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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Vanderbilt in...


Sticky Happy Birthday Top Row, enjoy your day.:*** (8 Posts)

TyTyDawg2011/29/2020 07:05AM

Sticky UPDATE - For those of you inclined to prayer, please offer one up for 4sure - UPDATE (36 Posts)

81n95dawg41411/27/2020 05:26PM

Sticky I’ve partied with Jmac, gonna take more than COVID to take me out.. . (22 Posts)

MCG DAWG30511/27/2020 01:15PM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE69,76106/08/2015 11:08PM


Dawghammarskjold811/29/2020 10:37AM

Let the record show that Tyson Campbell looked at the QB while the ball was in the air. I didn’t think that was possible.***

JimDandyDawg1011/29/2020 10:13AM

LOL.... that was nice to see***

BROM BONES011/29/2020 10:20AM

HOTD gonna be surprised when he gets drafted after this season***

bNe011/29/2020 10:17AM

Meanwhile. Denver Broncos have no eligible QBs for game. Tried to get one of their asst coaches to play, but NFL said No. Practice squad receiver Hinton to get the start*****

Bullochdawg211/29/2020 09:49AM

They couldn’t find a girl?***

dawglegright011/29/2020 10:33AM

I’m for the 8 game playoff

bhdawg6311/29/2020 09:41AM

might not be a need. 2 of the power 5 conferences dont look like they can send teams

bNe3211/29/2020 10:13AM

It’s gonna suck when Florida goes after getting beat by Bama***

FeralDawg011/29/2020 10:40AM

Sent you a pm.*

DeltaDawg011/29/2020 10:24AM

and next week might be our last game other than a BOWL game sad smiley***

bNe011/29/2020 10:23AM

pac10 , big 10 excluded for not playing enough games ....

BulletDawg2611/29/2020 10:07AM

I'm afraid sports in general is never going back to the way it was.....look for e-sports to take over.*

DeltaDawg311/29/2020 10:06AM

Quite a crash on the 1st lap of the F1 race. car split in half.*

BrickYard1011/29/2020 09:24AM

thought he was a goner, for sure. ... without the halo he woulda been done ...

BulletDawg1611/29/2020 10:02AM

I don’t know how he got out of the car******

Chicago_Dawg111/29/2020 09:34AM

i don't know how he survived. the cockpit is embed in the barrier.*

BrickYard311/29/2020 09:36AM

Looks like he pushed all the way through the barrier to the other side.

Chicago_Dawg1311/29/2020 09:44AM

Halo probably saved Grojan from being decapitated.***

BrickYard111/29/2020 09:27AM

So Vandy female kicker Y/N? She’s got some big laigs

Tursiops12911/29/2020 09:10AM

Typical 2020. One kick off that would have been horrible for a high school kicker...

Herbiesball3811/29/2020 09:51AM

I think it was a planned pooch kick****

MillDawg311/29/2020 09:52AM

Agree, but, it was a shitty pooch kick.***

Herbiesball111/29/2020 10:03AM

Looked like a soccer kick, didn't follow through****

MillDawg011/29/2020 10:35AM

A lot of kicking, they said she is 6'2", tall young lady. I thought it was cool to see her get out there

MillDawg7111/29/2020 09:16AM

Cool sure? Will it be cool to see a man play in a women’s basketball game?***

Herbiesball211/29/2020 10:04AM

Re: Cool sure? Will it be cool to see a man play in a women’s basketball game?

dawglegright111/29/2020 10:35AM

SC is really depleted but it was nice to see the Dawgs TCOB yesterday****

MillDawg811/29/2020 08:49AM

Yes sir. It sure helped my outlook on the rest of the season.***

UncleJohnsDawg011/29/2020 10:11AM


CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:21AM

yep Bobo playing that small ball dink and dunk passing game,is frustrating to watch

Tursiops5411/29/2020 09:15AM

I think their QB went 18/22, surprising****

MillDawg111/29/2020 09:19AM

My daughter just sent me her time for the half marathon she ran this morning

WRGA Dog9011/29/2020 08:43AM

Very cool. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 10:09AM

Wow! Good work.*

ladyQ111/29/2020 09:04AM

56 people have finished in her age group. She finished 5th***

WRGA Dog011/29/2020 09:06AM

Damn good time****

MillDawg111/29/2020 08:44AM

She runs ~6 miles per day. Her sixteen year old daughter also ran this morning

WRGA Dog4611/29/2020 08:56AM

Which race? I used to run a bunch of half and fulls. They always had pretty good real-time scoring.***

Dymwit011/29/2020 10:35AM

That's great, I need to get running again used to run with my girls too****

MillDawg011/29/2020 09:04AM

Just saw that Mathis didn’t travel with the team yesterday. Transfer portal thingy in ...three...two...one...*****

