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sweetriverdog says...Georgia G-Day Game in...


Sticky Seems to be hangin' about 6 ft. under ground..... (29 Posts)

junkyarddawg31703/05/2021 10:25AM

Sticky 1st week outta hospital since December .Go Dawgs!!!!!*** (37 Posts)

JamanDawg20703/04/2021 08:18PM

Sticky Thanks to everyone that donated in February...most of the people that were up for renewal... (1 Posts)

theTODD18703/01/2021 09:58AM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE92,71006/08/2015 11:08PM


RockmartDawg7203/08/2021 12:22PM

Ain't that the truth. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:41PM

My older Brother told me The Cat in The Hat was a black dude.***

Zolotisty503/08/2021 12:31PM

I never thought of it as a particular race, just a cat, interesting****

MillDawg003/08/2021 12:39PM

Cool article: What The Northern Lights Look Like From Inside A U2 Dragon Lady Spyplane

RockmartDawg6603/08/2021 12:11PM

Great pictures, RockmartDawg. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:20PM

Very cool!***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:19PM

Good stuff. Thanks.***

junkyarddawg303/08/2021 12:14PM


DawgFacedGremlin7103/08/2021 12:06PM

Emerson bigguns***

JaxDawg.com003/08/2021 12:44PM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:18PM

Well done, DawgFacedGremlin. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:18PM


RockmartDawg9203/08/2021 11:54AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:19PM

Well said, Harry.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:16PM

laughing smiley

RockmartDawg6503/08/2021 11:48AM

True dat!***

DawgDaddy203/08/2021 12:20PM

I need one of those shirts.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:15PM


RockmartDawg10203/08/2021 11:46AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:20PM

I wouldn't be surprised at all. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:05PM

Hearing Bama (among others) is in the Clemson CB Portholio Sweepstakes

Toasty B8503/08/2021 11:27AM

Like that never happens.***

UncleJohnsDawg403/08/2021 12:25PM

No doubt they are.***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:20PM

Just got my first CROVID shot.....

DawgFacedGremlin8803/08/2021 11:22AM

Wife and I have had both Moderna shots, other than a slight soreness

sugarhilldawg103/08/2021 12:49PM

Re: Just got my first CROVID shot.....***

UncleJohnsDawg1303/08/2021 12:26PM

Thawing out the hame I have in the freezer.***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 12:21PM

1st was a piece of cake-arm was sore for a day. 2nd kicked my tail for 2 days. Feel great now.***

Zolotisty103/08/2021 11:53AM

Wife gets her 2nd shot tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm far down the list / line.***

junkyarddawg403/08/2021 11:30AM

Well it's already improved your spelling, so you got that going for ya.***

Viper2369003/08/2021 11:23AM

kudos to Greyhound

bNe14103/08/2021 11:07AM

Good deal. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 11:57AM

They'll call racial profiling***

JaxDawg.com303/08/2021 11:13AM

Good. That makes it even better.***

UncleJohnsDawg503/08/2021 11:58AM


bNe5903/08/2021 11:14AM

Re: nah

UncleJohnsDawg2803/08/2021 12:00PM

only white ones***

GaSpiderDawg103/08/2021 11:15AM

Re: kudos to Greyhound***

DawgDaddy3303/08/2021 11:12AM

Great news.***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 11:11AM

Can we take up a collection to have the Mossad take some interest in having Rush Probst “depart”? What an asshole.***

Shadrach1803/08/2021 11:06AM

He didn't say anything that wasn't already well known, imo****

Jmac203/08/2021 11:19AM

True, but running his mouth about the business of the business he is in needs to have a business decision made on them.***

Shadrach1203/08/2021 11:28AM

You mean like an offer he can't refuse? smiling smiley That kinda business decision? ***

RockmartDawg003/08/2021 12:24PM

That's where he messed up.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:01PM

He knows it's over for him***

JC-DAWG83103/08/2021 11:46AM

Oh no doubt. He's not too bright****

Jmac103/08/2021 11:43AM

has more come out or still the current taking money from booster club etc?****

MillDawg203/08/2021 11:19AM

Is this what you are referring to?...

