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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Virginia in...


Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE55,69006/08/2015 11:08PM

I've missed something. What channeled lawless leftist looters (protesters)

30Adawg405/30/2020 05:20AM

4 sure!***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:21AM

In honor of JLD, here is a Rubes as a substitute ...

DawgDaddy605/30/2020 05:11AM

Good one DawgDaddy. LOL, ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:13AM

Ironic .....

Top Row Dawg1905/30/2020 04:57AM

Good grief. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:12AM


DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:08AM


Dawghammarskjold1305/30/2020 04:46AM

Great quote, Hammar. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:11AM

Excellent quote hammar, thanks!***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:08AM

Only God can help our country. Pray and hope we like his answer.

MeatCleaverDawg1505/30/2020 04:36AM

Yes sir. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:13AM


DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:10AM

Just a few weeks ago inner city folks were mad they had no grocery store.

MeatCleaverDawg2505/30/2020 04:24AM

Logic is not a strong suit of criminals.***

DawgDaddy105/30/2020 05:06AM

TRD Morning Nugget......

Top Row Dawg505/30/2020 04:17AM

Thanks TRD.

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:05AM

Great stuff Top Row Dawg. Thanks. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:24AM

What a dang mess.

MeatCleaverDawg2305/30/2020 04:10AM

I know what you mean.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:10AM

I'm afraid you're right.***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:04AM

Good morning Dawg brothers and sisters !! ****

UncleJohnsDawg905/30/2020 03:52AM

Morning UJD & Dawgs Everywhere!

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:14AM


Top Row Dawg505/30/2020 04:16AM

Mornin' Top Row Dawg.

UncleJohnsDawg205/30/2020 04:20AM

Happy Trails

MeatCleaverDawg105/30/2020 04:11AM

Good morning MeatCleverDawg. Hope you have a great weekend. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:13AM

Mornin' TEE. How they sounding? ****

UncleJohnsDawg205/30/2020 03:52AM

Loud & Proud!***

DawgDaddy105/30/2020 04:45AM

Right on time as always. The boys are getting it done. DGC. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 05:09AM

Can’t believe those Protestants are still on the streets.

dawglegright2905/30/2020 01:18AM

It's what they do.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:23AM

Just heard from a friend that lives near Lenox, said people are everywhere

redpantsdawg4605/30/2020 01:00AM

The Tabernacle is on fire....now I'm mad**

DawgFacedGremlin1105/30/2020 12:27AM

Sucks, but probably doesn't matter. When I lived in Lanner, that awful Coca Cola Roxy hellhole

Texas-T-Dawg2505/30/2020 01:14AM

That's a damn shame. I hope they can save it.***

Zolotisty005/30/2020 12:32AM

Per reports the Tabernacle is on fire.*

redpantsdawg405/30/2020 12:23AM

Baked ham for the Gucci store at Phipps Plaza**

DawgFacedGremlin805/29/2020 11:51PM

CFB Hall of Fame looted. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy Bear Bryant’s hat on eBay.

Raoul Duke4605/29/2020 11:31PM

i think just the store...dont believe they got upstairs.***

GriffWoody205/29/2020 11:53PM

I sure hope not.***

DawgDaddy105/30/2020 05:16AM

I'd love to shit on SOS's visor***

EaglesOfDawgMetal605/29/2020 11:32PM

LOL...Yase, bro.***

TDK005/29/2020 11:32PM

Comin’ down the baseBUZZ...

TDK2905/29/2020 11:25PM

Pin this shit TDK...3 Days is a gotdamned work of art...My wifey HATES "Ted. Just Admit it"***

EaglesOfDawgMetal605/29/2020 11:28PM

Fracas Friday

Tomato Sandwich4305/29/2020 11:15PM

Good stuff TS, thanks.***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:19AM

Great video. Thanks, Tomato Sandwich.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:19AM

Re: Fracas Friday

EaglesOfDawgMetal1805/29/2020 11:21PM

If you think I'm hitting play on a 311 song, you've lost your mind***

Tomato Sandwich405/29/2020 11:21PM

Why?- it's pretty much like all the other 90s stuff***

Doris505/29/2020 11:33PM

and Dixie Chicken was sooo good***

EaglesOfDawgMetal205/29/2020 11:36PM

you wanna make mess, you wanna blow oft stress, you wanna stroke the fire

EaglesOfDawgMetal1205/29/2020 11:23PM

Not really***

Tomato Sandwich205/29/2020 11:24PM

Re: Fracas Friday

EaglesOfDawgMetal1205/29/2020 11:17PM

The Gov is readying 500 NG troops to come out.***

Doris1205/29/2020 11:10PM

That won't be enough.***

UncleJohnsDawg205/30/2020 04:16AM

I'm afraid you're right.***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:19AM

So much for the photo--how about dogs are a great crowd control***

Booneville Dawg305/29/2020 11:28PM

No dogs tonight, sorry to disappoint. confused smiley***

Doris405/29/2020 11:31PM

They'll need more than that.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:17AM

Re: No dogs tonight, sorry to disappoint. confused smiley

Booneville Dawg1605/29/2020 11:40PM

Dogs on a BLM riot might not be the best optics. I suspect the dogs are sleeping.***

Doris205/29/2020 11:47PM

You're right. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:18AM

Anybody gied outta this tickle fight? Lanner good at tickle fights***

duckhookindawg305/29/2020 11:12PM

Nah - lots of stolen booze and broke shit plus some stuff burned up.***

Doris205/29/2020 11:16PM

Sherman weeps***

duckhookindawg005/29/2020 11:18PM

For Crooter J. Staffydawg...

