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sweetriverdog says...Georgia at Auburn in...


Sticky After sleeping on it I have some ideas...need as many people weighing in as possible... Poll (31 Posts)

theTODD66609/29/2023 07:01AM

Sticky Update on back issues. Second MRI shows a cyst or tumor on my L5/S1 vertebrae. They need anotheer MRI with contrast dye to determine which one it is. I will need surgery (27 Posts)

Doc Hollidawg14909/28/2023 03:29PM

Sticky Where I've been - since TyTy asked............ (45 Posts)

GaSpiderDawg53409/25/2023 10:27AM

Sticky Got a text from 4sure and unfortunately, it’s bad news…The bladder cancer is back. (50 Posts)

TDK59209/21/2023 07:37PM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.*** (1 Posts)

TEE60,20406/08/2015 10:08PM

Which wunna y'all is FTMF?...

Toasty B3609/29/2023 10:34AM

Re: Which wunna y'all is FTMF?...

smokindawg109/29/2023 10:49AM


Tomato Sandwich009/29/2023 10:37AM

From mine and Natty's guy on Mick Honkey...

Toasty B3709/29/2023 10:32AM

Would love to see him out there. He's a barn killer.***

EastBroadDawg309/29/2023 10:43AM

sounds like he's going to be. With Mews out, do you let him field punts?***

Toasty B009/29/2023 10:46AM

fingers crossed***

MillDawg009/29/2023 10:37AM

Buckeye Tears 4.09% ...

Toasty B5209/29/2023 10:19AM

what is the 4.09% refernce? ...***

MillDawg409/29/2023 10:22AM

maybe cause they're weak?***

Toasty B009/29/2023 10:42AM

on the Xeet and from our own NW GA Jamaican, Jaman***

Toasty B209/29/2023 10:26AM

DOH !!!! LOL***

JamanDawg109/29/2023 10:48AM

Terrapin needs to do a Wide Left Lager***

Toasty B009/29/2023 10:48AM

I think he means why 4.09% ABV specifically***

Tomato Sandwich309/29/2023 10:28AM

poosey yankees?***

Toasty B109/29/2023 10:33AM

It would be glorious if Collin/Xander came back to at least halve with rory/fitz.***

GriffWoody409/29/2023 10:07AM

Be nice to see Speith contribute something on this last hole, anything*

Punkin14209/29/2023 10:38AM

Driving the struggle bus drunk right now****

Jmac009/29/2023 10:45AM

Would be like a win from where they were****

Jmac209/29/2023 10:26AM

Re: It would be glorious if Collin/Xander came back to at least halve with rory/fitz.

Toasty B1509/29/2023 10:13AM

What do Moose and Coach Kevin Ramsey have in common...

Toasty B8909/29/2023 09:31AM

Swift and Cook ballin’…

junkyarddawg7409/29/2023 09:15AM

Dawgs doing well this year. Quay seems to be the alpha of GREEN bays defense***

bNe409/29/2023 09:41AM

He’s doing well.***

junkyarddawg109/29/2023 10:06AM

Not gonna lie I enjoy watching the Iggles...so many Dawgs on the team I enjoy cheering for***

theTODD209/29/2023 09:40AM

Same here. Carter is ballin’.***

junkyarddawg509/29/2023 09:41AM

I'd say he's killin it***

Toasty B109/29/2023 10:12AM


junkyarddawg009/29/2023 10:34AM

May be bad choice of wording. eye popping smiley***

GriffWoody209/29/2023 09:59AM


junkyarddawg109/29/2023 10:05AM

Nobody watches the League, junky. They all too good for such nonsense****

Jmac709/29/2023 09:27AM

Yes they do. They just pretend that they don’t.***

junkyarddawg209/29/2023 09:41AM

I don't*

Dawgsroll209/29/2023 10:04AM

It's not "pure".***

Shadrach209/29/2023 09:38AM

WOOF ***

TDK109/29/2023 09:26AM

Just got a traffic alert from city of allbarn. Even they are recognizing it as the Georgia-allbarn game***

lawdawg24809/29/2023 09:13AM

Lived in the City of Allbarn 28 years=====>>>

Jettdog2409/29/2023 09:32AM

I’m sorry***

lawdawg24109/29/2023 10:16AM

the GA one, bra***

Toasty B009/29/2023 10:20AM

Already got my first post plan in place when new crew takes over...I'm gonna tell everyone...

