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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Clemson in...


Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE103,24906/08/2015 11:08PM


Toasty B3704/19/2021 12:28PM

Son said they’re asking some of the Whales to sell some to help it keep going***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 12:40PM

what's the current moon stonk?***

Toasty B104/19/2021 12:41PM

I’ve already told you more than I know. I’m just in it for the ride***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 12:43PM

Well, my nokia is chokia...I need to dump and replace***

Toasty B004/19/2021 12:44PM


Bullochdawg004/19/2021 12:37PM

been up and down a lot since Friday. I still can't buy - waiting on Identify verification***

JaxDawg.com104/19/2021 12:35PM

I don’t understand the value in all that crypto crap.***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 12:40PM

buy some doge coin..tits cheap. You don't have to get it to get it***

Toasty B204/19/2021 12:41PM

I prefer to understand what I’m buying.***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 12:44PM

IYGARA, here is where we spread Pop’s ashes on Saturday....

junkyarddawg5504/19/2021 12:21PM

Cool deal. GATA!***

LandDawg004/19/2021 12:39PM

That’s really cool.***

Whatdawg004/19/2021 12:28PM

Good work JYD.***

Death004/19/2021 12:27PM

POTD. Good son***

Toasty B004/19/2021 12:26PM

Great stuff, JYD***

Tomato Sandwich004/19/2021 12:25PM

Very cool. Glad you got to do that, bud. ***

RockmartDawg004/19/2021 12:25PM

Great memories..***

McDonoughDawg004/19/2021 12:24PM

Awesome. Glad you got to do that with your kids***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 12:23PM

Yep. It was good to get them out on the lake teaching them at the same place my dad taught me.***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 12:32PM

Also saw the Will Muschamp's boy had a 19yd completion Saddy. 15-0 FWIS***

Bullochdawg504/19/2021 12:01PM

it was a gift. he also tried to throw an out route that only made it 'bout half way***

JaxDawg.com104/19/2021 12:08PM

Sure Will gave him some words of encouragement

Bullochdawg3904/19/2021 12:13PM

LOL. Yeah really. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 12:17PM


CosmoDawg004/19/2021 12:15PM

and prolly the worst swang pass ever thrown***

Toasty B104/19/2021 12:08PM

Ever what it takes***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 12:11PM

Quote of the Day...

rogasingingdawg1504/19/2021 11:51AM

Great quote, rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 12:16PM

Thanks, good quote*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 12:15PM

Great truth! *

DeltaDawg004/19/2021 12:00PM

Man, what are your thoughts on this? This sounds horrific.

RockmartDawg13404/19/2021 11:26AM

I've had a lot of ladies tell me I had a horse

Tomato Sandwich6504/19/2021 11:46AM

Used to work with a gal that had one. One day I said, "Hey Angie, why the long face?"

Bullochdawg3204/19/2021 11:52AM

Hope you gave her a sugar cube***

Tomato Sandwich404/19/2021 11:53AM

Re: Hope you have her a sugar cube

Toasty B2604/19/2021 11:56AM

If only I had thought of that***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 11:54AM

We're coming full circle, aren't we? Human hybrids being postulated for a posthuman world? Read Genesis chapter 6.....

DeltaDawg2704/19/2021 11:42AM

I wonder, also, if the presence of the Nephilim brought about...

RockmartDawg1704/19/2021 12:03PM

Re: I wonder, also, if the presence of the Nephilim brought about...

DeltaDawg1004/19/2021 12:19PM

Yep. Do whatever, however, to destroy God's creation in His own image. And we are seemingly eager to help. **

RockmartDawg004/19/2021 11:58AM

Next by Michael Crichton - good read. More than a few should check it out

bNe3104/19/2021 11:37AM

That's just wrong!*

CosmoDawg104/19/2021 11:37AM

bacteria making human insulin for diabetics - is that wrong?

bNe3004/19/2021 11:41AM

I'd say the population has already made their stance known.*

DeltaDawg204/19/2021 12:03PM

IDGASWYT, and i am happy there are no diabetics in your fam***

bNe104/19/2021 12:19PM

So be it and I'm sorry if you or your family suffers from it. However, when one meddles with human DNA>>>recombinant DNA, that's humans acting like/replacing God of which we have no right to do.*

DeltaDawg204/19/2021 12:22PM

It's been done before. #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

Bullochdawg2504/19/2021 11:33AM

Let’s bring back the Argentinosaurus and make them as smart as humans.***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 11:53AM

I'd like to rent one

Bullochdawg1404/19/2021 12:00PM

Wifey Poo and I purchased some fresh made European bacon, sausages, biltong (it's like jerky) this weekend.