Bullochdawg1411/29/2020 08:42AM

Very bad look for him. You don't quit, ever IMO. Wait till the season is over then move on***

copedawg12011/29/2020 10:14AM

He's on the way out I think.***

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 10:07AM

Wish him well*

CosmoDawg111/29/2020 09:22AM

Hope it works out for him, and hope he stays healthy. He looked pretty frail out there with the big boys.*

ladyQ311/29/2020 09:07AM

After his health scare I was surprised his attitude was so poor, usually those sort of things give one perspective****

MillDawg611/29/2020 09:21AM

You would think so.***

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 10:08AM


ladyQ011/29/2020 09:31AM

Michigan State, is my guess.***

treeclimbin'dawg311/29/2020 08:57AM

I wonder if he will really be a QB. Needs to work on his temperament I think****

MillDawg411/29/2020 09:05AM

He is gone, it will be interesting to see where he ends up****

MillDawg111/29/2020 08:46AM

dawn gone?***

BrickYard011/29/2020 08:46AM

GERMAN portal iyam...announced yesterday before the game he was gone***

Tursiops111/29/2020 08:45AM

I don’t ever pay attention, so it’s all news to me*****

Bullochdawg111/29/2020 08:50AM

Don't sweat it, probably news for someone that didn't see the original post****

MillDawg011/29/2020 09:32AM

He has left the team*

gulfportdawg111/29/2020 08:45AM

For me, this was bizarre. I have no uncles, aunts, cousins so family funerals

30Adawg18711/29/2020 08:07AM

That's sad. Dang.***

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 10:06AM


CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:24AM

That's sad, and if he had any money or possessions, it will certainly get worse.*

ladyQ211/29/2020 09:11AM

Good luck. Late last week a deputy in Cocoa shot and killed

WRGA Dog5711/29/2020 09:04AM

Geez, that is freaking sad, what else have they said about the deputy****

MillDawg311/29/2020 09:08AM

Nothing. Very quiet as FDLE investigates families have lawyered up***

WRGA Dog411/29/2020 09:28AM

That has been a really strange story and it is strange that the MSM hasn't been all over it***

MillDawg111/29/2020 09:31AM

Deaths bring out the worst in families. *****

Bullochdawg111/29/2020 08:43AM

Almost immediately after my mom died, we found out my “Jerry-Springer-Sister” stole 2 of my mom’s rings!

LuvsDawgs2111/29/2020 09:21AM

Have a funeral coming up in July. Kinda worried about the same***

smokindawg211/29/2020 08:29AM

The covids?****

MillDawg011/29/2020 09:09AM

That’s really planning ahead***

ToccoaDog011/29/2020 08:54AM

Hopefully they put differences aside to honor their father. ****

MillDawg011/29/2020 08:24AM

Re: For me, this was bizarre. I have no uncles, aunts, cousins so family funerals

hitdawg7011/29/2020 08:17AM


BrickYard111/29/2020 08:09AM

Sounds like even He might need body armor at that one!***

81n95dawg211/29/2020 08:24AM

Lol. *

30Adawg011/29/2020 08:39AM

Please vote, America needs you.

MeatCleaverDawg8311/29/2020 07:57AM

Yes Sir!*

CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:24AM

Will do. ****

UncleJohnsDawg211/29/2020 08:57AM

thumbs up thumbs up***

rogasingingdawg111/29/2020 08:35AM

Newsmax has some dang good news program. Glad i found it,

MeatCleaverDawg6411/29/2020 07:55AM

Yeah, bne gets his news and directions from Klaus Schwab. Enough said.*

DeltaDawg111/29/2020 10:04AM

hypocrite, thief, and liar. 3 good Christian traits iyo?

bNe811/29/2020 10:07AM

??? Why don't you send me a PM and explain.*

DeltaDawg111/29/2020 10:14AM

yeah but their CEO is a big time Clinton Foundation donor

bNe5711/29/2020 08:08AM

It's the best on-air news outlet going right now...several former Fox people are there now, too.*

DeltaDawg411/29/2020 08:00AM


bNe14111/29/2020 07:43AM

Cool Beans!*

CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:25AM

Awesome. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 08:56AM

We saw that already last night.*

DeltaDawg411/29/2020 07:52AM

some of us like

bNe5111/29/2020 08:07AM

Journalist Sarah Spain

Dawghammarskjold20111/29/2020 07:09AM

Cubs fan. WNB*

Opus X Dawg011/29/2020 09:42AM

Well, she sure ain’t trying to cover them up, is she?***

LuvsDawgs011/29/2020 09:24AM

Not a fan needs reduction***

smokindawg211/29/2020 08:08AM

you know damn well

hitdawg6311/29/2020 08:19AM

Honestly not a fan of that either, but yeah I would****

MillDawg011/29/2020 08:45AM

Future Lower Back Problems***

BROM BONES011/29/2020 08:00AM

I'll bet she is constantly reminding folks where her eyes are.***

DawgDaddy411/29/2020 07:23AM

In honor of JLD, here is a Rubes as a substitute ...

DawgDaddy5311/29/2020 06:33AM

Ha, Good one*

CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:26AM

Good one DawgDaddy. LOL, ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 07:00AM

Old!!!!! Today's Natural Wonder of Georgia is 60 today........

