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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. UT Martin in...


Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.*** (1 Posts)

TEE59,35806/08/2015 10:08PM

Late night talk show wave

Leotis506/03/2023 12:08AM

fired a 40 year employee today ....

BulletDawg3706/02/2023 10:26PM

Need yer pal to croot the new opening?***

Toasty B406/02/2023 10:27PM

Didn’t we try that once before ?***

BulletDawg206/02/2023 10:45PM

not yet***

Toasty B106/02/2023 11:58PM

Eddie Money***

Toasty B106/02/2023 10:12PM

Yard is playin Brand New Cadillac / Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton right about now..fyi

Toasty B606/02/2023 10:08PM

The Grip Weeds "Speed Of Life" added to my 2000s splotterfried PL***

Toasty B606/02/2023 09:07PM

The Stacks - Dope Demise added to my 2000s splotterfried PL***

Toasty B306/02/2023 09:29PM

Treasure HotWax - added to my 2000s splotterfried PL***

Toasty B306/02/2023 09:09PM

Hot Wax sounds pretty good. I see they are touring with Royal Blood this fall

lobatt906/02/2023 09:46PM

yer pal saw Cleopatrick open for Royal Blood at the Eastern...good show***

Toasty B106/02/2023 09:47PM


TDK706/02/2023 08:55PM


dingo206/02/2023 09:04PM

Yearly cannon fodder for mighty Cawgs of GIE…Might as well be a directional school at this point siap.***

TDK306/02/2023 09:06PM

Do they still play on the gridiron; I fergot***

dingo206/02/2023 10:01PM

Townie school...lower than directionals***

Toasty B206/02/2023 09:24PM


TDK106/02/2023 09:27PM

'Yard start the show out wit dat?***

Toasty B206/02/2023 09:02PM

Dammit, I forgot to tune in…but, it’s a solid opener, iyam.***

TDK106/02/2023 09:04PM

Lemme 'splain why cats are better than dogs...

rogasingingdawg10006/02/2023 07:40PM

Does not like cats--------------------------------->***

79Dawg206/02/2023 09:26PM

Cats are okay, but not a substitute for a dog. As your meme shows you

Ahmahtbychew2106/02/2023 09:09PM

Cats like to use your album collection as a scratching Post.

Top Row Dawg2606/02/2023 08:16PM

Only good thing about cats is when they kill rodents. Snooty, allergy ridden assholes.***

Dymwit206/02/2023 08:01PM

As long as they live in the garage I am cool with them, but not inside***

Tomato Sandwich306/02/2023 08:05PM

I’m a big animal lover, but most cats may as well be snakes. No thanks.***

Dymwit306/02/2023 08:33PM

I love snakes, have garter snakes that live in the back yard, they're pretty tame***

Tomato Sandwich206/02/2023 08:37PM

Snakes are not so bad because they avoid me. Just don’t want a pet snake.***

Dymwit306/02/2023 08:39PM

Besides, cats don't do their business in the middle of your yard...

rogasingingdawg3606/02/2023 07:44PM

And cats have been known to whup a few dogs...

rogasingingdawg3506/02/2023 07:46PM

Cheers to TEE, OTD, KP, Bark , westpoint, deadlyputter.and Tursiops.***

UncleJohnsDawg506/02/2023 06:34PM


gulfportdawg106/02/2023 09:06PM

Damn straight!!!!***

JamanDawg306/02/2023 06:44PM

smileys with beer***

UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 06:47PM

grinning smiley***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:47PM

Cheers to redclayhoud, MeatCleaverDawg and Jaimo too.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:35PM

Cheers to Andy, Ghost and LeadDawg too.***

UncleJohnsDawg506/02/2023 06:35PM

Yes to all!*

gulfportdawg106/02/2023 09:06PM

Thanks Unka John***

4sure206/02/2023 06:47PM

My pleasure. grinning smiley***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:48PM

smileys with beer***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:49PM

smileys with beer cheers to all!***

dingo206/02/2023 06:46PM

smileys with beer***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:48PM

Old Crow Medicine Show live at Brushy Mountain State prison tomorrow. Just got my camp site set up “under” the mountains

Big Ugly4606/02/2023 06:22PM

pics or it didn't happen***

Toasty B606/02/2023 06:24PM

feel free…..

Big Ugly106/03/2023 12:31AM


Big Ugly206/03/2023 12:31AM

Yo, I'll be playing almost all of y'all's requests on tonight's Rawk n ROLL radio show at 10.

BrickYard6006/02/2023 06:08PM

Charlie Don't Surf****

Leotis106/02/2023 11:45PM


smokindawg106/02/2023 06:45PM

Lucy has an eclectic taste in music***

lobatt206/02/2023 06:32PM

Imma tune in while watching the Braves and Snakes***

Toasty B106/02/2023 06:23PM

Re: Yo, I'll be playing almost all of y'all's requests on tonight's Rawk n ROLL radio show at 10.