RockmartDawg9604/19/2021 10:50AM

British "Bacon" is called Rashers. There's a British store in Norcross that has it.***

Viper2369004/19/2021 12:10PM

Big NOPE on the

bNe6704/19/2021 11:06AM

Canecur... BIG ole' nope. I did have some haggis when we were in Scotland. But that's like kidney, liver, organs... not cooked blood. ***

RockmartDawg104/19/2021 11:25AM

Come on. Where’s your sense of epicurean adventure?***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 11:09AM

way behind what used to be called comon sense

bNe1804/19/2021 11:14AM

I'm figuring folk must have been mighty hungry and resorted to throwing nothing away (had to be). ***

RockmartDawg104/19/2021 11:27AM


Bullochdawg2004/19/2021 11:34AM

laughing smiley

RockmartDawg304/19/2021 12:08PM

mmmmm Priiiiiooooonnnnssss***

bNe104/19/2021 11:38AM

The milk gravy must neutralize it. eye rolling smiley***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 11:44AM

I would try it, I'll say that.

McDonoughDawg1504/19/2021 11:16AM

Pork cheeks are pretty tasty.***

junkyarddawg004/19/2021 11:32AM

Does he have a storefront? Have several Brit friends that work at Gulfstream in Sav that would prolly love to check him out***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 11:00AM

This is his website.

RockmartDawg1904/19/2021 11:03AM


Bullochdawg004/19/2021 11:07AM

That British bacon looks to me a lot like Southern country ham without the red eye gravy! Gracious, I'm pining now to get back to the South fer sum'a'dat! *

DeltaDawg404/19/2021 10:56AM

It does look very similar, but is a bit different. I guess it is in how it is cured (??). Both are delicious, though. ***

RockmartDawg104/19/2021 11:04AM

The bank charges25 for a fly fock certified check?***

smokindawg1104/19/2021 10:39AM

Re: The bank charges25 for a fly fock certified check?

bNe3404/19/2021 11:02AM

Some banks offer them free if you have the right account...***

McDonoughDawg104/19/2021 10:51AM

It's like Selma all over again!***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 10:49AM

Yeah really. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 11:17AM

Finally got around to watching the whole "Muscle Shoals" documentary. D....JD What great doc! HIGHly recommends

Bullochdawg7104/19/2021 10:19AM

I've watched it several times. Dang, it's good.***

UncleJohnsDawg404/19/2021 11:16AM

Rick Hall had a tough life. Also, never knew the story of the split up to Muscle Shoals Studios***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 11:30AM

What the synopsis?***

smokindawg204/19/2021 10:37AM

A bunch of Bama peckerwoods made some folks some $$$$***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 10:54AM

They’ve got the swampers imo.***

JimDandyDawg204/19/2021 10:48AM

LOL! Up until Sddy, I always thought they were saying, "Now Muscle Shoals got the swamps yeah". Makes sense now***

Bullochdawg004/19/2021 10:51AM

First time seeing the capsized ship in Brunswick....

Tybee-Dawg13404/19/2021 10:17AM


Bullochdawg704/19/2021 10:23AM

Never hear anything about it, so I just assumed it was gone by now***

Bullochdawg104/19/2021 10:23AM

My biggest takeaway from G-Day - it's "a-Donny". Been saying "AD-o-nye"***

Bullochdawg1204/19/2021 10:01AM

That may be how HE pronounces it, but the correct pronuniciation of "Adonai" is Ado·​nai with the last syllable, "nī ". It's Hebrew and it's one of the names of God Almighty, the unpronouncable, "YHWH", or Yahweh in English.

DeltaDawg604/19/2021 10:15AM

Think thats why I was pronouncing it "Ad-o-nye". Think that's how Amy Grant says it in El Shaddai***

Bullochdawg204/19/2021 10:21AM

You've been saying it right all along! *

DeltaDawg304/19/2021 10:50AM

Ima just use his nickname, "A.D."***

Bullochdawg204/19/2021 10:52AM

That works!*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 11:41AM

winking smiley That's a good one! *

DeltaDawg004/19/2021 10:58AM

Fun Fact(s) of the Day......

DeltaDawg5504/19/2021 09:59AM

Thanks, good stuff*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 12:14PM

Great stuff DeltaDawg. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 11:13AM

I'm not too sure Charlotte has the smarts to host this game. Did ya'll see what the website SEZ ?

JaxDawg.com12704/19/2021 09:29AM

At least they got the mayo right.***

junkyarddawg104/19/2021 09:33AM

Yes. They did do that.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 11:14AM

Son of clem very optimistic about 2021....

