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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Oregon in...


Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE256,77006/08/2015 11:08PM

Re Dennis Milani REFERenced below. WSBDHW?***

4sure1006/27/2022 02:24PM


Toasty B206/27/2022 02:28PM

Biggest joke is Toasty(NTA)C being in any kind of position to hire or fire

Sawdust2806/27/2022 02:28PM

WTH? Can you all please take your slap fights to PM or your own thread and stay out of my thread, please? This is important stuff **

4sure006/27/2022 02:49PM

happens when you're one of the owners***

Toasty B106/27/2022 02:29PM

Resume sent to the HOTD, where you spend 90% of your loser life or

Sawdust2406/27/2022 02:32PM


Toasty B006/27/2022 02:33PM

Russia strikes a Ukranian mall with over 1000 people in it shopping

Sawdust3906/27/2022 02:22PM

Horrible...maybe it's just me but I'd stay out of malls in a war zone***

Toasty B206/27/2022 02:26PM

Re: Horrible...maybe it's just me but I'd stay out of malls in a war zone

Sawdust2706/27/2022 02:30PM

horrible, were they there for food or other items needed for survival?***

Toasty B306/27/2022 02:36PM

Lol now sunbeltbilly lost a croot to SCu......

bNe4606/27/2022 02:13PM

Bottom feeders IMO.***

Death006/27/2022 02:31PM

Good deal. Thanks, bNe.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 02:29PM

In honor of JLD, here is a Rubes as a substitute ...

DawgDaddy2006/27/2022 01:59PM


Tomato Sandwich006/27/2022 02:45PM

Cancer Sucks... Like most of you, have too many friends dropping like flies..RIP Vicki***

WarnerRobinsDawg1706/27/2022 01:07PM

Yes it does. Sorry haws.***

bNe106/27/2022 02:22PM

Re: Cancer Sucks... Like most of you, have too many friends dropping like flies..RIP Vicki

Sawdust2906/27/2022 02:00PM

Re: Cancer Sucks... Like most of you, have too many friends dropping like flies..RIP Vicki

UncleJohnsDawg3906/27/2022 01:29PM

Re: Cancer Sucks... Like most of you, have too many friends dropping like flies..RIP Vicki

WarnerRobinsDawg2906/27/2022 01:44PM

Re: Cancer Sucks... Like most of you, have too many friends dropping like flies..RIP Vicki

UncleJohnsDawg2606/27/2022 01:46PM

Decades and dawg only knows how much $ has gone into research and here were are

30Adawg3806/27/2022 01:19PM

I think a lot of progress has been made, I think one reason cancer seems so much more common these days might be because....

JC-DAWG834706/27/2022 01:28PM

Re: I think a lot of progress has been made, I think one reason cancer seems so much more common these days might be because....

WarnerRobinsDawg2606/27/2022 01:47PM

Re: I think a lot of progress has been made, I think one reason cancer seems so much more common these days might be because....

JC-DAWG83506/27/2022 02:34PM

very sorry to hear, God bless.***

MillDawg106/27/2022 01:19PM

Damn...this don't look good...

junkyarddawg16906/27/2022 12:40PM

Scary stuff.***

DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:38PM

Day-um. That looks bad.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 01:25PM


MillDawg006/27/2022 01:20PM

Holla Hugh Snackbar?***

81n95dawg006/27/2022 01:16PM

they knew it was bad looks like. gtfo fast***

JaxDawg.com006/27/2022 01:01PM

Pretty colors.***

Death006/27/2022 01:01PM

would you expect anything good from a twatterer name Jahidhussain?***

Toasty B006/27/2022 01:00PM

Has HOTD discussed the Mariners / Angels brawl?...

junkyarddawg6106/27/2022 12:38PM

Mostly slow dancing?*

30Adawg106/27/2022 12:58PM

I swear I heard someone holler "pecan pie, bitch"*

Lurk406/27/2022 12:57PM

drove 20 miles to look at a car for my kid on friday .... Convertible mustang....