junkyarddawg11703/08/2021 11:11AM

Damn. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 12:02PM


MillDawg103/08/2021 11:19AM

Rush Probst is less evil than the mossad iyam***

bNe303/08/2021 11:09AM

Many think they are the Masterminds behind Epstein's Island for it's usefulness as a blackmail tool.***

rogasingingdawg203/08/2021 11:45AM

Bad timing over the weekend....

junkyarddawg15503/08/2021 10:54AM

damn man, your family has gone through it....very sorry to hear****

MillDawg103/08/2021 11:14AM

Good news is both of our moms are in pretty good health. We are good.***

junkyarddawg403/08/2021 11:16AM

good t focus on the positives and blessings.....****

MillDawg103/08/2021 11:16AM

That's terrible. Dang.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 11:11AM

Man, I am sorry for all ya'll are going through.***

Creed103/08/2021 11:02AM

Yeah. That sucked. Add to that her Uncle Dennis (81ish) is hospitalized...

junkyarddawg2403/08/2021 11:05AM


Death14603/08/2021 10:42AM

Great comparison.***

UncleJohnsDawg503/08/2021 11:09AM

I don't get it but I can be a bit thick headed at times.***

junkyarddawg303/08/2021 11:00AM

maybe its his current wife is his downfall, that's what I took from it****

MillDawg103/08/2021 11:23AM

Prolly so. I heard mention of them on the news this morning....

junkyarddawg1903/08/2021 11:31AM

You just in a small coma bro.***

Death003/08/2021 11:16AM


Tomato Sandwich003/08/2021 10:54AM

paging Mark David Chapman...***

GaSpiderDawg003/08/2021 10:53AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 10:45AM

Umbrellas and chairs are on the beach

bhdawg16103/08/2021 10:22AM

Sounds like things are falling into place.***

UncleJohnsDawg403/08/2021 11:08AM

love eating at The Back Porch***

Tursiops303/08/2021 11:02AM

Me too. Can't go that way without stopping for lunch/dinner.***

Beatledawg003/08/2021 11:57AM

No BEER coolers or creeper pics? WNB **

4sure203/08/2021 10:41AM

What's the temp?***

DawgsGoneWild303/08/2021 10:28AM

Have fun bhd.***

DawgDaddy303/08/2021 10:28AM

Good deal. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.***

junkyarddawg103/08/2021 10:24AM

Great daily devotional from the Institute for Creation Research.

RockmartDawg2203/08/2021 10:02AM

Great stuff RockmartDawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 11:07AM

Thanks, good stuff*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:23AM

HOTD, what are your plans to acknowledge or dare I say, celebrate...International Women's Day?..

junkyarddawg9503/08/2021 09:46AM

Can’t think about that right now. Still recovering from last night’s Oprah-Megan tailgate***

81n95dawg203/08/2021 11:16AM

I don't understand how any of that stuff is considered "news". BWDIK?***

junkyarddawg103/08/2021 11:20AM

I figure it is to keep people distracted****

MillDawg003/08/2021 11:38AM

Mine just asked for a deposit.

Death3403/08/2021 10:43AM

Equal opportunity brings with it equal responsibility. So....open

30Adawg2403/08/2021 10:42AM

I am taking my wife out for a celebratory dinner.

Tomato Sandwich3803/08/2021 10:38AM

"I don't care.....wherever you want. You choose."......."Wait, not there, though."***

junkyarddawg403/08/2021 10:56AM

IF she's lucky...

McDonoughDawg5903/08/2021 10:16AM

Just joking, BTW. Happy Intl Women’s Day to our HOTD ladies...

junkyarddawg4503/08/2021 10:15AM

Imma sending mine out to work on her oft day***

Toasty B003/08/2021 10:00AM

My wife is making me a sandwich and rubbing my feet later.***

burnsidedawg203/08/2021 09:54AM

This should be a day when we as men honor the wonderful, upstanding ladies in our lives....

junkyarddawg7303/08/2021 10:02AM

Damn, just Damn.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 10:10AM

How many HOTD, once you’ve seen them, plan to make these this Christmas?