JC-DAWG8314304/19/2021 08:47AM

Gona B Fun!*

CosmoDawg104/19/2021 08:49AM

We could pound them in the ground and then they will skate through the pansy ass ACC and get in the playoff***

JC-DAWG83604/19/2021 09:03AM


McDonoughDawg004/19/2021 10:52AM

I am more interested in how we look after maybe the Arky game than Clem....

junkyarddawg4104/19/2021 09:48AM

IMO; if we lose to clem, no way we win the SEC, a loss to any of our regular season foes would show me we still aren't "there" yet and would....

JC-DAWG832104/19/2021 10:50AM

one of the dumber things ive read here in quite some time. Congrats.***

bNe004/19/2021 11:03AM

Bah, first game for both teams, a lot can change in a week or two.

McDonoughDawg1004/19/2021 10:54AM

Entire offseason and Fall camp to prepare for a top 5 matchup that will be a statement game for both teams...

JC-DAWG831304/19/2021 11:00AM

I sort of disagree, I don't see UGA making the playoffs without a win in Atlanta for the SECC.

McDonoughDawg904/19/2021 11:12AM

No doubt. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 09:46AM


CosmoDawg004/19/2021 09:44AM

My Tater bud says the Clemmons boards are saying Charlotte may shit up the game with lower attendance than originally agreed on...

Toasty B15104/19/2021 08:29AM

Why not just make it a home/home? Why take two teams 50 miles from each other and move both 300 miles?***

ToccoaDog404/19/2021 10:12AM

Clemson is 82 miles from Athens, I could drive there and back with my eyes closed when I was at Georgia, dated a girl that went to clemson and she didn't have a car***

JC-DAWG83104/19/2021 10:53AM

A home/home was put on the schedule, but the earliest it could be done was later this decade....

Viper23691504/19/2021 10:38AM

Well, that makes way too much sense**

Fetchin' Bones004/19/2021 10:36AM

They did***

Toasty B104/19/2021 10:35AM

Agree, some folks aren't paying attention, and these one off games pay big $$$$$$***

McDonoughDawg104/19/2021 10:55AM

Never mind*

Fetchin' Bones304/19/2021 09:02AM

Move to Jax, Georgia fans know how to do a game there, winning the party is crucial***

JC-DAWG83304/19/2021 08:40AM

Fine by me, I'd rather stay at Amelia than Charlotte anyways.***

McDonoughDawg004/19/2021 10:58AM

DeSantis would let us pack the place.***

JaxDawg.com104/19/2021 08:48AM

Going there would be the best alternative.***

UncleJohnsDawg204/19/2021 08:50AM

I agree but shit, I've got concert tix for a fest on Sun and an AirBnB for Sat/Sun....

Toasty B2704/19/2021 08:52AM

Isn't Buck Cherry playing that thing? I have a hotel booked right by the stadium in Charlotte too, but f'em if they won't let us fill the place.

McDonoughDawg404/19/2021 10:56AM

We’re also not considering the humidity.***

JimDandyDawg004/19/2021 09:58AM

wut's smokin's guy sayin?***

Toasty B104/19/2021 08:44AM

Playing it close to the vest so far***

JC-DAWG83004/19/2021 08:48AM

It's hard to believe that's happening. Damn.***

UncleJohnsDawg504/19/2021 08:39AM

Doesn't surprise me at all, the US is a nation of dumb pussies now***

JC-DAWG83204/19/2021 08:48AM

PIN this shit TDK **

Fetchin' Bones104/19/2021 09:03AM

Re: PIN this shit TDK **

Toasty B2504/19/2021 09:13AM

Thanks for the info*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:35AM

I think North Carolina still has some pretty strong restrictions in place..f'em....25% ain't gone cut it.***

McDonoughDawg204/19/2021 08:32AM

My G Day recap...(for those that haven't had a chance to watch it)

DavidCrosby18804/19/2021 07:29AM

Dawgs 247 has been smitten with the Bowers love since camp started. He is the REAL DEAL, and Wyatt might not start for us IYCBT!***

bNe104/19/2021 11:00AM

Thanks. Do you have a link to what Stills and Nash say just for comparison sake?

