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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. UT Martin in...


Sticky ♣ ST BALDRICK'S 2023 ♣ ...something different...it's a... (1 Posts)

Buzzfan3602/02/2023 06:30PM

Sticky 2023 Donation Update... (34 Posts)

theTODD69012/30/2022 11:25AM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.*** (1 Posts)

TEE58,56106/08/2015 10:08PM

If ya have a few minutes watch these fine young men blow up a Beaver Dam with 70 lbs of Tannerite. laughing smiley

rogasingingdawg102/02/2023 09:44PM

My guess is that because of all the rain a tree fell on a power line...

junkyarddawg2502/02/2023 09:29PM

Right above the traffic circle. GA power estimates 3:15***

DawgDayPM102/02/2023 09:38PM

I can see utility trucks on the road behind my house. Hopefully soon.***

junkyarddawg002/02/2023 09:44PM

Re: My guess is that because of all the rain a tree fell on a power line...

junkyarddawg1402/02/2023 09:33PM

How I shop depends on the store...

rogasingingdawg3302/02/2023 09:13PM

They closed down the surplus store in Athens. Wish I could go back one more time.***

Swad102/02/2023 09:25PM

Could spend a day in the P&M Army store.

row2seat2502/02/2023 09:30PM

My brother loved the " Army Surplus Store " as a kid in the 60s. Obsessed.***

EastBroadDawg002/02/2023 09:23PM

50 Shades of Prepping???

rogasingingdawg4102/02/2023 08:50PM

Looking at earlier posts. Lord, summa y'all make to many damnt rules for food***

GibsonDawg702/02/2023 08:46PM

I got now where else to go!***

Death302/02/2023 09:10PM

Gimme your DOR Mayo*

Punkin14102/02/2023 09:27PM

Hellmans>Dukes in 76% of recipes.***

Death302/02/2023 09:29PM

You just forfeited your straightness. You mother and I are shamed of you***

GibsonDawg002/02/2023 09:42PM

Have you had enough, Mayo-NAZE?***

Swad002/02/2023 09:26PM

HOTD gonna HOTD***

Tomato Sandwich102/02/2023 09:06PM

Fly Fock power is out. Fock this.***

junkyarddawg202/02/2023 08:28PM


Death002/02/2023 08:36PM

Had a BLOWout of my right rear tire this AM on 285 doing about 70mph. Do NOT try that at home. Horrifying. AS.***

79Dawg1302/02/2023 07:48PM

happened to me with car way to full of college buddies coming back from

humpindawg3302/02/2023 08:56PM

I was on I20 at the 285 exchange & a flatbed hauling a load of reinforced concrete drain pipe passed me doing about 90. Got about 100 yds in front of me & had a blowout......

Zolotisty302/02/2023 09:42PM

Different discussion but I was next to an 18 wheeler when he had a blow out. I was literally concussed and shit my seat. Holy shit.***

Death202/02/2023 09:12PM

Was behind a big truck that had one. Was very lucky the big chunk of tire went over my pickup and not through my windshield. eye popping smiley***

rogasingingdawg102/02/2023 09:15PM

I think they run like 120 in those tires or more. You could feel it right through your nether regions.***

Death302/02/2023 09:23PM

120 is fast for a truck***

BulletDawg002/02/2023 09:41PM

Yep. At the mercy of everyone else on the road.***

79Dawg002/02/2023 08:58PM

PLEASE tell me you did'nt lock that shit up. Gotta let that shit play and ease it over.***

Death502/02/2023 08:16PM

Never HIT the brake until I got to emergency lane.***

79Dawg102/02/2023 08:20PM

Yeas bro. I worry about that. My truck seems to me overinflated on the tires. Need to air down I think.

Death1402/02/2023 08:35PM

Underinflated is no good either hitting potholes either. Just recentlyhad a scoop of gravel , about 1200 pounds, on my pickup and hit a pothole on a side street doing about 25 mph.

rogasingingdawg502/02/2023 09:22PM

Don't mess around with that. Get it checked out.***

79Dawg102/02/2023 08:37PM

I don't like 40+ lbs on an empty truck bed.***

Death102/02/2023 09:10PM

That's too much.***

79Dawg002/02/2023 09:12PM

Drove thru Lanner on 285 last month, truck kicked up big-ass rock, shattered TF out of windshield