BulletDawg12606/27/2022 11:54AM

Teenagers and super charged Mustangs, always a great mix*

Sawdust006/27/2022 02:25PM

Get over the Mustangs bro. That was a shit decade for them anyway.***

Death206/27/2022 01:00PM

bro, no use trying to give car advice to a guy with a Telsa and a Mexi-truck***

Toasty B206/27/2022 01:02PM

I do like how an old 4Runner is beneath him.***

Death206/27/2022 01:03PM

iirc he turned up his nose at a 2000 model 4Runner. Now, he goes and looks at a 1997 Mustang, smh***

JC-DAWG83106/27/2022 01:20PM

I do believe that's how it went down.***

Death006/27/2022 01:24PM

Gripping yarn, brother*

Sidetrack Silvera006/27/2022 12:34PM

Regarding the $8 million beach home used by local kids for a

30Adawg13006/27/2022 11:54AM

Shades of Steff McKee and Hardy Jenns (GOAT)*

Sidetrack Silvera1506/27/2022 12:32PM

That’s Jenns with two N’s*

Punkin14306/27/2022 01:19PM

Potentially the greatest misunderstood villain in cinematic - NAY; FICTION - history*

Sidetrack Silvera106/27/2022 01:56PM

i figured as much***

BulletDawg206/27/2022 11:54AM

Oh chit, just got a resume from a Dennis Melani....might call him to see if he's looking for 4Sure***

Toasty B1406/27/2022 11:34AM

How will HoTD handle it if we find out she “transitioned’ and changed her name to Dennis?***

junkyarddawg1206/27/2022 11:50AM

That would get this place rolling agin.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 01:14PM

Re: How will HoTD handle it if we find out she “transitioned’ and changed her name to Dennis?

JC-DAWG833806/27/2022 12:24PM

Nuke this, please***

4sure006/27/2022 12:19PM

Imma go ahead and tell myself to SMWM.***

junkyarddawg106/27/2022 11:53AM

When does king of the ring matches start? Is there a bracket?***

smokindawg606/27/2022 11:01AM

You strike me as a fist bump guy*

Sidetrack Silvera106/27/2022 11:17AM

Sawdust is champ of the dusty division***

Toasty B106/27/2022 11:11AM

Hammer went undefeated in the Arch Manning Fluffer division**

DawgFacedGremlin306/27/2022 11:13AM

Re: Hammer went undefeated in the Arch Manning Fluffer division**

Dawghammarskjold006/27/2022 02:42PM

I have developed hand shakes...

gulfportdawg17106/27/2022 10:32AM

Suzanne Sommers would tell you it's all the chemical/metals we consume

30Adawg2506/27/2022 01:04PM

Vodka helps***

humpindawg106/27/2022 11:29AM

could be a good name for a cover band***

Toasty B006/27/2022 11:41AM

Tremors run in my mother's family, brother has it a little, I don't, seem to progress with age but...

JC-DAWG834706/27/2022 11:10AM

could be a tumor***

BulletDawg106/27/2022 11:02AM


gulfportdawg106/27/2022 11:06AM

Didn't UGA have a RB named Toomah?*

DawgFacedGremlin306/27/2022 11:11AM

no Robert Toomer was a bigtime RB in GA...went to LSU I think***

Toasty B406/27/2022 11:12AM

You are co'recked. I went to watch him play in the playoffs his senior year.

RockmartDawg506/27/2022 01:07PM

I was at that game***

Toasty B006/27/2022 02:44PM

I believe you're right. Damn I forgot that!***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:38PM

Re: no Robert Toomer was a bigtime RB in GA...went to LSU I think

Sidetrack Silvera2706/27/2022 11:14AM

I have em too. Called essential tremors. Was told if they get any worse to see a neurologist.

