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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. South Carolina in...


Beautiful evening in Chattanooga with free tickets to the Lookouts game.

rogasingingdawg5409/17/2021 06:18PM

I can remember some Atlanta Braves games in the 70’s with about 3000 attending.***

dingo709/17/2021 06:45PM

$2 general admission tickets, sit in outfield until 5th, move behind home plate***

JC-DAWG83209/17/2021 07:40PM

Everybody had the own personal BEER vendor and foul balls were much easier to get***

4sure309/17/2021 06:46PM

grinning smiley***

rogasingingdawg009/17/2021 06:58PM

IMO, you should avoid foul balls.

Doris2009/17/2021 06:57PM

I always find that free tickets to Minor league baseball cost me $60 in food and drinks***

Tomato Sandwich509/17/2021 06:34PM

About 25 so far on the Granddaughters. winking smiley***

rogasingingdawg109/17/2021 06:56PM

I think Holly is binge eating again.***

Death2809/17/2021 06:06PM

"She walks outside now and..........

ignatiusdawg8409/17/2021 07:05PM

Better looking than 97.3% of the toads on here's skanks****

Jmac1209/17/2021 06:44PM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/18/2021 03:44AM


SSI-Dawg4909/17/2021 07:38PM

He never left***

JC-DAWG83409/17/2021 08:20PM

LOL, I would say

SSI-Dawg1709/17/2021 08:53PM

Hey, no need to be rude.

Death4409/17/2021 07:07PM

Nuke this, please***

4sure209/17/2021 06:42PM

You shut your whore mouth.

Doris6109/17/2021 06:25PM

Those cheeks turning her eyes Japanese.***

Death209/17/2021 07:08PM

Hoggy Rowe gonna make those Pedos holler for the pigs**

DawgFacedGremlin409/17/2021 06:24PM

Get in line!***

smokindawg209/17/2021 06:19PM

Fat chicks are all the rage***

Tomato Sandwich409/17/2021 06:17PM

I could love her folds.***

junkyarddawg509/17/2021 06:37PM

Pour sausage gravy all over her and play slip & slide.....

DawgFacedGremlin1509/17/2021 07:40PM

Chris Doering and Teabag are The Human Run On Sentences.....

DawgFacedGremlin5609/17/2021 05:46PM

TAP list at Stout Bros Smyrna...whaddya have?

4sure3409/17/2021 05:42PM

Hopsecutioner for me.***

UncleJohnsDawg109/18/2021 03:43AM

Probably start with the Dirty Beaches

lobatt1209/17/2021 06:36PM

I'll have the Citra on Repeat - it's still a little summery out there today.***

Doris009/17/2021 06:27PM

Lots of fruit bullshit and IPA on that list...

GibsonDawg1609/17/2021 06:05PM

I took note of that one and the Velvet Brown Ale. My recent medical issues has me exploring the lower end of the gravity spectrum***

4sure209/17/2021 06:44PM

Re: I took note of that one and the Velvet Brown Ale. My recent medical issues has me exploring the lower end of the gravity spectrum

GibsonDawg509/17/2021 08:09PM

Yase bro. Remember when we used to blast the peaveys on North campus u got some moves bro!

smokindawg1309/17/2021 05:46PM

All I remember is the noise BLOWING up from the RR lot to the North Deck on Game Day***

4sure009/17/2021 05:55PM

Surely Brewing Oktoberfest Marzen...6.0%...Prost***

4sure409/17/2021 05:40PM

Good choice, 4sure. ****

UncleJohnsDawg109/18/2021 03:43AM

And i had a huge victory this week, My mi rancho folks are opening a location 3 miles from my house. 5.00 ubers***

smokindawg709/17/2021 05:37PM

Gonna be pretty tight in there. About half the size of the old one…maybe less. Poblanos ain’t happy.***

LuvsDawgs109/17/2021 09:39PM

$25 Uber from Creature Comforts to Bulldog Park today.***

EastBroadDawg309/17/2021 05:41PM

Hot dang borrow some money from taccoa***

smokindawg209/17/2021 05:42PM

Uber to BDP tomorrow then ride the shuttle bus back home.***

EastBroadDawg009/17/2021 05:48PM

Marty Smith is a cornpone idiot....