Texas-T-Dawg3302/02/2023 08:14PM

Lemme guess 285/400 area.. what a shitshow that’s become*

Punkin14002/02/2023 09:14PM

All of 285 is awful. POT HOLE HELL!!***

79Dawg102/02/2023 08:21PM

Ran over something right where 285 and 400 converge by Perimeter Mall. Summertime in a shirt and tie. That was a brutal tire change. Cars passing

Dymwit2902/02/2023 08:04PM

It's scary as hell. Semi trucks Hauling ass right by me while putting on the spare.***

79Dawg402/02/2023 08:06PM

Yup. Think it got me out of a sales meeting, though.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 08:09PM

Silver lining!!! smileys with beer***

79Dawg202/02/2023 08:10PM

Did that on I-75 North hitting a piece of metal in the road about 20 years ago.

rogasingingdawg2402/02/2023 08:02PM

It's awful. Inner sidewall of the tire just blew out. Was unpleasant at 7am putting on the spare donut.***

79Dawg202/02/2023 08:05PM

I’d take that thing in to see about tire rot.***

Dymwit202/02/2023 08:10PM

Taking it back Saturday morning. Relatively new tire.***

79Dawg302/02/2023 08:11PM

I need to call the man. Wife’s tanning bed is on the blink.

Plumrdawg7102/02/2023 07:34PM

Dunno. Haven't used a tanning bed in 24 years since I had a melanoma removed from left shoulder blade.

rogasingingdawg3202/02/2023 07:44PM

I’m not a fan of them either. Never been in one. But she has her vices

Plumrdawg3102/02/2023 07:47PM

Is this her? Looks like it’s working just fine

ToccoaDog5902/02/2023 07:42PM


Death15602/02/2023 07:03PM

That's funny as all get out!!!***

DawgDaddy002/02/2023 08:55PM

That's AWESOME! laughing smiley***

rogasingingdawg002/02/2023 07:45PM

Re: Perfection

Leotis4202/02/2023 07:32PM

Re: Perfection

Dymwit3402/02/2023 07:24PM

Hopsecutioner 7.3%***

JamanDawg802/02/2023 06:29PM

Get some Drogm Nolk.***

junkyarddawg302/02/2023 06:46PM


4sure002/02/2023 07:27PM

That should make a comeback here. Great stories started that way.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 06:49PM

Hopsecutioner for me too.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 06:32PM

Good choice, JamanDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 06:31PM

Let us discuss Crackers.

Death14002/02/2023 06:20PM

Ain’t had any that I recall worth a damn since Georgia Crackers or those Captains Wafers unless Cheezits count***

FeralDawg202/02/2023 08:09PM

About the only cracker I eat since going to a mostly Keto Diet are these

rogasingingdawg3502/02/2023 07:57PM

These are the OG of lifesaving crackers. This plus a Dr Pepper is damn near nirvana

JimDandyDawg3702/02/2023 07:38PM

Those rock.***

79Dawg002/02/2023 09:18PM

Do they still make those chicken and biscuit crackers?

McDonoughDawg1802/02/2023 07:37PM

Yes, but I don't buy them cause I can eat the whole BOX in one day.***

Swad002/02/2023 09:30PM

Someone recommended Ava’s Flatbread Chips. Look aight.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 07:25PM

These have to be at least Top 3 of all time for me.

RockmartDawg2902/02/2023 07:18PM

I'm getting by on Wheat Thins.***

EastBroadDawg202/02/2023 07:18PM


DawgDaddy002/02/2023 09:00PM

That’s the Sonny’s of crackers***

T-D102/02/2023 07:14PM

Some of them played baseball in Atlanta***

ToccoaDog102/02/2023 07:12PM

Had some of them with pimento cheese recently. Constitute***

GibsonDawg102/02/2023 07:07PM

always had a thing for cheezits after seeing your sig years ago****

hitdawg502/02/2023 07:03PM

Nothing wrong with that. They make a bigger one now.***

Death302/02/2023 07:03PM

Hell, yes.***

Dymwit202/02/2023 06:36PM

Could be a mistake to tell Bobo he won't get the OC job if Jerome "Jungle Love" Monken

Dawghammarskjold17502/02/2023 05:37PM

Mickeys Monken was more fun. SIAP***

Toasty B202/02/2023 08:02PM

Where did Monkman hurt you?***

Death902/02/2023 06:16PM

Touch on the doll***

McDonoughDawg002/02/2023 07:38PM

His fellow coaches and boss call him Jerome to his face,

Dawghammarskjold6702/02/2023 07:19PM

80% chance this dude lives in a basement for $250/mo and all of the Capri Suns he can drink.***