FeralDawg6006/27/2022 10:58AM

I've had very good health care in my life...

gulfportdawg5506/27/2022 10:59AM

good thing, it's something every week. Where you ever stationed near 3 Mile Island?***

Toasty B406/27/2022 11:01AM

No but I was exposed to...

gulfportdawg3806/27/2022 11:05AM

Have you tried essential oils?*

Sidetrack Silvera106/27/2022 10:59AM

You're doing the right thing getting it checked out. Wife has Parkinsons, and has a tremor in her left hand only.***

Samjo206/27/2022 10:53AM

No known history of Parkinsons in my family...

gulfportdawg2806/27/2022 10:58AM

Had a good friend with Parkinsons, and it started with a hand shaking***

Booneville Dawg006/27/2022 11:48AM

are they secret?***

MillDawg106/27/2022 10:51AM

Not any more*

gulfportdawg006/27/2022 10:56AM

Didn't yer deddy tell you that would make you go blind?

DawgFacedGremlin2906/27/2022 10:49AM

Switching hands is the adolescent equivalent of "getting some strange"***

JC-DAWG83106/27/2022 11:19AM

Great quote, JC-DAWG83.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:42PM

I stopped when I needed glasses...

gulfportdawg2406/27/2022 10:56AM

I've heard of the Alabama Shakes but not the Mississippi Shakes***

Toasty B306/27/2022 10:44AM

JLL explains it.

EastBroadDawg4506/27/2022 10:48AM

In 1957 I rode my bicycle down to a new strip mall in WR that had

UncleJohnsDawg806/27/2022 12:50PM

and skid Row..

Toasty B1806/27/2022 10:50AM

That's the Ferriday Shakes*

Sidetrack Silvera006/27/2022 10:49AM

You normally a fist-bump guy?*

Sidetrack Silvera106/27/2022 10:43AM


gulfportdawg006/27/2022 10:44AM

How bad ?***

Creed106/27/2022 10:35AM

Just woke up with it today...

gulfportdawg5206/27/2022 10:36AM

We always knew the debate could turn deadly. No telling how many would be dead if it had been Dukes v. Hellmans

Creed13606/27/2022 10:01AM

The Keisha Bottoms affect on Atlanta runs deep***

Booneville Dawg006/27/2022 02:49PM

Good grief. That town sure has changed.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:29PM

There is no Hellman's in Alaska. It is called Best Foods here.***

Dawgalways006/27/2022 11:17AM

iirc, Subway uses kraft mayo. I might kill someone if they put that on my sammich as well.***

LawDawg406/27/2022 10:49AM

1 killed another shot at Subway in Atlanta due to too much mayo on sandwich per WSB***

row2seat2006/27/2022 11:31AM

I'm trying to envision the circumstances in which I'd have to find myself before I decided to eat at Subway. It would have to be dire,

Sidetrack Silvera3106/27/2022 10:56AM

Give us your sandwich order, in exactly those circumstances.***

LawDawg306/27/2022 11:00AM

Toasted White. Roast beast, lettuce, tomatoes, BLUE PLATE, S&P. Get me out of there*

Sidetrack Silvera106/27/2022 11:16AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:30PM

I might kill myself is I knew that much about Subway***

Toasty B306/27/2022 10:55AM

I believe I was told this by a former sandwich artist.***

LawDawg206/27/2022 11:11AM

Vacations in Gatlinburgs. Hangs with Subway employees...big time lawyer?***

Toasty B206/27/2022 11:14AM

Impressive cred.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:31PM


Sidetrack Silvera306/27/2022 10:46AM


Toasty B106/27/2022 11:00AM

There’s a reason I stay away from downtown ATL.***

junkyarddawg806/27/2022 10:34AM

Ditto. ****

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 12:32PM

Re: There’s a reason I stay away from downtown ATL.

Toasty B2706/27/2022 10:44AM

There's a reason I stay away from ATL...fixed it for you***

JC-DAWG83306/27/2022 10:39AM

I remember the mayo wars of aught 9.......bloody....slippery...