UncleJohnsDawg2706/02/2023 06:18PM

FOX Sports Bryan Fischer reports that the % of CFB games

Hunker9906/02/2023 05:38PM

Hopsecutioner 7.3%***

JamanDawg606/02/2023 05:24PM

I'll pass***

Toasty B206/02/2023 06:21PM

High Life Pounder lawnmower beer***

Tomato Sandwich206/02/2023 06:16PM

Good choice, Tomato Sandwich.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:19PM

Hopsecutioner for me too.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 05:44PM

Good choice, JamanDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 05:44PM

Post lawn mowing Yuengling for me

Walnut River1706/02/2023 05:27PM

Good choice, Walnut River.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 05:45PM


JamanDawg206/02/2023 05:29PM

Haven't noticed if this was posted,

dncdawg16906/02/2023 03:44PM

That's our entrance right there.***

UncleJohnsDawg706/02/2023 05:04PM

haven't really paid attn to their timeline. they supposed to be done by first game??***

JaxDawg.com306/02/2023 04:54PM

I think it's gonna be close. Dang.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 06:12PM

Huge penalties for contractors for missing deadlines on this. It'll be finished on time.***

Shadrach106/02/2023 07:43PM

Great stuff dncdawg. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg406/02/2023 04:43PM

whattya gata, Lurn

Toasty B30306/02/2023 03:35PM

2, 2 , 2, 2***

Dymwit306/02/2023 04:45PM

an easy call, 4sure***

Toasty B206/02/2023 05:53PM

She’s movie star hot.***

Dymwit106/02/2023 07:21PM

Good work ToastyB***

UncleJohnsDawg506/02/2023 04:38PM

4,2,1, distant 4th is #3... 4 looks feisty***

WarnerRobinsDawg506/02/2023 03:45PM

4??? FOUR???????***

Death206/02/2023 04:47PM

At least two old gals clinging to youth like grim death***

Tomato Sandwich406/02/2023 03:42PM

I hate to see that. Just embrace it…cause aging ALWAYS wins! And I mean always.***

LuvsDawgs406/02/2023 06:04PM

You got that right.***

UncleJohnsDawg206/02/2023 06:54PM

some gals that know their way around the block...***

dncdawg606/02/2023 03:37PM

this bro's about to get some education..

Toasty B10206/02/2023 03:38PM

That ole boy might want to switch over to Jim Beam ; He might be in for a bumpy ride***

dingo406/02/2023 05:59PM

Is that TDK?***

Tomato Sandwich206/02/2023 04:51PM


Death206/02/2023 04:47PM

Like putting your ear next to a conch shell?***

Tomato Sandwich206/02/2023 04:52PM


UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 04:39PM

Chugging like there’s no tomorrow***

Coon Dawg106/02/2023 04:19PM

Lordy. "Melanie" looks like she might be a Mel at home.

dncdawg3906/02/2023 03:45PM

How bread is made

McDonoughDawg9406/02/2023 03:27PM

The new uga baseball corch is on tv losing right now…..siap***

smokindawg3006/02/2023 02:27PM


4sure506/02/2023 03:00PM

who we done gonna get?***

Toasty B806/02/2023 02:28PM

Re: who we done gonna get?

smokindawg10006/02/2023 03:28PM

Camel Haire?***

Toasty B506/02/2023 03:35PM

Impressive Kettlebell Leg Workout from Onnit. Just over 2 minute video.

rogasingingdawg6706/02/2023 01:49PM

That first exercise gives me a reason to invest in Onnit's 72 lb Gorilla Kettlebell

rogasingingdawg2806/02/2023 01:56PM

Which wunna y'all wanna do it?

Toasty B20206/02/2023 12:55PM

To HELL with Bog 10 ETC imo **

TDK406/02/2023 02:02PM

that cane be one of yer 5 vid clips***

Toasty B206/02/2023 02:42PM

$150 for 5 years experience? Surprised they aren't requiring a degree***

Tomato Sandwich406/02/2023 01:39PM


Toasty B106/02/2023 01:40PM

How substantial is the retirement plan?***

Death306/02/2023 01:28PM

very sub***

Toasty B206/02/2023 01:30PM

Should get some fantastic people interested, I'm certain.***

Death306/02/2023 01:33PM

what part of part time do you no...nevs***

Toasty B206/02/2023 01:35PM


Death206/02/2023 01:37PM

Philly Dawgs

dawghead15906/02/2023 12:20PM

Glad they are getting a chance to make big bucks. Wish the 'Coons management was smart enough to draft DAWGS.