Dymwit802/02/2023 06:40PM

wait...what? i thought he owned a bunch of car dealerships***

BulletDawg402/02/2023 07:17PM

Family owns a total of eight, if you count me as family. I married well

Dawghammarskjold4202/02/2023 07:39PM

Hot Wheels collections.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 07:27PM

Dude called the plays that brought us 2 Nattys and butthurt abounds. Amazing.***

Death702/02/2023 06:57PM

If Stet don’t like him, basement boy don’t like him.***

Dymwit502/02/2023 07:13PM

How you liking Tech, Buster? Getting plenty of

Dawghammarskjold3802/02/2023 07:36PM

I actually gradumuated from UGA. I don’t just play an alum on tv.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 09:06PM

What reasonable person puts ketchup on their damn hot dog? I don't know you all any more **

4sure2202/02/2023 05:06PM

Mayo, ketchup, yellow mustard, onions, pickle relish, hot sauce*

MunsonMD002/02/2023 07:42PM

Doesn't eat hot dogs, only quality butcher made bratwurst. (Not Johnsonville)

rogasingingdawg1502/02/2023 06:58PM

Ketchup, spicy mustard and Vidalia onions*

Punkin14202/02/2023 06:23PM

4sure knows of what he speaks. Ketchup is a child's condiment.***

Creed102/02/2023 06:05PM

thumbs up***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 06:06PM

2 words….mayo naise. Trust me. It’s BETTER than mustard or ketchup on a hot dog. You’re welcome.***

LuvsDawgs402/02/2023 06:00PM

2 grease dawgs ... walking***

row2seat2002/02/2023 08:55PM

Good God amighty***

4sure102/02/2023 06:21PM

No. And also don’t put Heinz 57 Steak Sauce near a hot dog. I haven’t touched a bottle since I tried that around 1988.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 06:11PM

Two toppings. Yellow mustard and onions for me. I do miss the Varsity chili dogs.***

EastBroadDawg202/02/2023 05:27PM

Check recipe broad. I loaded the Varsity chili(knock off) recipe.***

Death302/02/2023 05:32PM

Thanks. Varsity chili on a hotdog with mustard is the best.***

EastBroadDawg202/02/2023 05:58PM

thumbs up***

UncleJohnsDawg002/02/2023 06:25PM

It’s damn close IMO. Make a big batch. Portion up and freeze. Yank it out when needed.***

Death202/02/2023 06:03PM

I've never known one that does that. I hope***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 05:23PM

Ketchup is for 8 year olds***

T-D302/02/2023 05:22PM

Gross. You put ketchup on 8 year olds?***

dncdawg202/02/2023 05:26PM


bNe102/02/2023 05:34PM

That's about it.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 05:23PM

Ketchup is for children. It's really that simple.***

Death402/02/2023 05:21PM

Yeah really.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 05:25PM

Worse is ketchup catsup on steak. I've got a buddy who eats

30Adawg5102/02/2023 05:20PM

Ugh, nasty.***

UncleJohnsDawg102/02/2023 05:53PM

Possible serial killer.***

Death002/02/2023 05:21PM

ICYDK,S...4 Dawgs since Y2K have averaged 6.9 yds or more on 85+ Carries

bNe7302/02/2023 04:47PM

Yes sir!***

DawgDaddy202/02/2023 06:37PM

Great stuff bNe. Dang.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 05:22PM

This may hit home it these parts…Vienna sausage recall. Fear of contamination. puke smiley***

GriffWoody5102/02/2023 04:23PM

Nooooo! Microwave some viennas, piece of cheese, 2 slices of white bread. Mmmmmm. 45 second sammich.***

83_Dawg002/02/2023 08:38PM

I’ve never had a Vienna sausage nor potted meat. Probably would like both. Just can’t pull the trigger.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 06:12PM

Vienna Sausage was a staple of childhood fishing and camping trips.

rogasingingdawg1102/02/2023 07:02PM

Ed Zachery***

McDonoughDawg002/02/2023 07:39PM

One of my frat boys was a neighbor of TyTy. He ate potted meat almost daily. Worst farts of all time.***