theTODD11909/29/2023 09:11AM

And to switch to threadview?***

Jettdog209/29/2023 09:22AM

Hybrid, bra***

Toasty B309/29/2023 09:23AM

Ah,,, memory fading in old age***

Jettdog109/29/2023 09:25AM

Re: Already got my first post plan in place when new crew takes over...I'm gonna tell everyone...

Jmac8509/29/2023 09:14AM

Even after an afternoon getting stream bath at a bagel store Elaine WOOD still get it***

theTODD1209/29/2023 09:21AM


Jmac109/29/2023 09:25AM

Re: Even after an afternoon getting stream bath at a bagel store Elaine WOOD still get it

JC-DAWG834509/29/2023 09:22AM

Hoochie mama***

theTODD409/29/2023 09:25AM

Re: Hoochie mama

JC-DAWG833809/29/2023 09:27AM

She can borrow my ketchup bottle any time***

theTODD109/29/2023 09:42AM


TDK2209/29/2023 09:22AM

I'd veep her deep***

Toasty B109/29/2023 09:22AM


TDK109/29/2023 09:17AM

with or without a Cowboy Frank Lank?***

Toasty B309/29/2023 09:14AM

never open a DH(O) link,.....even Norton can't clean that stuff****

Lurk109/29/2023 09:17AM

Solid D, no turnovers and we walk the dawg at Auburn. Book it*

mansfielddawg209/29/2023 08:58AM

Dang that sounds great***

Tomato Sandwich109/29/2023 09:03AM

Looks like Zach won’t be considered for a second round of captaincy.***

GriffWoody609/29/2023 08:55AM

How many ever have?****

Jmac309/29/2023 09:03AM

By my count, 8***

GriffWoody209/29/2023 09:05AM

For the US?****

Jmac209/29/2023 09:08AM

Jackie Burke, Jr., Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, DL III, Jack, Arnie, Snead, Watson.***

GriffWoody109/29/2023 09:59AM

He's touring with Pantera anydamnways ..***

Toasty B1009/29/2023 08:57AM

7A #3 ranked and 4-0 Walton Raiders take on 5-0 North Paulding cheating assed Wolfpack tonight at home…

junkyarddawg2509/29/2023 08:53AM

The 5-0 Dunwoody wildcats are squaring off against the pampered poo-swahs of marist. As if we needed any other reason to hate them, they are the war eagles.***

GriffWoody409/29/2023 08:59AM

Game is going to be on GPTV at 7:30***

JC-DAWG83109/29/2023 08:57AM

Beside Cowhoon, the Raiders got any big dudes?***

Toasty B309/29/2023 08:55AM

Not that I know of.***

junkyarddawg109/29/2023 09:48AM

While we're talking about the site, one thing I've really noticed lately and love about the HOTD...

TDK10909/29/2023 08:50AM

I like it because we can cuss, dipshit*

Lurk309/29/2023 09:09AM


TDK409/29/2023 09:18AM

the finger smiley***

Lurk109/29/2023 09:35AM


Toasty B109/29/2023 09:24AM

Fuck yes****

Jmac409/29/2023 09:14AM

All kidding aside, it is one of the better things about the board.***

DawgNatty409/29/2023 09:21AM


Jmac309/29/2023 09:28AM

were you a crowner?***

Toasty B209/29/2023 09:24AM

Negative...I was originally on the 'vent when it started.***

DawgNatty109/29/2023 09:58AM

Agree, even my technologically useless self with older phone and laptop has no problems with it***

JC-DAWG83109/29/2023 09:02AM

Kinda like Philo and Clyde, imo.***

junkyarddawg209/29/2023 08:56AM


TDK109/29/2023 09:02AM

Re: While we're talking about the site, one thing I've really noticed lately and love about the HOTD...