JimDandyDawg1504/19/2021 09:50AM

You don't need him around, anyhow.**

Cairodawg004/19/2021 10:09AM

Nice summary. Offense looked good without some weapons. Also that might be the best defense JT sees all year

CCDawg2304/19/2021 09:24AM

Thanks, good stuff*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:39AM

Thanks, good stuff*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:39AM

15-0 fwis.***

oldmandawg004/19/2021 08:35AM

Great stuff DavidCrosby. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:22AM

Great report, Thanks!***

ugafan49004/19/2021 08:18AM

Good to see a #5 who can catch the ball***

E. CobbDawg004/19/2021 08:12AM

No 73 didn't look too bad considering who he was blocking.***

LandDawg404/19/2021 08:06AM

Probably a fair comment. That speed rush just killed him.***

DavidCrosby504/19/2021 08:06AM

Nice to see a no. 5 that could catch the ball.***

LandDawg204/19/2021 08:11AM

Thanks. IMHO, this team is loaded. Funny that the ESPN FPI is predicting three losses. With the schedule I don’t see two losses.***

Shadrach204/19/2021 07:55AM

I don't see that at all. I think the Clemson game is going to be telling.***

DavidCrosby304/19/2021 08:05AM

If i'm son of clem i would be really nrevous about this georgia football team. Right ON!!!t***

ugafan49204/19/2021 08:14AM

Yep, they know they aren't facing some ACC panty waste team to open the season***

JC-DAWG83104/19/2021 08:26AM

Yes sir !! ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:24AM

We'll definitely know what we have right out of the gate***

JC-DAWG83204/19/2021 08:13AM

Or see what Clemson doesn't have. smiling smiley***

McDonoughDawg104/19/2021 08:39AM

I think they still have plenty of talent, they always seem to have great WRs***

JC-DAWG83104/19/2021 08:43AM

You can always count on one inexplicable shit the bed loss with Georgia football***

JC-DAWG83304/19/2021 08:05AM

That is correct, I'm hoping we can get past that for one shining moment.***

DavidCrosby104/19/2021 08:06AM

Until Dooley pays off his debt it will continue***

JC-DAWG83304/19/2021 08:15AM

Left out...

DavidCrosby8004/19/2021 07:34AM

Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:25AM

Another Wonder with low views reposted .... Poll

Top Row Dawg8904/19/2021 06:42AM

Thanks, good stuff*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:47AM

Right On, Thanks TRD****

ugafan49004/19/2021 08:29AM

Great stuff Top Row Dawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:18AM

Great history lesson. GATA!***

LandDawg004/19/2021 07:17AM

Re: Another Wonder with low views reposted ....

JaxDawg.com1604/19/2021 07:13AM

Confirmed: a helicopter has flown on Mars! smiling smiley ...

Buzzfan14304/19/2021 06:08AM

Looks like Nevada to me*

Punkin14004/19/2021 08:52AM

Cool Beans!*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:47AM

What do we even do with that?***

junkyarddawg304/19/2021 08:06AM

Traffic reports**

Buzzfan104/19/2021 08:29AM

For techies...UGA uses them to fly in and take all the recruits***

Toasty B304/19/2021 08:48AM

24/7 says we have a silent commit from this guy....

JC-DAWG832004/19/2021 08:51AM

He does play (very) angry***

Buzzfan104/19/2021 08:58AM

He's helping us with this one too....

JC-DAWG831004/19/2021 09:05AM

Great wingspan.**

Cairodawg004/19/2021 10:10AM

Look at dirt farther away from the rover thing***

JC-DAWG83004/19/2021 08:20AM

Down-look b/w image from Ingenuity....

Buzzfan7604/19/2021 06:35AM

In honor of JLD, here is a Rubes as a substitute ...

DawgDaddy8404/19/2021 04:44AM

Ha, Good one*

CosmoDawg004/19/2021 08:50AM


Tomato Sandwich004/19/2021 06:09AM

Good one DawgDaddy. LOL, ****

UncleJohnsDawg204/19/2021 05:29AM

Good morning Dawg brothers and sisters !! ****

UncleJohnsDawg6404/19/2021 03:52AM

Good morning Uncle. Hope you have a great day.*

CosmoDawg104/19/2021 08:50AM

Good morning CosmoDawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:52AM

Good morning UJD, have a great day***

Booneville Dawg104/19/2021 08:32AM

Good morning Booneville Dawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:51AM

Good Morning UJD!**

Cairodawg104/19/2021 07:20AM

Good morning Cairodawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:04AM

Mornin', Unka John...have a great day... *****

4sure104/19/2021 07:13AM

Good morning 4sure. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:03AM

Good morning, UJD and Dawg crew. Today is another gift of God. Live it for His purposes. ***

RockmartDawg104/19/2021 07:06AM

Good morning Rockmartdawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:02AM

Good morning sir. Have a Blessed Day!***

oldmandawg104/19/2021 06:36AM

Good morning oldmandawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 06:53AM

Good Morning Uncle John and all you hunker down hairy dawg people***

ugafan49104/19/2021 06:10AM

Good morning ugafan49. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 06:17AM


Top Row Dawg2204/19/2021 06:08AM

Mornin' Top Row Dawg. If you find it on TV somewhere please

UncleJohnsDawg1804/19/2021 06:17AM

its on SECN tonite if ya want to record it.***

JaxDawg.com104/19/2021 07:19AM

Thanks. I was going to record it and watch later.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 08:01AM

Can see it here.