DawgFacedGremlin16909/17/2021 04:56PM

Nevermind. Stupid fucking question****

Jmac209/17/2021 06:45PM

I think it’s a human condition to be drawn to the dumbest places & people on Earth in order to find lower forms of life to sneer at***

FeralDawg209/17/2021 06:59PM

Why do you think the HOTD moves the page?***

Death009/17/2021 07:22PM

I think you correct****

Jmac009/17/2021 07:07PM

He’s the FL/GL Line of sports personalities and an embarrassment to all Southerners.***

Shadrach309/17/2021 05:31PM

He really is. He has irritated me from the beginning.***

UncleJohnsDawg609/17/2021 05:13PM

He's more annoying than rectal itch**

DawgFacedGremlin009/17/2021 05:39PM

Who needs a hillbilly hipster ?.***

EastBroadDawg209/17/2021 05:22PM

I believe that horseshit accent is contrived, that he has never eaten gas station food and can he cannot identify one member of The Four Horsemen, nor the 1991 49ers*

Sidetrack Silvera709/17/2021 05:00PM


Death009/17/2021 05:25PM

HIs accent is Paula Dean level fake***

Tomato Sandwich409/17/2021 04:59PM

I don't know.....Paula may be legit....

DawgFacedGremlin5409/17/2021 05:48PM


smokindawg209/17/2021 05:06PM

HAYAW. We gone make maynase sammiches with maynase and maynase an booter. An we gone warsh it down wit sum melted booter, yaw*

Sidetrack Silvera809/17/2021 05:05PM

I went to Lady and Sons once...

GibsonDawg3909/17/2021 06:15PM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 05:21PM

lol, I can just hear her saying that.*

ladyQ009/17/2021 05:15PM

Thinking about buying a deli slicer.***

Death809/17/2021 04:16PM

I have 1 i paid about $120 for maybe. Works good for the few times i use it a yr****

Jmac109/17/2021 06:48PM


Death009/17/2021 08:52PM

Papa Silvera had one. This is 20 years before Seinfeld. Used it to slice roasts. Wish I had it now*

Sidetrack Silvera609/17/2021 04:49PM

Just ordered 6 lbs of sweet Lebanon bologna. I am giddy.***

Death009/17/2021 05:23PM

So that hottie, Mrs. Silvera, can slice her high heels?

scn2009/17/2021 05:13PM

U pastrami bastard***

smokindawg109/17/2021 04:19PM

What should budget be?***

Death109/17/2021 05:24PM

Thanks Coon and Tired***

Toasty B909/17/2021 04:14PM

No need to thank me unless you come to tailgate eat and drink and want more next time, but you are welcome.***

Coon Dawg009/17/2021 08:40PM

Sent you a pm***

O'Malley's Stale Beer009/17/2021 04:49PM

BCF with a side of good to see TYrone back out having a good time……

smokindawg4409/17/2021 04:08PM

56-17. Muschamp tells Kirby to go ahead and add the last TD.

O'Malley's Stale Beer9309/17/2021 04:05PM

$100 SCU don’t score 17.***

Dymwit209/17/2021 07:13PM

Hope D doesn't give up 17...31-7 IMO***

Tomato Sandwich109/17/2021 04:33PM

I got thrown out of a lake house down there for saying that Ray Goff should be fired

lobatt6209/17/2021 04:26PM

Need to win with class and move on***

smokindawg309/17/2021 04:10PM

Fuck Florida and South Crackolacky.***

O'Malley's Stale Beer209/17/2021 04:24PM

Agree but lets stay classy. Those are keyuds on that other sideline***

smokindawg209/17/2021 04:36PM

puke smiley***

O'Malley's Stale Beer009/17/2021 04:50PM

Oh AKHOTD: what time will the Cawgs v KY kick off? 3:30?***

Leotis609/17/2021 03:56PM

Sure wish I knew...WRDjr is coming in from Tucson that weekend***

WarnerRobinsDawg209/17/2021 04:06PM

Grackle O'clock*

Sidetrack Silvera309/17/2021 04:05PM

I don't like the sound of that Doctor ****

Leotis309/17/2021 04:31PM

Got my shirt for the game tomorrow.

GatorTuss16609/17/2021 03:50PM

You’d better mind your turd hole. Bama coming in without lube.***

Dymwit209/17/2021 07:15PM

Re: Got my shirt for the game tomorrow.

Coon Dawg6509/17/2021 03:58PM

Re: Got my shirt for the game tomorrow.

GibsonDawg7609/17/2021 03:55PM

Nasty. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 04:55PM

Some post ABB - Saw them twice at the "old" Georgia Theater back in HS...

Dawgma9609/17/2021 03:24PM

Sea Level had some awesome talent.. Randall and Chuck were great together***

WarnerRobinsDawg709/17/2021 03:33PM

always amazed me that randall didn't make it big. awesomely talented guy...

barnesville dawg3209/17/2021 03:59PM

Agree. He is amazing.***

UncleJohnsDawg309/17/2021 04:54PM

Concur and I was there***

WarnerRobinsDawg209/17/2021 04:07PM

free at last, free at last!