Toasty B2809/29/2023 08:51AM

I have seen less drama from a group of middle school girls watching the Bachelor.....

Dawgsroll13609/29/2023 08:46AM

Well said! Spot on**

1966septemberdawg109/29/2023 10:00AM

holy shit, that stuff happens? I guess ignorance is bliss***

MillDawg109/29/2023 09:36AM

Lot of truth in that and I think most here know that

bNe2709/29/2023 09:36AM

There were very, very few handles in the Crown Room that I didn't know.....

Dawgsroll1709/29/2023 10:03AM

Re: There were very, very few handles in the Crown Room that I didn't know.....

bNe809/29/2023 10:09AM

laughing smiley smileys with beer *

Dawgsroll109/29/2023 10:10AM


theTODD109/29/2023 09:13AM

Don't tell that to the guy in Kalispell.***

Shadrach109/29/2023 09:11AM

Pushpin on a large portion of that...Outside of the connections and support we give each other, what happens here

TDK3409/29/2023 09:00AM

Shit got so bad I formed an alliance with Gulfport***

Toasty B709/29/2023 08:54AM

I'm voting you off the island***

MillDawg009/29/2023 10:19AM

One of the craziest things I've seen on HOTD.***

TDK309/29/2023 09:00AM

Re: One of the craziest things I've seen on HOTD.***

JC-DAWG833309/29/2023 09:03AM

Exactly...Whole damb world turned upside down.***

TDK209/29/2023 09:11AM

laughing smiley I was reading that and saying, "Wait.....you're telling me even Gulfport gets it?".....

Dawgsroll4009/29/2023 08:56AM

He did...he even hoped you'd show up during the battle. Crown Room STRONG***

Toasty B409/29/2023 08:58AM


Dawgsroll3209/29/2023 09:05AM

I guess it is similar to being sexually assaulted via cell phone call***

JC-DAWG83309/29/2023 08:53AM

Poor coach Male Tugger***

Toasty B209/29/2023 09:11AM

I can't believe you don't have sympathy for that poor woman who was the victim of the assault, she was powerless to resist***

JC-DAWG83209/29/2023 09:13AM

It's Michigan where they are prosecuting fake white supremacists for a fake kidnapping of a basically fake governor***

Toasty B609/29/2023 09:16AM

"white supremacist" is the new "terrorist" as the catch all boogeyman to enable govt to take away constitutional rights***

JC-DAWG83509/29/2023 09:19AM


McDonoughDawg109/29/2023 08:53AM

Sadly, there are people that get their jollies on making it miserable for everyone. What you speak is truth.***

GriffWoody209/29/2023 08:52AM

Re: I have seen less drama from a group of middle school girls watching the Bachelor.....

Lurk5109/29/2023 08:50AM

It died a while back. No one really knew who owned it anymore.....

Dawgsroll3909/29/2023 08:55AM

Tu and Colonel still among the living?......

Lurk2509/29/2023 08:58AM

No idea. I know the handles of a few Crowners over here.....

Dawgsroll2709/29/2023 09:07AM

yeah,....if they don't start or end a post with FYM I wouldn't know either except for you and Toasty and a few others*

Lurk209/29/2023 09:12AM

Exactly. Every now and then someone will make reference to an old Crown Room joke or theme.....

Dawgsroll2309/29/2023 09:18AM

Lol....Walnut River is the stand in weather guy, Dave I think....snc is the same oxy addicted scn***

Toasty B109/29/2023 09:21AM

I admit to being amazed at the sheer number of obscure bands and songs Toasty knows about or finds to post***

JC-DAWG83109/29/2023 09:21AM

ReplierDawg keeps replying.***

TDK109/29/2023 09:20AM

Cuga will always have a special place in my heart. He hurled the first message broad insult ever at me***

Toasty B509/29/2023 09:01AM

lol,....he was a dick, but he was our dick.......