Dymwit002/02/2023 07:29PM

Vienna sausages dipped in Heinz 57 sauce is delicious.***

lobatt102/02/2023 06:07PM

Unpossible **

4sure102/02/2023 05:23PM

My goto fishin' snack. Bring on the containments.*

Doc Hollidawg102/02/2023 05:04PM

But, all of those gallons of previously eaten Vienna sausages, plus cans of potted meat, has made them immune to any contaminant. ***

RockmartDawg002/02/2023 04:51PM

Folks that eat a lot of Vienna sausages don't care two shats about contaminations of any sort/***

Death102/02/2023 04:37PM

I had about a thousand of them in the 50s-mid 60s as a kid.***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 04:42PM

They got me thru colleges along with saltine crackers and hot sauce!***

E. CobbDawg302/02/2023 05:04PM

Same here too.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 05:20PM

I say, "I know you work for Alitalia but would you like to

Dawghammarskjold20702/02/2023 04:19PM

Real™ imo **

4sure402/02/2023 04:38PM

No doubt. ****

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:42PM

Good work, Hammar.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:31PM

Re: I say, "I know you work for Alitalia but would you like to

Dawghammarskjold12802/02/2023 04:19PM

Oh yeah. ****

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:31PM

Re: I say, "I know you work for Alitalia but would you like to

Dawghammarskjold12102/02/2023 04:20PM

Ticket BOOKED***

theTODD202/02/2023 06:56PM

Obvious choice of theTODD***

DawgDaddy002/02/2023 06:40PM

Nice, very nice. ****

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:32PM

I can't wait until the TODD see this! Nice! **

1966septemberdawg202/02/2023 04:29PM

Whaddaya got, Loran ?

DawgSong21802/02/2023 04:16PM

2, 3, 5.***

Dymwit002/02/2023 06:14PM

Wonder if Loran ever sees this reference?. Think he has ever offered you his order?*

30Adawg202/02/2023 05:27PM

Good work, DawgSong.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:29PM

23541, done. 6 scares me.***

GriffWoody102/02/2023 04:25PM

2,5,3,1,4,6. 6 got a serious issue.***

Death102/02/2023 04:20PM

you would hit it, don't deny it****

hitdawg002/02/2023 07:02PM

Rainy cold day in Athens***

DawgNatty2802/02/2023 03:22PM

Re: Rainy cold day in Athens

Dymwit2002/02/2023 06:16PM

Great stuff Dymwit. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg002/02/2023 06:30PM

Was reminded of an ice Strom I got caught in way back in 1980 maybe? Atlanta

30Adawg2102/02/2023 05:30PM

Been that way here too.***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 04:27PM

Rainy cold 3-4 months here. ***

RockmartDawg202/02/2023 03:51PM

Weekend is looking grand for early February

DawgSong5602/02/2023 03:47PM

I hope it's nice this weekend.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:28PM

Tuesday and Wednesday were so nice here. It worked out well for my social calendar,*

ladyQ502/02/2023 03:40PM

To Black gone do Big Ten Saturday Night***

Toasty B402/02/2023 03:31PM

Terminator Movies were spot on...

DawgNatty13702/02/2023 02:59PM

Great stuff DawgNatty. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 04:26PM

Very cool!***

DawgDaddy102/02/2023 04:02PM

Road tripping up to Maine late this month...

gulfportdawg15502/02/2023 02:16PM


Rocky Raccoon002/02/2023 07:37PM

LL Bean*

Punkin14102/02/2023 06:21PM

Waz just there in late September. Enjoyed the ride up the coast and Acadia National Park was a highlight, but too cold now, highs in the 20s , lows in -20s***

E. CobbDawg402/02/2023 04:20PM

I could never be stuck in a car that long***

smokindawg002/02/2023 04:00PM

Do you have 4WD? They may require it and proper tires if the weather turns…***

McDonoughDawg102/02/2023 03:36PM

Re: Road tripping up to Maine late this month...

lobatt6402/02/2023 03:15PM

Been there a few time but...

gulfportdawg5702/02/2023 03:24PM

I thought we were talking about a Maine trip! smiling smiley***

DawgNatty202/02/2023 03:29PM

At least you don't have to drive around boston now.***

burnsidedawg102/02/2023 03:26PM

Don’t have any recs, but two of my buddies took an RV up there this summer and loved it. Already talking about a return trip. But the weather was chilly in August.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 03:15PM

In a perfect world, we wouldn't be going up there in Feb...

