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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. South Carolina in...


Sometimes a beautiful love song can be reimagined

JimDandyDawg7609/17/2021 01:47PM

Spin your partner, Do si do, when angels die, they deserve it ya know***

GibsonDawg009/17/2021 02:04PM

Badass Country Friday? I'll get in on that.

GibsonDawg7709/17/2021 01:42PM

Great video. Thanks, GibsonDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg009/17/2021 03:04PM

Love some SCOTS.***

Death009/17/2021 02:21PM

Good chit***

Tomato Sandwich009/17/2021 02:05PM

Giddy up...here's another...

Fetchin' Bones1809/17/2021 01:59PM

Great Live Band. Banana Puddin***

Dawgwater309/17/2021 01:52PM

Refried Funky Chicken Friday

Bullochdawg6909/17/2021 01:38PM

Great video. Thanks, Bullochdawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 03:02PM

Badass Country Friday

Tomato Sandwich6609/17/2021 01:24PM

Badass indeed, those boys can pick it ***

Fetchin' Bones009/17/2021 01:55PM

Great video. Thanks, Tomato Sandwich.***

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 01:28PM

Here in downtown Rockmart at the exotic Q BBQ

Under Dawg9209/17/2021 01:12PM

Good to know!***

E. CobbDawg009/17/2021 03:15PM

And for those doing SSI for Dwag/Gatuh weekend....

Buzzfan15109/17/2021 01:04PM

Same policy as last year.

SSI-Dawg5409/17/2021 01:23PM

friend of mine owns a retail biz in SSI. He says finding employees still an issue, so expect restaurants to be backed up - even more than normal***

JaxDawg.com709/17/2021 01:45PM

He is correct. Restaurants are closing an extra day or two

SSI-Dawg4109/17/2021 01:52PM

Even Southern Soul? sad smiley ...

Buzzfan1609/17/2021 02:39PM

Yes, closing at 7 pm now

SSI-Dawg609/17/2021 03:38PM

Don’t ask Alexa this question...

E. CobbDawg16209/17/2021 12:58PM

laughing smiley***

rogasingingdawg009/17/2021 02:00PM

Good one E. CobbDawg. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 01:26PM

Meanwhile, just below the gnat line....

Buzzfan21709/17/2021 12:46PM

Some kin folk signed off on that one

GibsonDawg8809/17/2021 01:01PM

Soperton should paint Johnson county on a school bus and take a shit in the

JimDandyDawg6309/17/2021 01:21PM

They've been even more restless since the closing of Wyatt's Diner***

GibsonDawg409/17/2021 01:32PM

Re: They've been even more restless since

JimDandyDawg4009/17/2021 01:43PM

Re: They've been even more restless since

GibsonDawg2809/17/2021 02:07PM

Good grief.***

TDK109/17/2021 12:47PM

Freelancin in Athens tomorrow,,,who's got the gate?***

Toasty B2709/17/2021 12:39PM

Toasty, I've not met you, but I'm willing to risk it.

dawgtired6109/17/2021 01:05PM

thanks bro, I may buzz ya***

Toasty B209/17/2021 04:14PM

You’re always welcome…

Coon Dawg6409/17/2021 12:53PM

Get some friends.***

Dymwit509/17/2021 12:51PM

my bud is hanging with his UGA student kids...I'll see em at the seats***

Toasty B409/17/2021 01:10PM

I've reached the age where hanging out/tailgating with college students makes me feel older, not younger***

JC-DAWG83609/17/2021 01:14PM

A couple shots of Fireball will help with that feeling***

Coon Dawg209/17/2021 02:06PM

I don't enjoy spicy food like I used to...

GibsonDawg3609/17/2021 01:37PM

you should carry a little igloo for your baloney sandwich and black label beers***

BulletDawg409/17/2021 02:15PM


MillDawg209/17/2021 02:54PM

Re: you should carry a little igloo for your baloney sandwich and black label beers

GibsonDawg1309/17/2021 02:19PM

Pouring this one out for OTD's tailgate.....Gone too soon...

TDK7609/17/2021 12:43PM

Farback Friday™ YES or NO?®, HOTD......WOOD the bruises deter you?...

TDK5809/17/2021 12:45PM

It's GIFriday™, HOTD...You prolly already know how this GIF is gonna end...