Samjo1204/19/2021 06:20AM

Thanks, Samjo.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 06:52AM

Top of the morning UJD and fellow Dawgs everywhere.......weightlifting smiley

ignatiusdawg2404/19/2021 06:05AM

Good morning ignatiusdawg.

UncleJohnsDawg1404/19/2021 06:15AM

Mornin' UJD! Hope you have a great Monday!***

81n95dawg104/19/2021 05:38AM

Good morning 81n95dawg. Hope you have a great Monday too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 06:08AM

Good Morning UJD....Mornin’ Dawgs

WarnerRobinsDawg1404/19/2021 05:24AM

Mornin' WRDawg.

UncleJohnsDawg1204/19/2021 05:28AM

Morning UJD & Dawgs Everywhere!

DawgDaddy704/19/2021 04:43AM

Good morning DawgDaddy. That sounds like a great day planned

UncleJohnsDawg604/19/2021 05:27AM

Good morning Dawgs. Have a great week ! ***

JMUDawg104/19/2021 04:42AM

Mornin' JMUDawg. Hope you have a great week too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 05:26AM

Mornin already!!***

Samjo204/19/2021 03:56AM

Good morning Samjo. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg104/19/2021 03:58AM

Mornin' TEE. How they sounding? ****

UncleJohnsDawg304/19/2021 03:52AM

Loud & Proud!***

DawgDaddy204/19/2021 03:55AM

Right on time as always. The boys are getting it done. DGC. ****

UncleJohnsDawg204/19/2021 03:58AM

Braves win!!!!***

79Dawg1404/18/2021 09:35PM

MLB hates ATL****

ugafan49204/19/2021 06:10AM

Go Braves!!!***

DawgDaddy104/19/2021 03:56AM

Great news. Thanks, 79Dawg. ****

UncleJohnsDawg404/19/2021 03:53AM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Swad4304/18/2021 09:40PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

79Dawg4204/18/2021 09:41PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Toasty B3904/18/2021 09:43PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Swad5704/18/2021 09:45PM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg304/19/2021 03:54AM


79Dawg104/18/2021 09:45PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Swad3604/18/2021 09:43PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

79Dawg3104/18/2021 09:44PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Swad3704/18/2021 09:46PM

Go Dawgs smileyhead bangin smileyhot smileysmileys with beer***

79Dawg204/18/2021 09:49PM

Cheatin' cubs.***

79Dawg804/18/2021 08:04PM

Fuck the Cubs.***

Shadrach304/18/2021 08:20PM

Yase. AS.***

79Dawg104/18/2021 09:37PM

Just checked in on the Texan. Big ole boy fixin to tho in the towel. Don't think it made it 1/2 thru the steak.***

JaxDawg.com1304/18/2021 07:47PM

how did the boat show go?***

Tursiops204/18/2021 08:16PM

Good. Tough to pull the trigger on a new one. They are in short supply cuz of supply chain. Liked the key west a lot***

JaxDawg.com304/18/2021 08:20PM

How did you prepare for the ACMs? Bro Thomas Rhett is performing now!***

smokindawg1004/18/2021 07:41PM

Who was the pimp in the purple hat?

DawgFacedGremlin3204/18/2021 08:45PM

Carrie Underwood singing hymns forgotten by most music directors and almost never

WRGA Dog8704/18/2021 08:07PM

I love bourbon but fuck these rubber stoppers......

DawgFacedGremlin11304/18/2021 07:33PM

Just put corks in em and throw the rubber stoppers out.***

FeralDawg504/18/2021 07:44PM

FIL is at the house giving me the update on all the new and out of the way restaurants within a 75 mile radius of Augusta..

Punkin1418104/18/2021 06:33PM

Go with that feeling. The heart wants what the heart wants.***

FeralDawg004/18/2021 07:45PM

Good work, Punkin14.***

UncleJohnsDawg204/18/2021 07:15PM

Lay the hammer.***

Death004/18/2021 07:12PM


DawgFacedGremlin104/18/2021 06:45PM


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