E. CobbDawg13003/08/2021 09:45AM

Ha, Good one*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:25AM

LOL. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 10:11AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 10:02AM


DawgFacedGremlin17303/08/2021 09:29AM

with spring coming on and all the new season bikini pics coming out

Plumrdawg8703/08/2021 09:44AM

Re: with spring coming on and all the new season bikini pics coming out

McDonoughDawg5903/08/2021 10:18AM

Good work, McDonoughDawg. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 11:06AM

Well done, DawgFacedGremlin. ****

UncleJohnsDawg403/08/2021 09:36AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 09:32AM

The older (and hopefully wiser) I get the more I become interested in history (edited)...

junkyarddawg16303/08/2021 09:26AM

wow, that's pretty cool...Kilgore, does your wife have a relative in the Cumming area?****

MillDawg103/08/2021 10:25AM

Not that I am aware of.***

junkyarddawg003/08/2021 10:57AM

Waaaaay cool. GATA! Love Colonial history too.***

LandDawg003/08/2021 10:17AM

Always been my favorite topic. That's why TRD is a fantastic addition to this site.***

FeralDawg103/08/2021 10:16AM

TRD gets it done for HOTD, imo.***

junkyarddawg003/08/2021 10:23AM

Very cool! I, too, love history. Virginia is loaded with it.

RockmartDawg2603/08/2021 09:53AM

Good stuff there.***

junkyarddawg003/08/2021 10:07AM

Yes, very cool, thanks!***

E. CobbDawg003/08/2021 09:40AM

Very cool. Thanks, junkyarddawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:34AM

Good stuff jyd, thanks***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 09:33AM

That's very cool.***

Tomato Sandwich003/08/2021 09:31AM

Climate change

E. CobbDawg15103/08/2021 09:18AM

Ha, Good one*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:27AM


DawgDaddy003/08/2021 09:38AM

That campaign would work.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:32AM

that would do it***

JaxDawg.com403/08/2021 09:24AM

Miso Butter Steaks with Shiitakes and Broccoli

Dawghammarskjold9603/08/2021 09:15AM

Man that looks good!*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:28AM

Dang that looks good. ****

UncleJohnsDawg203/08/2021 09:31AM

It sure does.***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 09:34AM

need pillows?

Dawghammarskjold19003/08/2021 08:49AM

Re: need pillows?

Swad1303/08/2021 10:53AM


CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:28AM

not where I thought this was headed.***

30656503/08/2021 09:04AM

I don't ever know where Hammar's posts are going***

Tomato Sandwich503/08/2021 09:11AM

newt normal

Toasty B3403/08/2021 09:43AM

Re: not where I thought this was headed.

Dawghammarskjold7203/08/2021 09:10AM

Do they stay pretty cool or do they warm up a lot like foam pillows?***

Shadrach603/08/2021 08:55AM

cool, nice at any price, you will enjoy them--I have **

Dawghammarskjold703/08/2021 09:05AM

I may check today to see if they have them here too.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:30AM

Difference between the sexes illustrated with a time machine analogy...

rogasingingdawg15503/08/2021 08:31AM

Ha, Good one*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:29AM

Great stuff rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg303/08/2021 09:26AM

Re: Difference between the sexes illustrated with a time machine analogy...

81n95dawg4503/08/2021 09:10AM

Congratulations to Seattle school teacher Dan Jewett....

junkyarddawg20103/08/2021 08:31AM

she'aint the ugliest and I'm sure she could buy some nice retro parts if needed***

Toasty B803/08/2021 09:00AM

Good observation.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:25AM

That's kinda what I was thinking. There seems to be plenty of $ to doll her up a bit....

junkyarddawg5503/08/2021 09:03AM

Quote of the Day...

rogasingingdawg3603/08/2021 08:18AM

Thanks, good quote*

CosmoDawg003/08/2021 10:30AM

Great quote, rogasingingdawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:22AM

Excellent quote roga, thanks***

DawgDaddy103/08/2021 08:29AM

Okay. Which HOTD member's real name is Walter?

rogasingingdawg12303/08/2021 08:09AM

Ha, That's funny*

CosmoDawg303/08/2021 10:31AM

We probably have 2-3 of them.***

UncleJohnsDawg103/08/2021 09:21AM

"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."***

JC-DAWG83103/08/2021 08:58AM

I'll never tell, lol.***

DawgDaddy003/08/2021 08:31AM


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