MillDawg2806/27/2022 10:29AM

I'll side with God. It's Dukes. I am prepared for persecution*

30Adawg206/27/2022 10:24AM

Yes sir!***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 10:28AM

quality pos rep damn***

Toasty B206/27/2022 10:17AM

Looks like sunbelt billy lost another recruiting battle

bNe14206/27/2022 09:09AM

Hope they suffer greatly***

Booneville Dawg006/27/2022 11:54AM

I don't know much about the dude, did he have ties to FU prior?***

MillDawg206/27/2022 10:30AM

No, Clemsome WR corch, ASU Sparkies OC, Bama WR Coach, ULaLa HC***

Toasty B006/27/2022 10:48AM

Good deal, I hope so.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 09:26AM

the QB? Miami is gone cause the turds issues with 'cruitin. They seem to have some momentum with cristobal.***

JaxDawg.com206/27/2022 09:12AM

Re: Looks like sunbelt billy lost another recruiting battle

Sawdust8906/27/2022 09:12AM

are you first hearing this or has oxy rotted yer brain?***

Toasty B506/27/2022 09:13AM

Re: are you first hearing this or has oxy rotted yer brain?

Sawdust6306/27/2022 09:18AM

how does it feel to act all lib like and accuse folks of exactly what you're doing?***

Toasty B906/27/2022 09:20AM

Coach fired for praying on the 50yd line after football games

Sawdust14206/27/2022 09:06AM

should have been 9-0

Goudadawg4606/27/2022 09:56AM


DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:48PM

Damn right.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 10:27AM

Great news. Thanks, Sawdust.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 09:23AM

down goes clown world***

Toasty B106/27/2022 09:09AM

no idea what that means Toasty(NTA)C

Sawdust3206/27/2022 09:11AM

Must have not gotten around to yer smart pill yet....twas a loss for clown world.***

Toasty B206/27/2022 09:13AM

I’ll take your word for it

Sawdust3706/27/2022 09:15AM

3Bills Bullet, please splain why you think Sawdurst won the death match last night?***

Toasty B706/27/2022 09:05AM

I think he may be the true pill head then.***

Death206/27/2022 12:59PM

just round 1 i said ....he made dathe his bitch***

BulletDawg106/27/2022 11:47AM

chow down

Dawghammarskjold7206/27/2022 08:58AM

Happy Birthday to #5 Kelee Ringo.***

junkyarddawg606/27/2022 08:19AM

Happy birthday Kelee.***

DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:52PM

Clark stepping down at UAB

bNe15006/27/2022 07:16AM

Re: Clark stepping down at UAB

JC-DAWG8310106/27/2022 08:03AM


TyTyDawg106/27/2022 08:35AM

I accept the mandate. I shall never listen to a PINK song.

30Adawg16306/27/2022 07:09AM

Was disturbed to hear that Chris Stapleton is collaborating with Pink....

DawgFacedGremlin3606/27/2022 10:30AM

Stapleton lost me with his BLM shit***

JC-DAWG83206/27/2022 10:41AM

#metoo. Sum of these artsea types are dumb as shock. Or, commies****

30Adawg206/27/2022 11:25AM

Don’t know who that is, but many times when talent is lacking, you need to have a gimmick. Goofy names are one way***

ToccoaDog106/27/2022 09:51AM

save Sting***

Toasty B006/27/2022 09:56AM

She will be MIST

JimDandyDawg5606/27/2022 08:44AM

as we've come to accept your posts require further research***

Toasty B106/27/2022 08:26AM

It will be tough but we all need to make sacrifices; she will be mist;***

dingo406/27/2022 08:13AM

not sure who that is ....who names their kid PINK anyway***

BulletDawg606/27/2022 07:25AM

Mr. and Mrs Floyd *

Lurk506/27/2022 08:46AM

well played sir***

MillDawg006/27/2022 10:30AM

quality pos rep***

Toasty B006/27/2022 09:09AM

Good one Lurk. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 09:05AM

^^^^^^only acceptable answer ^^^^^^***

BulletDawg006/27/2022 09:01AM

You are a great American.***

JimDandyDawg006/27/2022 08:47AM

Re: not sure who that is ....who names their kid PINK anyway

JimDandyDawg3706/27/2022 08:45AM

well done*

Lurk006/27/2022 08:46AM

I'm doing my part too.***

UncleJohnsDawg506/27/2022 07:22AM

Good choice, UJD***

Toasty B206/27/2022 09:00AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 09:05AM

