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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. South Carolina in...


Whaddayagot, Loran?™......Loran Smith: Awaiting October...

TDK6209/17/2021 09:08AM

Great stuff TDK. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:25AM

Ill start……

smokindawg12009/17/2021 09:06AM

Speaking of trucks

McDonoughDawg3309/17/2021 09:23AM

Development of Arian Smith, Broderick Jones and Jack Podlesny worth watching for Georgia football...

TDK7309/17/2021 09:05AM

Great stuff TDK. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:24AM

The Pod has plenty of leg strength. Just gotta fix what’s wrong between the ears.***

rogasingingdawg209/17/2021 10:54AM

Key Matchups: Georgia hosts South Carolina...

TDK7009/17/2021 09:03AM

Paul has had countless cocks calling in this week confident in they victory****

Jmac609/17/2021 09:05AM

Good for them.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:24AM


TDK209/17/2021 09:12AM

Absolute truth from Red Skelton...

rogasingingdawg10309/17/2021 09:02AM

Great stuff rogasingingdawg. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:23AM

When I was a little kid, like 6-8 or so, I thought Red Skelton was the funniest man alive***

JC-DAWG83309/17/2021 09:11AM

How to Watch Georgia vs South Carolina: TV, Radio, streaming rundown...

TDK3609/17/2021 09:01AM

AKHOTD™ know what happened to Rian Davis?...Out for season with leg injury...

TDK5209/17/2021 08:58AM

Great stuff TDK. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 11:22AM

"Ignominious" is woefully underused on here **

4sure1809/17/2021 08:56AM

Yes sir. ****

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 11:22AM


McDonoughDawg009/17/2021 09:26AM


LookoutMtnDawg109/17/2021 08:57AM

Quote of the Day #2...Rita Rudner

rogasingingdawg5009/17/2021 08:55AM

Great quote, rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 11:21AM

Weather in classic city looking better tomorrow, down to about a 30% chance of rain***

JC-DAWG83609/17/2021 08:45AM

Flarduh tix are stupid expensive on stubhub. Think they will drop closer to 10/30?**

NapoleonDawgamite1309/17/2021 08:27AM

smokin's guy says they will either drop or rise depending on what happens in the games between now and then***

JC-DAWG83309/17/2021 08:40AM

He is incredibly wise**

NapoleonDawgamite509/17/2021 08:43AM

Allahu Akbar™ siap.***

TDK209/17/2021 08:50AM

Shit, they under $200 in the top deck****

Jmac709/17/2021 08:32AM

Plus thats without fees. Stubhub fees are crazy**

NapoleonDawgamite309/17/2021 08:45AM

Yeah i forgot about the fees****

Jmac409/17/2021 08:53AM

I dont sit with the peasants. Im a baller on a budget**

NapoleonDawgamite209/17/2021 08:42AM

Go paint TyTy's house...He usually leaves WLOCP tix laying out in plain sight.***

TDK209/17/2021 08:30AM

They may go up if UF beats Bama....I doubt that would happen...

O'Malley's Stale Beer3309/17/2021 08:30AM

Bama beats their brakes off so they'll prolly DROP**

Fetchin' Bones309/17/2021 08:53AM

KY might beat them too***

JC-DAWG83309/17/2021 09:00AM

Re: KY might beat them too

Fetchin' Bones1609/17/2021 09:04AM

Quote of the Day...Jim Rohn

rogasingingdawg3709/17/2021 08:25AM

Great quote rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 08:32AM


DawgFacedGremlin18109/17/2021 08:22AM

I would definitely "Poke" ahantus.***

burnsidedawg109/17/2021 09:16AM

Heapum good post GremlinDawgFace **

Fetchin' Bones009/17/2021 08:54AM

#4 is proofs jorts ain't always a bad thang. cool smiley***

rogasingingdawg009/17/2021 08:52AM

Well done, DawgFacedGremlin. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 08:31AM

FBF™abulous ***

TDK609/17/2021 08:27AM

Seems I have 2 tickets available for tomorrow's game....

junkyarddawg8109/17/2021 08:20AM

Billy Sunday Birt has been called the deadliest man in Ga history. I had never heard of him before this podcast. Y’all may enjoy it.