gulfportdawg4502/02/2023 03:23PM

Good thing you are doing***

McDonoughDawg002/02/2023 03:34PM

Taking the RV or just driving?***

Dymwit202/02/2023 03:26PM

Too far for the RV, just driving*

gulfportdawg002/02/2023 05:06PM

We've been in Maine a few times...

gulfportdawg5502/02/2023 02:58PM

Try the lobster.***

McDonoughDawg002/02/2023 02:37PM

Dress warm.***

Shadrach102/02/2023 02:35PM

No chit, burrrr*

Fetchin' Bones002/02/2023 02:39PM

Just hit all the maine places***

Toasty B202/02/2023 02:27PM

C'mon maine **

Fetchin' Bones202/02/2023 02:31PM

prefers Ilene------------->***

Toasty B002/02/2023 02:59PM

L.L. Bean in Freeport***

JamanDawg302/02/2023 02:23PM

That's my "Dick Ferguson" store now days.***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 02:35PM

We loved it. Freeport is a nice little town***

JamanDawg402/02/2023 02:39PM

Bath, Brunswick, bar harbor, Portland. But, it's been 30 year since I've been back so*

30Adawg202/02/2023 02:22PM

Drove from Savannah to Bar Harbor back in 1999. Matter of fact it was the day after John Kennedy

burnsidedawg4202/02/2023 02:26PM

Get on HWY 1 in Portland and drive up through all those beautiful little towns.

burnsidedawg4102/02/2023 02:21PM

It was in Bath, outside Bath Iron Works shipyard, I watched folks in line, outside waiting

30Adawg2902/02/2023 03:03PM

Gets damned cold up there in Feb*

gulfportdawg102/02/2023 03:25PM

Steven Kings house***

FeralDawg102/02/2023 02:20PM

Let’s get seriouser…

GriffWoody19502/02/2023 02:01PM

Swiss , mushrooms , jalapeños and a little mustard***

T-D002/02/2023 05:15PM

Tabasco (or hotter sauce if home) . Ketchup, mustard cheese.**

1966septemberdawg002/02/2023 04:35PM

Duke's mayo, ketchup, bacon, pimento Cheese***

Viper2369002/02/2023 04:14PM

Re: Let’s get seriouser…

Dymwit4302/02/2023 03:18PM

Ketchup, mustard, maybe bacon, and cheese only if it's extra sharp chedder. That sheite the burger joints use, ain't really cheese.***

Samjo302/02/2023 03:07PM

onion, ripe tomato, good bacon pimento cheese, boars head chipoltle gourmaise*****

hitdawg002/02/2023 02:57PM

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, melted cheese*

Lurk402/02/2023 02:11PM


Death002/02/2023 04:18PM

^^^This^^^. ****

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 02:31PM

Bacon Blue Cheese Shroons***

Toasty B102/02/2023 02:03PM

IF these are available, for sure....usually just DUKES and a few bread and butter pickles.***

McDonoughDawg002/02/2023 02:15PM

Walmartians…the 3rd guy takes his health very seriously grinning smiley

E. CobbDawg20502/02/2023 01:46PM

Seems like #4 dude would have owned a hat...damn.***

DawgNatty102/02/2023 02:19PM

Thank Dawg those are not scratch & smell pix. The funk would be putrid***

Zolotisty402/02/2023 02:08PM

No chit. Damn.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 02:19PM

Great stuff E. CobbDawg. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 01:53PM

Let’s get serious for a minute.

Dymwit19502/02/2023 01:35PM

Various but my go-to is mustard, cincy chili, cheddar, onions***

T-D202/02/2023 05:17PM

I'll take any of the below. A good quality dog and bun make a huge difference....

DawgNatty4002/02/2023 02:17PM

The uncured Board Head frankfurters are tits. Great snap.***

Dymwit202/02/2023 03:22PM

Little bit of mustard (yellow), little bit of ketchup, onion and...

gulfportdawg2602/02/2023 02:14PM

with yer mum***

Toasty B002/02/2023 02:03PM

Kraut, Mustard **

Fetchin' Bones102/02/2023 02:02PM

thumbs up***

UncleJohnsDawg102/02/2023 02:26PM

Yellow mustard, onion, and dill pickle. Piggy Park puts a combo of….