agree, but since I don't even know what all she sings -- who knows***

JaxDawg.com006/27/2022 07:18AM

Thought for the day...

DawgFacedGremlin6706/27/2022 07:04AM

Excellent quote DFG, thanks***

DawgDaddy206/27/2022 01:53PM

Great quote DawgFacedGremlin. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg406/27/2022 07:11AM

Bad news for for me - the no limtations on Stupidity.***

Top Row Dawg106/27/2022 07:08AM

Small people

Dawghammarskjold15506/27/2022 05:10AM

Excellent quote hammar, thanks!***

DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:53PM

thumbs up***

rogasingingdawg206/27/2022 07:56AM

Great quote, Dawghammarskjold. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 07:05AM

And the great Tooth, departed from this board, said,"Never waste

Dawghammarskjold9706/27/2022 05:12AM

Didn't he also say that we don't give a fuck about Arch Manning?**

DawgFacedGremlin006/27/2022 10:45AM

New! Georgia Natural Wonder #219 is up on the Forum. Clark Bar Center of Attraction GNW Gals ..... Poll

Top Row Dawg6606/27/2022 04:49AM

Good stuff TRD, thanks for posting.***

DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:55PM

Thanks TRD- Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49206/27/2022 07:42AM

Great stuff Top Row Dawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 06:52AM

Cool side bar to Kettle Creek

LandDawg2606/27/2022 06:43AM

Yes I added a lot on him with that actual Kettle Creek Post at your most welcomed suggestion ......

Top Row Dawg1706/27/2022 06:57AM

Great read. One of your best posts. Lotta work. Thx.***

LandDawg106/27/2022 07:14AM

I didn't know any of that, LandDawg. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 06:54AM

Dabny & Harris moved to Pike Co and died here. Buried about 5 miles from my single wide.***

LandDawg106/27/2022 07:18AM

Very cool. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 01:41PM

For the Texas Longhorns,

Dawghammarskjold22006/27/2022 04:23AM

Thanks for the tidbit hammar, you da man!***

DawgDaddy006/27/2022 01:57PM

Texas and aTm will battle for the top recruiting class every year going forward, the new pro sports league is all about NIL***

JC-DAWG83506/27/2022 08:05AM

And they will be coached down by Saucehade Sarkesian & Monogoloid Fisher (not Jeff)**

DawgFacedGremlin006/27/2022 09:25AM

Ehhhh tejas has a long way to go STILL***

bNe206/27/2022 09:10AM

It won't take them long, they have the kind of money that would make TyTy hang his head in shame***

JC-DAWG83006/27/2022 10:43AM

TN ranked 4th in NILionaire spending in 2022*

Sawdust406/27/2022 09:08AM

Did they auction off Kevin's pinky on EBay?**

DawgFacedGremlin006/27/2022 09:43AM

Dang. ****

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 09:25AM

thanks hammar!***

ugafan49306/27/2022 07:44AM


DawgFacedGremlin306/27/2022 07:04AM

I rekon they are back? again? ... but, ya. Old news - really don't care.***

JaxDawg.com306/27/2022 07:38AM

OLD? Yeah as of last night about

Dawghammarskjold1306/27/2022 09:01AM

Interesting that with all this Texas Sucess, they are still six spots behind UGA on recruiting rankings.***