Lurk2309/29/2023 09:06AM

Stroker Ace could fly fock run this broad. He was good with tech and the sistas***

Toasty B209/29/2023 09:10AM

Wut about Numbers?...He still bipedal?***

TDK209/29/2023 09:17AM

Numbers is busy running Hefner's empire***

Toasty B109/29/2023 09:19AM

The large majority of people here understand that***

Tomato Sandwich209/29/2023 08:50AM

I'd call that a pushpin****

Jmac309/29/2023 08:48AM

Any a yous know where I can watch the ryder cup online?***

GriffWoody609/29/2023 08:40AM

Live on USA network*

Punkin14309/29/2023 09:04AM

not yet***

Toasty B109/29/2023 09:31AM

You may not want to,....down 0-4 after the first morning rounds*

Lurk209/29/2023 08:48AM

Afternoon sessions going…

GriffWoody2109/29/2023 08:49AM

Live stream online: 1:30 a.m. to noon on fubo (Try for free) and RyderCup.com***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:42AM


GriffWoody109/29/2023 08:48AM

If we get a new board who can I email when one of you insult my "honor"?***

Shadrach1209/29/2023 08:35AM

who are you kidding? you don't have any honor***

MillDawg309/29/2023 08:37AM

banned smiley***

Shadrach109/29/2023 08:39AM

Git on-er and stay on-er.***

GriffWoody109/29/2023 08:38AM

I have a great post idea for greeting new members!***

Toasty B109/29/2023 08:37AM

Your mom***

Tomato Sandwich309/29/2023 08:37AM

you in 5th Grade?***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:41AM

I said he could email her, seems like a good outlet for sympathy IMO

Tomato Sandwich1409/29/2023 08:44AM

good idea, she seems to take almost anything very well***

Toasty B409/29/2023 08:46AM

smileys with beer***

Shadrach209/29/2023 08:37AM

head bangin smiley***

Tomato Sandwich109/29/2023 08:40AM

Haven't been this confident in a Dawg whoopin of Auburn since Ben Leard stumbled in here in 1999.***

JimDandyDawg509/29/2023 08:30AM

Thanks for the confidence booster.***

junkyarddawg209/29/2023 08:39AM

you trying to get this moved to the other broad?***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:41AM

I snickered *

Fetchin' Bones209/29/2023 08:45AM

Cryptic Toasty is back...didn't go so well yesterday, fwiw, imo, siap***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:56AM

I still don’t get it.***

junkyarddawg209/29/2023 08:58AM

water is wet and so is yer.....***

Toasty B109/29/2023 09:04AM

Nobody could cover Ronnie Daniels...fuckin Bobo***

Toasty B109/29/2023 08:33AM

A thought I had when rolling out of the rack this a.m., I don’t care for allbarn.***

GriffWoody509/29/2023 08:18AM

When I stumbled out of bed at 430am today, I took my morning Auburn***

CornersDawg209/29/2023 08:32AM

Hope you wiped your tn well.***

GriffWoody109/29/2023 08:37AM

Mandatory FRIEDee Mernin Wave®...

TDK2709/29/2023 08:25AM

Preach brother Tee-Dee-Kay!***

GriffWoody309/29/2023 08:28AM

I won’t lie, I thought the admin email I got this a.m. asking for feedback was spam/phishing. LOL***

GriffWoody509/29/2023 08:15AM

Bout melted the server sending out that many emails at once...took forever***

theTODD309/29/2023 08:18AM

Mentioned it in the pin, willing to help where ever and however I can.***

GriffWoody309/29/2023 08:19AM

Yep just read it…thanks again…starting to think we might be able to keep the old girl running…

theTODD4109/29/2023 08:21AM

No “I” in team…we’ll get’er done.***

GriffWoody109/29/2023 08:30AM

Regardless of what ultimately happens here I’ll find you brothers and sisters sumbitches somewhere.

junkyarddawg5209/29/2023 08:04AM

we still need to grab a beer in Roswell***

MillDawg409/29/2023 08:07AM


Toasty B109/29/2023 08:34AM

Yes we do.***

junkyarddawg309/29/2023 08:08AM

Happy Friday friends, who would have thought the end of the world as we know it would have been announced this week...Natty bits too...