GriffWoody3802/02/2023 01:58PM

BTW, my niece brought us some Piggy Park sauce when she and my sister visited us recently.

ladyQ2502/02/2023 02:21PM

Yes, I think Joel Pasley, David’s son that is now running the pig, is marketing their bbq sauce and burger sauce. Dad brings me a quart of

GriffWoody1102/02/2023 03:14PM

We don't go often, especially since covid. We usually go before Christmas to visit my sister and her family.

ladyQ502/02/2023 03:36PM

Re:bacon and slaw

hitdawg2502/02/2023 01:56PM

Reg. Yellow mustard, Vidalia onions, relish (sometimes homemade chow-chow)***

E. CobbDawg402/02/2023 01:54PM

Good choice, E. CobbDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg102/02/2023 01:59PM

Mustard, chili , diced onion, fresh diced jalapeños, shredded chesee

smokindawg2402/02/2023 01:50PM

That’s good, but you gotta have one helluva a bun.***

Dymwit002/02/2023 01:53PM

That's a chili dog, smokin', imo*

Lurk102/02/2023 01:52PM

Mustard and onions.***

UncleJohnsDawg302/02/2023 01:47PM

I don’t dress mine at all. Sometimes I even go commando.***

junkyarddawg202/02/2023 01:45PM

You just want the meat, huh? Ever try it backwards?***

Dymwit402/02/2023 01:55PM

Joking aside, I’ll take a basic chilidog from Pal’s with mustard…

junkyarddawg2302/02/2023 01:59PM

Good choice, junkyarddawg. ****

UncleJohnsDawg102/02/2023 02:02PM

Looks good. Like a Brandi’s dog but not using a red hot. I prefer the traditional dog.***

Dymwit002/02/2023 02:01PM

Spicy mustard and kraut. Occasionally some ketchup***

Beowoof002/02/2023 01:45PM

Cholula hot sauce, mayo & ketchup***

FeralDawg102/02/2023 01:43PM

Gross. I saw a Frank’s hot sauce commercial about putting it on dogs. People do that?***

Dymwit302/02/2023 01:45PM

I’ve been known to put a little Tobasco***

McDonoughDawg102/02/2023 01:46PM

I put that shit on everything***

FeralDawg002/02/2023 02:17PM

I like spicy mustard, relish if it’s there..maybe even a pickle spear instead….

McDonoughDawg1802/02/2023 01:43PM

I'm still child like with a little mustard and ketchup*

Lurk402/02/2023 01:41PM

I’m almost completely off of the ketchup train. Just too sweet. Not even on burgers. Maybe fries, if there’s nothing else. Malt vinegar is where it’s at.***

Dymwit402/02/2023 01:44PM

Have been off for many years. Have never understood the ketchup on fries. You can't taste the taters.**

ladyQ002/02/2023 02:30PM

Mailt vinegar on fries(and of course fish) is the shit!***

FeralDawg102/02/2023 02:19PM

Annoys me when you get fries that won’t take the vinegar.***

Dymwit002/02/2023 03:25PM

I never have liked ketchup. Can't stand it.***

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 01:50PM

It’s really sweet. Think it’s gotten sweeter with the uprising of corn syrup.***

Dymwit102/02/2023 01:53PM

Not even on burgers. Same here***

McDonoughDawg402/02/2023 01:45PM

Anybody we know?

4sure24402/02/2023 12:45PM

Sounds like he needs...

DawgNatty8202/02/2023 01:05PM

TyTy, They spelled Unadilla wrong.***

JimDandyDawg302/02/2023 12:53PM

Damn, like old Groucho said, I like my cigar too but I take it out every now and then***

TyTyDawg202/02/2023 01:43PM

I remember seeing that on TV as a child. My father laughed the loudest laugh ever.***

UncleJohnsDawg102/02/2023 02:12PM

Yep. Which one is Lurk's wife?***

81n95dawg302/02/2023 01:27PM

The one with a briefcase and a first class airline ticket***

ToccoaDog102/02/2023 02:07PM

the one who had 6***

Toasty B102/02/2023 01:31PM

asshats,....all of ya's*

Lurk102/02/2023 01:40PM

We gots us the Josie Wales Meriweather!!! Class of 2023.

Dawghammarskjold17602/02/2023 12:37PM

Good deal hammar, thanks!***

DawgDaddy002/02/2023 04:08PM

Thanks for the update, Hammar. Always appreciated. ****

UncleJohnsDawg202/02/2023 01:44PM


Toasty B7102/02/2023 12:38PM


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