily I took the pic

Bullochdawg28811/20/2019 11:02PM

Feel compelled to tell my KP story...

1sickpup60311/20/2019 01:53PM

Such a shock about KP. Seemed like a truly nice chap. We exchanged a couple of jokes about being Episcopalian some time ago.

canis maximus42611/20/2019 10:43AM

Wow, prayers to KP his family and friends.

Under Dawg55811/20/2019 08:58AM

I had never seen him post anything boastful or braggart as a bama fan - dude was a good one.***

GaSpiderDawg23211/20/2019 09:49AM

Yep. I had just exchanged PMs with him about that very thing a few days ago. Damn.***

junkyarddawg20811/20/2019 10:34AM

kp shared his cappersmall login with me. Total stranger that was sometimes not the nicest over the Alabama thing****

Anonymous User26511/20/2019 09:44AM

It figures that you would do something like this...

gulfportdawg39411/20/2019 09:56AM

Read it again..this was not at all derogatory about him

Anonymous User35311/20/2019 10:00AM

I knew what you meant***

Tomato Sandwich26411/20/2019 10:26AM

^^^^high postball IQ^^^^***

Anonymous User21911/20/2019 10:36AM


Teddybulldawg21911/20/2019 11:17AM

Confusing to read, should have written...with me, a total stranger that was...., glad you clarified, i thought the same as gulfport***

JC-DAWG8322311/20/2019 10:22AM

He’s never been really good at posting coherently***

scn21711/20/2019 10:27AM

maybe one day I'll get butter***

Anonymous User22011/20/2019 10:31AM

or at least margarine****

MillDawg21711/20/2019 11:10AM

No worries.***

junkyarddawg22411/20/2019 10:38AM

17 years and counting........it ain't happening*

Lurk22711/20/2019 10:33AM

why don't you just go back to lurking at work, dawg****

Anonymous User23311/20/2019 10:38AM

Your post read different than what you meant*

gulfportdawg21111/20/2019 10:22AM

RIP KP! Sorry to hear this sad news.***

Herbiesball39711/20/2019 08:27AM

No words here...RIP kp****

Anonymous User22211/20/2019 09:30AM

Throwing my arms in the air...

gulfportdawg40311/20/2019 09:14AM

So how old was our Brother KP??***

burnsidedawg23411/20/2019 09:17AM


UncleJohnsDawg21611/20/2019 10:39AM

Too young...51*

gulfportdawg23611/20/2019 09:54AM

Oh hell. WTH? *

30Adawg20511/20/2019 10:22AM

Who is KP

bhdawg34911/20/2019 09:25AM

51 according to post below***

WarnerRobinsDawg21911/20/2019 09:18AM

Shit, almost got him by 2 years.***

burnsidedawg21311/20/2019 09:20AM

Couple of stories about KP

Tursiops90811/19/2019 09:20PM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls26311/21/2019 06:25AM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls27011/21/2019 06:25AM

Re: Couple of stories about KP

UGAHumpsPolls23711/21/2019 06:24AM

Great stuff Tursiops. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg24111/20/2019 04:57AM

Remember the first time I met KP

ToccoaDog52711/19/2019 10:41PM

Thanks, ToccoaDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg23011/20/2019 04:58AM

What a great tribute . . .

Doris29711/19/2019 10:58PM

I laughed out loud when you described his outfit...you are 100% right...he will forever leave a mark***

Tursiops23011/19/2019 10:51PM

I remember him wearing this bright color Nascar jacket with sponsor ads

DawgsGoneWild36011/19/2019 11:23PM

typical KP....he went all all out***

Tursiops23611/20/2019 01:02AM

I remember it too, at the Blind Pig***

Doris22611/19/2019 11:29PM

Yep...at the old BP...signing day maybe?***

DawgsGoneWild23711/19/2019 11:31PM

Yep - that was it***

Doris22111/20/2019 12:08AM

I had forgot - that was the first time I met him.***

Doris22211/19/2019 11:31PM

OK in my book for sure***

McDonoughDawg22611/19/2019 10:35PM

Good stuff Tursiops, thanks for sharing.***

DawgDaddy23411/19/2019 10:33PM

I think his father was faculty at UGA.***

EastBroadDawg23811/19/2019 10:25PM

Thanks for sharing, Tursiops. Still in shock. *

Sapelo Dawg23711/19/2019 10:07PM

Good stuff. Thanks***

JimDandyDawg22511/19/2019 10:01PM

Wow! Sorry to hear that. Praying for his family!!***

deadlyputter22711/19/2019 10:01PM

typical of his fashion style at a Charleston Sc wedding for one of our friends

Tursiops44211/19/2019 09:58PM

Yeah - no way I could pull that off***

Doris23811/19/2019 11:00PM


McDonoughDawg25011/19/2019 10:39PM

Outstanding !!***

JamanDawg24411/19/2019 09:49PM

I got that impression. Seemed like a real genuine guy. About convinced me to work winters down in the keys.***

Death23011/19/2019 09:48PM

lots of opportunity down there ...especially for folks that have handyman skills***

Tursiops23411/19/2019 10:02PM

Great memories, thanks for sharing, never met him, but Todd and Jimmy tought a lot of him and that's good enough for me. Right ON****

ugafan4923211/19/2019 09:44PM

Almost everytime we spoke one of us brought up some advice he shared with me that his father had told him:

Leotis35211/19/2019 09:43PM

One of the most generous people I've met...don't think a lot of folks really realized what he was like...

theTODD41111/19/2019 09:40PM

What a beautiful tribute to a life well lived****

MillDawg22611/19/2019 09:34PM

Thanks Tursiops. Please share more of those. “You will know them by their fruits”**

Bullochdawg23111/19/2019 09:26PM


JimBfishN23111/19/2019 09:25PM

Thanks, fishboy **

4sure23111/19/2019 09:24PM

‘tis a Mammal ———————>***

Tursiops23511/19/2019 09:41PM

LOL **

4sure22811/19/2019 09:43PM

Cool to hear stories like that...Thanks, Tursi.*

TDK23711/19/2019 09:24PM

Bamakp - never too high or low. Always gracious, with a superb sense of humor and taste. RIP brother. ***

Bake Ham33811/19/2019 09:13PM


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