rogasingingdawg2706/02/2023 12:54PM

What's a Falcoon?***

McDonoughDawg206/02/2023 01:18PM

Had a coworker call them the Coons to a black guy. He had no idea that was a bad idea until I told him. He didn’t know there was some racial bias to that nickname***

Dymwit406/02/2023 01:58PM

Re: Had a coworker call them the Coons to a black guy. He had no idea that was a bad idea until I told him. He didn’t know there was some racial bias to that nickname

UncleJohnsDawg1606/02/2023 05:15PM

Tone deaf people abound.***

McDonoughDawg306/02/2023 03:16PM

I was raised calling them that. Had no clue until I was an adult. Dad doesn’t have a filter.***

Dymwit206/02/2023 05:26PM

too much funky cold medina***

Toasty B206/02/2023 03:37PM

Coons gave a Dawg, Lo Carter, the Big Bucks in free agency fwiw***

Toasty B306/02/2023 01:07PM

But they've drafted with regularity 1-AA players that never play a down when DAWGS were still available.

rogasingingdawg2006/02/2023 02:20PM

There is no 1-AA anymore...been FCS since 2006***

Toasty B206/02/2023 02:29PM

Great stuff dawghead. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg406/02/2023 12:51PM

Re: Philly Dawgs

Toasty B4806/02/2023 12:22PM

An Arab rides into an oasis on Friday, stays 3 days and leaves on Friday then blows himself up. How'd he do it?*

Doc Hollidawg5406/02/2023 11:50AM

With dynamite***

83_Dawg106/02/2023 03:15PM

I’ve been to the desert

Coon Dawg2406/02/2023 02:39PM

Blows?? ............

ignatiusdawg2906/02/2023 02:27PM


McDonoughDawg206/02/2023 01:19PM

bought a rocket launcher on Friday***

Toasty B306/02/2023 12:00PM

Camel was named Joe

Swad7106/02/2023 11:59AM

Re: Camel was named Joe

Dawgwater8206/02/2023 12:10PM

Good work, Dawgwater.***

UncleJohnsDawg506/02/2023 12:46PM

Very well played sir.***

Swad206/02/2023 12:21PM

The camel was named جمعة***

dncdawg806/02/2023 11:59AM


Toasty B106/02/2023 12:00PM


Tomato Sandwich106/02/2023 11:58AM

I don't crossboard fwiw if u wanna get at me catch me here…….siap***

smokindawg906/02/2023 11:20AM

I crossboard, fit and pollinate***

Toasty B306/02/2023 11:24AM

I crossword.***

Swad306/02/2023 11:38AM


Toasty B206/02/2023 11:42AM

Across and down***

Swad306/02/2023 11:58AM

Jc, you see that about tommy king jr?***

smokindawg1906/02/2023 11:10AM

No, what happened to him?***

JC-DAWG83206/02/2023 11:58AM

Look at jail report***

smokindawg806/02/2023 12:11PM

Wild story, did he live on Henry St or did she?***

JC-DAWG83806/02/2023 12:20PM

He did. I know him fairly well. Would never think he would be capable of doing that***

smokindawg506/02/2023 12:26PM

Funeral home director identified as man who shot girlfriend & killed himself in Augusta

Toasty B5606/02/2023 12:18PM

Sounds like a real peach.***

McDonoughDawg106/02/2023 01:20PM

Never understood killing someone else if you were suicidal. I know it’s heat of the moment, but really dick move to take out someone else.***

Dymwit406/02/2023 12:56PM

Cool story

JaxDawg.com13806/02/2023 10:30AM

Very cool. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 12:36PM

For the Natty, my prediction is Georgia Bulldogs A team vs UGA practice squad. A team wins on a missed FG by the B team.

FeralDawg4806/02/2023 10:29AM

Good call FeralDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 12:35PM

Sounds reasonable to me***

WarnerRobinsDawg106/02/2023 11:31AM

Year long road trip...around 70 degrees the entire trip. Me, I'd rather HIT the beach for a month in May or so.

McDonoughDawg15706/02/2023 09:10AM

I'll pass. ****

UncleJohnsDawg306/02/2023 09:18AM

Ive never been on that trip ……..never will.***

smokindawg706/02/2023 09:12AM

Re: Ive never been on that trip ……..never will.

Toasty B4806/02/2023 09:48AM

Imma play that intro noise over the Loudspeakers for the dogs***

smokindawg406/02/2023 09:49AM

Filter Friday, Bro...

Toasty B2306/02/2023 10:06AM

Wrong Broad***

smokindawg406/02/2023 10:41AM

Re: Wrong Broad

Toasty B1706/02/2023 10:53AM

Re: Ive never been on that trip ……..never will.

McDonoughDawg3706/02/2023 09:33AM

Re: Year long road trip...around 70 degrees the entire trip. Me, I'd rather HIT the beach for a month in May or so.

Toasty B4306/02/2023 09:12AM


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