DawgNatty9809/29/2023 07:51AM

A buddy of mine brought home a piece of Dooley Field sod yesterday. Wood not share either. #pissed*

mansfielddawg309/29/2023 08:52AM

Still nervous about this game, AU scares me every year, I guess it comes from all those years of them breaking our hearts at the end of the season***

JC-DAWG83509/29/2023 08:25AM

Oh hell, I'm nervous about every one of them. This one and FU always worry me...

DawgNatty1109/29/2023 08:31AM

Are you saying you don't buy Freeze's "good Christian" schtick?***

JC-DAWG83209/29/2023 08:34AM

I hope they beat Auburn so bad Freeze asks for a continuous clock.***

Shadrach609/29/2023 08:08AM

Don't we pretty much have a continuous clock. now?***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:24AM

That's a good point, but still stops on incomplete passes, stepping oob, et cetera***

Shadrach309/29/2023 08:28AM

OOB is not till the last 2 mins of the half...correct?***

Toasty B209/29/2023 08:36AM

I can't keep up with the new tv, scratch that, NCAA rulz.***

Shadrach109/29/2023 08:44AM

PIN this shit TDK **

Fetchin' Bones109/29/2023 08:15AM

Right ON®...Preeshate the bits, Natty.***

TDK109/29/2023 07:56AM

Good stuff, Natty***

Tomato Sandwich109/29/2023 07:55AM

With the changes upcoming here as well as the state of our Sleepy, Creepy economy

ByuDawg10009/29/2023 07:38AM

Should’ve added occasional bag man duties to the posting*

Punkin14209/29/2023 08:25AM

Bag man is an endangered species. All on the table now.***

GriffWoody309/29/2023 08:38AM

NIL was a dagger to the heart of clemson and AU football***

JC-DAWG83109/29/2023 08:48AM

Should be an easy gig, academics are non-existent and they are willing to do anything to keep players eligible.***

GriffWoody309/29/2023 08:17AM

Undoubtedly! Just look for an acolyte of Thomas A. Petee, former chairman of their Sociology department,

ByuDawg709/29/2023 08:29AM

Friday Morning Dawg Bites......Get up! We’ve got Tigers to tame...

TDK3609/29/2023 07:24AM

GA fan wearing shirt in Billings, MT airport, had to recognize with "Go Dawgs!"*

CrazyUGAgrad4209/29/2023 07:23AM

Hope you were flying in and not out. As said below, I’d stay there if I could…More accurately, if my wife would.***

GriffWoody109/29/2023 08:20AM

I’d try to stay in Montana if I could.***

junkyarddawg109/29/2023 08:07AM

Good to see you posting. Hope all is going well for you these days.*

ladyQ309/29/2023 07:44AM


ladyQ309/29/2023 08:09AM

Hope all is well with you too! I'm waiting for plane now in Billings to go home*

CrazyUGAgrad409/29/2023 07:48AM

thumbs up Go Dawgs smiley***

rogasingingdawg109/29/2023 07:26AM

Had that happen when I was in Honduras last year...we're worldwide!***

theTODD209/29/2023 07:26AM

Had that happen 13 years ago in the Beijing Airport***

Booneville Dawg209/29/2023 07:44AM

Dawgs r everwhere***

theTODD109/29/2023 07:59AM

Here's yer slate of HOT Weekend Action®, HOTD...Is it too much to ask that SCU torches 10RC again?

TDK5009/29/2023 07:21AM

And the Viles are wearing their black unis. Hopefully it’ll match their mood late Sat. nite!***

canis maximus409/29/2023 07:54AM

head bangin smiley ***

TDK109/29/2023 07:55AM

that SC/EweTee game is going to be interesting...Rattler is playing well***

MillDawg409/29/2023 07:24AM

Copperhade gone shock the hills***

Toasty B109/29/2023 08:26AM

Hope the Cocks pound those Hillbillies***

Tomato Sandwich209/29/2023 07:40AM

Go Cates!***

junkyarddawg309/29/2023 07:52AM


Tomato Sandwich109/29/2023 08:06AM


TDK109/29/2023 07:55AM

Hope it's a good'un.***

TDK209/29/2023 07:29AM


Dawghammarskjold6809/29/2023 07:15AM


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