MillDawg20409/17/2021 03:13PM

Freaking awesome! Could still almost quote it!!!***

sweetriverdog209/17/2021 03:58PM

You know 96Rock is back....right?

Samjo5609/17/2021 03:43PM

Man, that brings back memories.***

UncleJohnsDawg509/17/2021 03:19PM

Concur...always loved that segment***

WarnerRobinsDawg209/17/2021 03:40PM

f that. How'd you get out so fast?***

JaxDawg.com609/17/2021 03:15PM

ok... i'm done now. Starting the eve with Yuengling.***

JaxDawg.com209/17/2021 03:23PM

TGIF...workweek is over

bNe11609/17/2021 03:11PM

I may be down there after the bash with my south ga. southern rock fil***

smokindawg709/17/2021 03:25PM

Re: I may be down there after the bash with my south ga. southern rock fil

bNe2609/17/2021 03:30PM

Re: TGIF...workweek is over

GibsonDawg3209/17/2021 03:22PM

Re: TGIF...workweek is over

bNe2009/17/2021 03:29PM

Have a great Bulldawg weekend, bne.***

UncleJohnsDawg709/17/2021 03:15PM

Re: Have a great Bulldawg weekend, bne.

bNe1609/17/2021 03:28PM

OrlandoTopDawg will be there tossing a football around.***

LandDawg409/17/2021 03:13PM

i really wish he was sad smiley***

bNe209/17/2021 03:27PM

stil in focking meeting***

MillDawg409/17/2021 03:12PM


bNe1309/17/2021 03:28PM

Rock the drive to Augusta sux*

RRtrackdawgson909/17/2021 02:55PM

Fall LINE freeway make it a little easier from here but still don't like going that way***

WarnerRobinsDawg209/17/2021 03:36PM

Re: Rock the drive to Augusta sux*

Toasty B2509/17/2021 03:12PM

Ill buy the beers!***

smokindawg209/17/2021 03:04PM

Rock the drive to Augusta sux*

RRtrackdawgson509/17/2021 02:55PM

Satriani calling on his inner Dregs...

JaxDawg.com7109/17/2021 02:51PM

That was a great album. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 03:13PM

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.” – Steven Wright***

Rocky Raccoon1809/17/2021 02:44PM

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering."***

LandDawg109/17/2021 03:19PM

Great stuff Rocky Raccoon.***

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 03:13PM

thumbs up***

MillDawg209/17/2021 02:48PM

Badass Country Friday (Last one before I head out)

Doris4109/17/2021 02:28PM

I'm shutting down this JOINT....see y'all at the BAR**

Fetchin' Bones509/17/2021 02:25PM

Good choice, Fetchin' Bones.***

UncleJohnsDawg109/17/2021 03:12PM

On a call to discuss changes to Salesforce..at 3 on a Friday. People suck*

Punkin141609/17/2021 02:18PM

That sucks. Dang.***

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 03:11PM

Tell em its fock off friday***

smokindawg109/17/2021 03:05PM

If SalesForce were a football team. It’d be called

BigToe3409/17/2021 02:56PM

fly fock budgeting meeting at 4....FML****

MillDawg209/17/2021 02:49PM

no sympathy. have a forecast mtg with finance at 4pm. thats a wtf ...***

JaxDawg.com309/17/2021 02:30PM

are we on the same call? going to tell them whatever they want to hear and get the FOCK Out****

MillDawg309/17/2021 02:49PM

yase. I "think" this may be just to explain this year's process... ok, ok, i get it... see ya...***

JaxDawg.com509/17/2021 02:56PM

we are in the middle of our expense planning....PITA****

MillDawg209/17/2021 03:05PM

"$200 for a massage??? LOL I don't remember that"***

MillDawg209/17/2021 02:58PM

Prayers sent.***

Doris109/17/2021 02:20PM

More Marty....

Fetchin' Bones8209/17/2021 02:18PM

Here’s another Dreg’s wave…

Shadrach7109/17/2021 02:17PM

Can add that to "Gina Lola Breakdown" as the only Bluegrass I can tolerate...

Dawgma909/17/2021 03:14PM

I think stylistically that song is Rock-grass. They’re certainly hauling ass on that tune.***

Shadrach009/17/2021 03:36PM

That was a great band. ****

UncleJohnsDawg209/17/2021 03:09PM

I liked Steve a lot better back then.***

Doris109/17/2021 02:19PM


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