PlainOldDawg10309/17/2021 08:15AM

That is great pod cast. Didn't think I'd enjoy it but I certainly did.

Beatledawg2409/17/2021 08:47AM

yep. i listened to that. really entertaining.***

JaxDawg.com409/17/2021 08:46AM

They were some bad asses.***

UncleJohnsDawg509/17/2021 08:30AM

Re: I listened to it a few months back and could not stop. He robbed a bank in Loganville in the 70's.*

mansfielddawg1909/17/2021 08:29AM

I remember hearing stories about him as a kid. I have also heard the Podcast...

O'Malley's Stale Beer5209/17/2021 08:19AM

Just started Graham Nash's book on the ride in today...Anybody read/listened to it?

TDK6909/17/2021 08:09AM

He started birddawgin Joni Mitchell, circa 1968......Farback Friday™ YES or NO?®, HOTD...

TDK10009/17/2021 08:16AM

She was/is a chain smoker - so that's a no for me.***

Doris209/17/2021 09:16AM

I'll pass, she never did anything for me***

JC-DAWG83409/17/2021 08:17AM

Canechord...Looks, voice, nor music.***

TDK309/17/2021 08:21AM

Mama Silvera would knife fight both of you right now*

Sidetrack Silvera609/17/2021 08:28AM

Apologies...Listening to that whole genre is like nails on a chalkbRoad...Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez,

TDK3209/17/2021 08:35AM

Add Dylan, Carrol King, and almost everything the dayum dirty hippies raved about

BigToe2509/17/2021 08:43AM

I do like CK's voice and style a lot better than the aforementioned ladies...Think I have a copy of Tapestry somewhere...Dylan could write a damb song.***

TDK509/17/2021 08:46AM

I think every household in America had "Tapestry", also "Frampton Comes Alive" and "Rumours"***

JC-DAWG83509/17/2021 08:48AM

I think you're right, JC.***

TDK209/17/2021 08:49AM

The dad on that show was the most feminine man ever, I'm fairly certain he had no balls at all, he needed a good ass beating on principle alone***

JC-DAWG83409/17/2021 08:38AM

He and Reba were Tree Village before Tree Village was cool, imo.

TDK1609/17/2021 08:48AM

Reba looks like a woman you would see working in a hair salon in Cairo, Ga***

JC-DAWG83209/17/2021 08:59AM

Have not, but Wild Tales is a great ablum***

Tomato Sandwich509/17/2021 08:14AM

Yes indeed. ****

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 08:28AM

I had forgotten that he had to dump the Hollies to join Crosby & Stills...I assumed the Hollies were already kaput.

TDK2509/17/2021 08:20AM


smokindawg6809/17/2021 08:04AM

AKHOTD™, what happened to the rules limiting MissSt fayuns' rangin they cowbells?

TDK7609/17/2021 07:53AM

Cowbells remind me of some sort of HS BS you would see at a small town HS, Lincoln County fans used to shake plastic milk jugs with dried peas in them to make noise...

JC-DAWG832609/17/2021 08:29AM

Don';t think they give a shit at home. I know Memphis said don't bring that shit to they house tomorrow****

Jmac209/17/2021 08:19AM

I think it's a look-the-other-way deal on that, like tax evasion and pederasti by elected officials*

Sidetrack Silvera309/17/2021 07:58AM

Whole damb world's gone apey, Doc.***

TDK509/17/2021 08:01AM

Well, it was a powerful air.***

LookoutMtnDawg209/17/2021 08:33AM

No doubt about that. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 08:25AM

Re: Whole damb world's gone apey, Doc.***

Sidetrack Silvera2509/17/2021 08:03AM

Cowbell ringing produces Ivermectin.***

JimDandyDawg409/17/2021 07:53AM

IDK if that's true, Jim...It does sound promising tho.***

TDK309/17/2021 07:57AM

Is it on the intranets? did you read it? I rest my case***

JimDandyDawg409/17/2021 07:58AM

Re: Is it on the intranets? did you read it? I rest my case

TDK2809/17/2021 08:00AM

Got us right where they want us! (lank)...

mansfielddawg20309/17/2021 07:25AM

Here's a stat for they ass......