Top Row Dawg4411/29/2020 06:24AM

Cool Beans! Thanks*

CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:27AM

Great stuff Top Row Dawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 08:54AM

Have a great one, thanks for all your natural wonders posts****

MillDawg011/29/2020 08:26AM

Happy Birthday TRD!!! ***

Fetchin' Bones211/29/2020 07:39AM

Happy Birthday have a great dawg day, Right On****

ugafan49011/29/2020 07:46AM

Happy birthday TRD, thanks for all you do here!***

DawgDaddy011/29/2020 06:31AM

no longer and not yet

Dawghammarskjold7911/29/2020 06:04AM

Thanks, good quote*

CosmoDawg011/29/2020 09:27AM

Good One!****

ugafan49011/29/2020 07:53AM

Great quote, rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 07:00AM

Excellent quote hammar, thanks!***

DawgDaddy011/29/2020 06:31AM

Good morning Dawg brothers and sisters !! ****

UncleJohnsDawg3211/29/2020 04:52AM

Good morning Uncle. Hope you have a great day.*

CosmoDawg111/29/2020 09:28AM

Good morning CosmoDawg. Hope you have a Super Sunday too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 09:40AM

Mornin' UJD! Hope you have a great Sunday!***

81n95dawg111/29/2020 08:25AM

Good morning 81n95dawg. Hope you have a great Sunday too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 08:51AM

Good morning UJD, have a great and safe day***

Booneville Dawg111/29/2020 08:10AM

Good morning Booneville Dawg. Hope you have a great Sunday. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 08:50AM

Good Morning Uncle John and all you hunker down hairy dawg people

ugafan49611/29/2020 07:49AM

Good morning ugafan49. Hope you have a great Sunday.***

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 08:49AM

AM dew UncleJohn and most of you hairy dawgs

bNe1311/29/2020 07:44AM

Good morning bNe.

UncleJohnsDawg611/29/2020 08:48AM

Morning UJD & Dawgs Everywhere!

DawgDaddy611/29/2020 06:36AM

Good morning DawgDaddy. The Dawgs sure looked great last night.

UncleJohnsDawg711/29/2020 06:58AM

Top of the morning UJD.........

ignatiusdawg1211/29/2020 06:27AM

Good morning ignatiusdawg.

UncleJohnsDawg811/29/2020 06:59AM


Top Row Dawg2311/29/2020 06:27AM

That's still young in my book. Enjoy your day.*

ladyQ111/29/2020 09:17AM

Re: Woof™..........

ugafan491211/29/2020 07:53AM

Mornin' Top Row Dawg.

UncleJohnsDawg1111/29/2020 06:56AM

Good morning sir. Have a Blessed Day!***

oldmandawg211/29/2020 06:15AM

Good morning oldmandawg. Hope you have a Blessed Sunday too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg111/29/2020 06:55AM

Good morning Dawgs. ***

JMUDawg211/29/2020 05:22AM

Mornin' JMUDawg. Hope you have a great Sunday. ****

UncleJohnsDawg311/29/2020 05:41AM

Mornin' TEE. How they sounding? ****

UncleJohnsDawg311/29/2020 04:52AM

Loud & Proud!***

DawgDaddy211/29/2020 05:56AM

Right on time as always. The boys are getting it done. DGC. ****

UncleJohnsDawg311/29/2020 06:54AM

Right On****

ugafan49311/29/2020 07:49AM

I have been played folks. For $60. Had big crowd here and said let's buy that fucking Tyson fight on a whim.

Death14511/29/2020 01:09AM

Best drive of the game was getting the ball with 9:27 left in the game....

Tybee-Dawg11411/29/2020 12:53AM

Right On****

ugafan49011/29/2020 07:54AM

It really was a great drive.***

DawgDaddy011/29/2020 06:42AM

That was beautiful. ****

UncleJohnsDawg211/29/2020 04:56AM

ESPN propping up tOSU......big surprise.....

DawgFacedGremlin11911/29/2020 12:00AM

Herbie's influence is strong at that network.***

DawgDaddy211/29/2020 06:43AM

he dade?

bNe15211/28/2020 11:42PM

Day-um. ****

UncleJohnsDawg311/29/2020 04:55AM

This aged well by JimmylikesUGA

bNe18011/28/2020 11:08PM

That’s rich, especially coming from the guy who says a WR should

Chicago_Dawg13611/28/2020 11:13PM

I bet you miss knox

bNe10211/28/2020 11:22PM

Can't we all get along?smileys with beer**

DawgFacedGremlin511/29/2020 12:04AM

That W makes my life easier..being from SC and everything...going home this past year visiting

Tursiops10711/28/2020 10:54PM

SC is really depleted, looks like a complete rebuild****

MillDawg411/29/2020 07:27AM

Re: That W makes my life easier..being from SC and everything...going home this past year visiting

Leotis5211/29/2020 02:02AM

Try living in Augusta***

JC-DAWG83211/28/2020 11:08PM

Box of Chocolates *

JimBfishN811/28/2020 10:50PM


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