Top Row Dawg206/27/2022 07:06AM

July should see us put some distance between most of the also rans***

bNe106/27/2022 07:17AM

Great stuff Dawghammarskjold. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg506/27/2022 05:39AM

Good morning UJD***

TyTyDawg206/27/2022 07:34AM

Good morning TyTyDawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 07:38AM

Good morning Dawg brothers and sisters.***

UncleJohnsDawg14006/27/2022 03:52AM

Good morning! Go Dawgs!****

MillDawg106/27/2022 09:05AM

Good morning MillDawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 09:07AM

Good Monday morning UJD! Have a Good'un! Go Dawgs smiley***

rogasingingdawg206/27/2022 07:56AM

Good morning rogasingingdawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:58AM

Good morning, UJD and Dawg brothers and sisters! Today is another gift from God. Live it according to His purposes! ***

RockmartDawg206/27/2022 07:33AM

Good morning Rockmartdawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:36AM

Good Morning National Champs !! Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49306/27/2022 07:24AM

It's nice being National Champions ain't it.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:33AM

Good morning ugafan49. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:32AM

Good morning UJD, have a great day***

Booneville Dawg206/27/2022 07:14AM

Good morning Booneville Dawg. Hope you have a great week. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:20AM

Good Morning UJD....Mornin' Dawgs

WarnerRobinsDawg1006/27/2022 07:13AM

Mornin' WRDawg.

UncleJohnsDawg706/27/2022 07:18AM

Morning Uncle John....have a great week!**

DawgFacedGremlin406/27/2022 06:58AM

Good morning DawgFacedGremlin. Hope you have a great week too.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 07:07AM

Mornin’ UJD! Hope you have a great Monday!***

81n95dawg306/27/2022 06:43AM

Good morning 81n95dawg. Hope you have a great Monday too. ****

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 06:54AM


BulletDawg206/27/2022 06:09AM

Good morning BulletDawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 06:13AM

Good morning UJD. Hope you have a great week.***

WRGA Dog206/27/2022 05:49AM

Good morning WRGA Dog. Hope you have a great week too.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 06:12AM

AM dew UncleJohn and most of you hairy dawgs

bNe1806/27/2022 05:14AM

Re: AM dew UncleJohn and most of you hairy dawgs

UncleJohnsDawg1006/27/2022 05:44AM

Re: AM dew UncleJohn and most of you hairy dawgs

bNe706/27/2022 06:31AM

Good morning bNe. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 05:42AM

Mornin, Unka John. Have a great day...***

4sure206/27/2022 05:09AM

Good morning 4sure. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 05:40AM

Good morning Dawgs. ***

JMUDawg306/27/2022 05:09AM

Mornin' JMUDawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 05:40AM


Top Row Dawg2206/27/2022 04:39AM

Looking forward to seeing that one.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 04:50AM

Mornin'Top Row Dawg. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 04:49AM

Mornin already!!***

Samjo306/27/2022 03:52AM

Good morning Samjo. Hope you have a great week.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/27/2022 03:56AM

Mornin' TEE. How they sounding?***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 03:52AM

Loud & Proud!***

DawgDaddy106/27/2022 03:57AM

Right on time as always. The boys are getting it done. DGC.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/27/2022 04:01AM

Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49206/27/2022 07:24AM

thumbs up***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 07:35AM

Hunker Down, ugafan49.***

UncleJohnsDawg106/27/2022 07:34AM


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TheUGABulldawg (July 09 - in 12 days!)
RRtrackdawgson (July 11 - in 14 days! - will be 54 years old)
Booneville Dawg (July 14 - in 17 days!)
McDonoughDawg (July 15 - in 18 days! - will be 59 years old)
rccr61 (July 16 - in 19 days! - will be 61 years old)
Gibbydawg (July 18 - in 21 days! - will be 44 years old)
lobatt (July 22 - in 25 days! - will be 54 years old)
klesko12 (July 24 - in 27 days!)
COVID Dawg (July 25 - in 28 days!)