TDK15809/17/2021 12:34PM

The flying ostrich is quite a move! grinning smiley***

rogasingingdawg209/17/2021 02:04PM

Bet that dude is real glad that playground has the soft stuff on the ground.***

Beatledawg209/17/2021 01:24PM

What an idiot. Damn.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 01:22PM

Damn lucky it didn't snap his flyfock neck **

Fetchin' Bones309/17/2021 12:41PM

Concur...Peeple is dum, Fetch.***

TDK209/17/2021 12:41PM

I don’t know what will happen in this game. But, with the group of recruits we have visiting, the Boom factor…

O'Malley's Stale Beer16209/17/2021 12:10PM

Concur. They want to go full Conan the Barbarian…

Shadrach13009/17/2021 12:17PM

Great stuff Shadrach. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 01:22PM

This is fucking pooshpanes****

Jmac409/17/2021 12:23PM


DawgFacedGremlin24509/17/2021 11:49AM


DawgDaddy009/17/2021 04:27PM

First'un and Last'un could have all my damned money !!!!!***

burnsidedawg009/17/2021 12:45PM

First'un and Last'un could have all my damned money !!!!!***

burnsidedawg409/17/2021 12:45PM

Well done, DawgFacedGremlin. ****

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 12:05PM

Put it on loop! My Dawgs!

smokindawg12609/17/2021 11:43AM

Will you be shooting a dance instructional video for 'Fancy Like'***

Bullochdawg509/17/2021 11:47AM

A little easy listening on a Friday - pre-gaming.

Coon Dawg8409/17/2021 11:41AM

Another one for the Dallas fayuns...

GibsonDawg4309/17/2021 11:45AM

We should bring this guy in for Kentucky week

GibsonDawg21509/17/2021 11:20AM

The AU authorities have shifted their focus to feral humans.***

Shadrach309/17/2021 12:28PM

Re: The AU authorities have shifted their focus to feral humans.

GibsonDawg2409/17/2021 12:41PM

"cat barrier fence"....

JC-DAWG832509/17/2021 12:17PM

They're obviously not aware that they are undefeated and will remain so***

Bullochdawg209/17/2021 11:35AM

Dang...She say they're threatening SHEEP???...How flyfock big are these cats???***

TDK809/17/2021 11:25AM

I like how Tiddles just skated right paste the CAT SKIN WALL CLOCK to postulate scale and size***

GibsonDawg609/17/2021 11:29AM

LOL...Does he mention if he eats these feral cates, GD?***

TDK509/17/2021 11:34AM

I know you just setting up an eat pussy joke but... From the commies at wickypedialyte

GibsonDawg2609/17/2021 11:40AM

That Cory Phillips?***

Dymwit609/17/2021 11:22AM

Good work, Dymwit.***

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 11:39AM


TDK309/17/2021 11:25AM

Don’t bite on the 31 point spread. Fools Gold. Don’t make me say it.

BigToe14509/17/2021 11:12AM

Laid a mortgage oayment on Dawgs and gayts of ufag****

Jmac309/17/2021 12:12PM

Re: Don’t bite on the 31 point spread. Fools Gold. Don’t make me say it.

scn5909/17/2021 11:38AM

I took midget-USC.***

Dymwit009/17/2021 11:23AM

Folks said about the first two games..Dawgs ROLL***

McDonoughDawg009/17/2021 11:19AM

Grap Tame***

Toasty B009/17/2021 11:13AM

It's gonna be a GIFriday™ NOPE from me, dawg...

TDK17809/17/2021 11:02AM

The "Human Flying Squirrel"***

JC-DAWG83209/17/2021 12:01PM

No way, no how. ****

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 11:38AM

I bet that is an awesome feeling to soar like that until you hit the cliff**

NapoleonDawgamite409/17/2021 11:24AM

That’s a future Darwin Award Finalist. eye popping smiley.***

rogasingingdawg809/17/2021 11:11AM

Now some focker on here gonna strap a Red Bull sleeping bag to his back and think he can Peter Pan***

GibsonDawg509/17/2021 11:08AM

Re: Now some focker on here gonna strap a Red Bull sleeping bag to his back and think he can Peter Pan

Bullochdawg4109/17/2021 11:28AM

How the hell do we not know who the starting QB will be? It's focking FRYDEE. HoTD needs to be in the loop imo. F, WMNWASG™ **

4sure809/17/2021 10:58AM

There are a lot of "if"s involved with the Dawgs right now.***

UncleJohnsDawg509/17/2021 11:37AM

Concur...Some suggesting wheels are coming off.***

TDK209/17/2021 11:27AM

Didn’t know last week, either. Worked out ok.***

Dymwit109/17/2021 11:24AM

Final Injury Report & Updates: Georgia Loses Another Contributor...

TDK23909/17/2021 10:36AM

Good stuff TDK, thanks for posting.***

DawgDaddy209/17/2021 04:29PM

Great stuff theTODD. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:36AM

Has Kirby submitted his starting LINEup & playbook yet for HOTD approval/editing?***

Bullochdawg709/17/2021 10:44AM

no need to approve ahead of time, all we want to do is b*tch - whatever it is***

JaxDawg.com309/17/2021 11:12AM

HOTD bitchin about stuff they don't know? Mine blowed***

Bullochdawg209/17/2021 11:39AM

I vote we only run plays that work this week***

JimDandyDawg409/17/2021 10:47AM

As long as we hold some back for Vandy***

Tomato Sandwich509/17/2021 10:51AM

Solid stragedy, JDD***

Bullochdawg409/17/2021 10:49AM

I think I saw a fax on the table in the HOTD Breakroom™...I'll [scan] and post it for perusal.***