Jmac8009/17/2021 08:20AM

The amazing thing is we did that against two conference champs from last year.***

PrairieDawg209/17/2021 08:44AM

What kind of cockamamey bullshit statistic is that? Anyway, The UGA-usce game produced one of the greatest gifs of all time

Sidetrack Silvera13709/17/2021 07:45AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg609/17/2021 08:26AM

Fucking laughing stock we were****

Jmac309/17/2021 08:21AM

Too soon imo***

4sure309/17/2021 08:18AM


TDK209/17/2021 08:21AM

Re: What kind of cockamamey bullshit statistic is that? Anyway, The UGA-usce game produced one of the greatest gifs of all time

JC-DAWG834509/17/2021 08:14AM


Fetchin' Bones209/17/2021 08:07AM


Tomato Sandwich309/17/2021 08:02AM


TDK209/17/2021 07:53AM

Nuke this TDK!*

StratDawg309/17/2021 07:53AM

Seriously...Was not prepare for such an ignominious beginning to GIFriday™, me.***

TDK809/17/2021 07:58AM

The foresight and skill of the camera operator to zoom in on the distraught mascot is off the charts. Consummate professional*

Sidetrack Silvera409/17/2021 08:00AM


LawDawg209/17/2021 08:15AM

Grudgingly concur, but it'd be hella lot funnier if it wasn't at our expense.***

TDK209/17/2021 08:02AM

Nobody watched college football that year. Any titles were blemished.***

JimDandyDawg409/17/2021 07:52AM

this is going to be a Wiley Coyote-esque fall for the shamecocks this year****

MillDawg509/17/2021 07:33AM

I think you're right. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 07:39AM

Seeing the thread below re: Auburn and Pedo St. My first choice is probably…

O'Malley's Stale Beer12009/17/2021 07:07AM

Fuck auburn****

Jmac409/17/2021 08:15AM

I'll drink to that!***

O'Malley's Stale Beer209/17/2021 08:38AM

Can they both lose?***

McDonoughDawg309/17/2021 07:51AM

I wish, tie with a lot of injuries was the best I could up with.***

O'Malley's Stale Beer309/17/2021 07:58AM

I feel the same way. Hate the Barn more.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 07:36AM

I wouldn't pull for AU against cancer***

JC-DAWG83409/17/2021 07:28AM

That sCam, Fairly game did it for me. Gus didn’t help.***

O'Malley's Stale Beer409/17/2021 07:45AM

I hated them long before that game***

JC-DAWG83209/17/2021 08:16AM

I know yall been looking forward to BCF!!!***

smokindawg1509/17/2021 07:01AM

Radio news says there's a chance of rain tomorrow. And Kirby says they have all been practicing with wet BALLS.***

junkyarddawg1009/17/2021 06:49AM

Dammit man...have to leave for Augusta in a few hours...4.5 hour drive and then have to come back to SWGA*

RRtrackdawgson2009/17/2021 05:47AM

That is a long ass drive and I'll be there's not one piece of decent boudin between there. Don't know how y'all live like that*

Sidetrack Silvera309/17/2021 07:47AM

Watch out for the smokey bears! Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49209/17/2021 06:42AM

Ill buy the beers!***

smokindawg209/17/2021 06:24AM

That's a long trip. Safe travels.***

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 05:55AM

No good way to get here from there, drive carefully***

JC-DAWG83209/17/2021 05:53AM

Honk your horn when you go by***

WarnerRobinsDawg509/17/2021 05:51AM

All Civilian

Dawghammarskjold16709/17/2021 05:34AM

Cool pic! thumbs up***

rogasingingdawg209/17/2021 07:28AM


ugafan49309/17/2021 06:43AM

Great picture. ****

UncleJohnsDawg509/17/2021 05:53AM

In honor of JLD, here is a Rubes as a substitute ...

DawgDaddy7109/17/2021 05:12AM

laughing smiley***

rogasingingdawg209/17/2021 07:29AM

Good one.***

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 05:53AM


Tomato Sandwich209/17/2021 05:42AM


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