TDK709/17/2021 10:47AM

HOTD Breakroom prolly still has one of these...

junkyarddawg2609/17/2021 11:36AM

who is the flyfocker who heated up some smelly froze dinner in the microwave?***

LawDawg509/17/2021 11:46AM

And burnt the popcorn?***

junkyarddawg209/17/2021 12:34PM

ticker tape down?***

MillDawg309/17/2021 11:07AM

theTODD is in IT...He keeps HOTD on cutting edge with latest technology, fwiw...My workstation:

TDK2209/17/2021 11:19AM

Thanks. There better be some tunnel screens dialed up this week***

Bullochdawg409/17/2021 10:51AM

Rumor is Monken has special package of plays drawn up for Logan Gray.***

TDK609/17/2021 10:57AM

smokey's got the PeeVees fired up already...

Bullochdawg14809/17/2021 10:19AM

Good one Bullochdawg. LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:35AM

Is nothing sacred? Why must we “urbanize” everything?

BigToe3509/17/2021 11:08AM

I think Sir John Glubb covered that in his 'Fate of Empires'

Bullochdawg2109/17/2021 11:25AM

I'm brangin' the crew...

GibsonDawg5309/17/2021 11:02AM

Hale yase.***

TDK309/17/2021 11:02AM

puke smiley***

Doris409/17/2021 10:51AM

It's in your hade now, Doris!***

Bullochdawg209/17/2021 10:53AM


McDonoughDawg209/17/2021 10:44AM

Quote of the Week

Dawghammarskjold3409/17/2021 10:18AM

Excellent quote hammar, thanks!***

DawgDaddy009/17/2021 04:29PM

Great quote, Hammar. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 11:34AM

GIFriday™ Which One Of Y’all?® Hold My BEER™...

TDK15209/17/2021 10:17AM


Sidetrack Silvera209/17/2021 12:42PM

I been there, just not on the subway****

Jmac209/17/2021 12:21PM

Day-um. LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:33AM

Badass Country Friday

Tomato Sandwich11209/17/2021 10:08AM

Great video. Thanks, Tomato Sandwich.***

UncleJohnsDawg409/17/2021 11:32AM

thumbs up***

rogasingingdawg209/17/2021 10:56AM


TDK209/17/2021 10:49AM

Re: Badass Country Friday

Hunker2809/17/2021 10:46AM

Roses are red, I don't like bugs...

GibsonDawg21609/17/2021 09:58AM

Good grief. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg809/17/2021 11:32AM

Snorted 50 grams?! WTH did he think he was snorting? Ain't nobody should be snorting 50 grams of anything!***

Bullochdawg209/17/2021 10:35AM

So the owner of the house he burgled just had that sitting out, ready for the taking?***

81n95dawg509/17/2021 10:25AM

At this point you're plucking pubes off a bald chick, brother...***

GibsonDawg209/17/2021 10:34AM

sometimes you run out fo tissues****

MillDawg309/17/2021 10:34AM

BITD Ron & Ron Show used to give away R&R Batch Rags***

Bullochdawg209/17/2021 10:36AM


MillDawg209/17/2021 10:16AM

LOL, dayum.***

TDK309/17/2021 10:06AM

when hold my 4 loko goes bad***

Toasty B209/17/2021 10:08AM

Somebody don't like him***

Tomato Sandwich209/17/2021 10:04AM

Hard to believe a smart looking fellow like that would do such a thing***

JC-DAWG83309/17/2021 10:00AM

Canecurrence. 50 grams of dried semen? Where the FF did he break into? A tech dormitory??***

GibsonDawg509/17/2021 10:02AM

Doc's house***

Tomato Sandwich309/17/2021 10:05AM

Not tech, herpes and syphilis would indicate prior sexual activity with a woman, unpossible in a tech dorm***

JC-DAWG83609/17/2021 10:05AM

Good catch. Wish the story was real tho tongue sticking out smiley***

GibsonDawg409/17/2021 10:07AM

It's GIFriday™, HOTD...Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of...uh...nature?...

TDK26909/17/2021 09:37AM

Good work, TDK. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:30AM


McDonoughDawg209/17/2021 10:35AM

See how he prominently displayed his remora? That's the same as a dick pic in the aquatic realm***

GibsonDawg709/17/2021 09:50AM

SK, imo...and doesn't seem to mind.***

TDK409/17/2021 09:54AM

No chit. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:31AM

She made the remora move***

JC-DAWG83409/17/2021 09:56AM

Hail damage. Wnb***

scn709/17/2021 09:47AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:29AM

LOL **

Fetchin' Bones209/17/2021 09:48AM

I would not mention her fly fock big ass feet. Fwiw.***

JimDandyDawg509/17/2021 09:39AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 11:29AM


TDK209/17/2021 09:40AM


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