TDK4505/29/2020 11:00PM

Good stuff TDK, thanks for posting.***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:20AM

that a meat puppet sitting in?***

EaglesOfDawgMetal905/29/2020 11:03PM

Meat puppet?

Doris2405/29/2020 11:07PM

Re: Meat puppet?

PanamaRed&Black2405/29/2020 11:10PM

that's wut I called...the Fuckin meat puppets, caggot

EaglesOfDawgMetal2105/29/2020 11:10PM

I am stunned, absolutely floored that they aren't in the R&R HOF

Doris1305/29/2020 11:13PM

Hall & feckin Oates are in the R&R HOF

PanamaRed&Black1305/29/2020 11:17PM

If you ain't letting Warren Zevon and Little Feat in, I ain't taking you seriously***

Tomato Sandwich405/29/2020 11:25PM

That should be a damn pushpin

PanamaRed&Black905/29/2020 11:35PM

Little Feat after Lowell is a huge yawn . . .

Doris805/29/2020 11:29PM

Little Feat...I'd turn oft 96rock as soon as they played that shit..Dixie Chicken or some shit..awful***

EaglesOfDawgMetal505/29/2020 11:31PM

Here you go, with Bonnie and Sweet Emmylou. Don't click though, you'll hate it

Tomato Sandwich705/29/2020 11:50PM

If I wasn't banging your mom, I wouldn't even talk to you.

Doris905/29/2020 11:35PM


Doris1105/29/2020 11:24PM

I can't go for that shit, TDK***

EaglesOfDawgMetal105/29/2020 11:18PM

No can do.***

TDK005/29/2020 11:20PM

Joo say FLOOR..

EaglesOfDawgMetal705/29/2020 11:16PM

I dig that one***

Doris005/29/2020 11:19PM

I don’t flyfock know, but it rawks.***

TDK305/29/2020 11:04PM

The one was always me fav AIC folkgrunge song

EaglesOfDawgMetal705/29/2020 11:09PM

^^^ correct answer.*`

PanamaRed&Black405/29/2020 11:05PM

This one goes to 11...

TDK1405/29/2020 11:07PM

Thanks a lot - now the neighbors really hate us.*

PanamaRed&Black205/29/2020 11:44PM

They opened with that at a show I was lucky to attend in '91 at the 'rade...Dirt had not

EaglesOfDawgMetal705/29/2020 11:12PM


TDK205/29/2020 11:13PM

I lost a sweater***

EaglesOfDawgMetal105/29/2020 11:13PM

MTV Unplugged, so probably

PanamaRed&Black605/29/2020 11:04PM

Riot Music

PanamaRed&Black2605/29/2020 11:00PM

Re: Riot Music

EaglesOfDawgMetal2105/29/2020 11:04PM

Headbanging slowly over here in W Cobb with that one

PanamaRed&Black1305/29/2020 11:09PM

Re: Riot Music

Doris1005/29/2020 11:08PM

WSB says they are headed to Lenox Mall - done hit the Target at Sidney Marcus***

Doris805/29/2020 10:59PM

So how many got arrested?***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:24AM

Those idiots are getting it done.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:15AM

Night Y'all. See ya tomorrow...

junkyarddawg1605/29/2020 10:55PM

Best version I ever heard of this one was at Brothers BAR in Jacksonville, AL...Pregaming for a Jax State party...

TDK3505/29/2020 10:42PM

That was a great album. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:14AM

Re: Best version I ever heard of this one was at Brothers BAR in Jacksonville, AL...Pregaming for a Jax State party...

EaglesOfDawgMetal2205/29/2020 10:56PM

laughing smiley ***

TDK005/29/2020 10:57PM

Yase. Easy one.smileys with beer***

junkyarddawg005/29/2020 10:52PM


Doris005/29/2020 10:49PM

It's time Gov. Slackjaw call up the national guard and put a stop to this garbage.*

redpantsdawg1205/29/2020 10:40PM

Was downtown Atlanta watching the buildings burn and the violence in 67-once the business owners sand bagged the roofs of their buildings and got up there with rifles it ended***

Booneville Dawg405/29/2020 11:02PM

Funny how that works huh?***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:27AM

Shit. I saw several armored trucks. Clayton county swat and GSP (I think)..

Tybee-Dawg2305/29/2020 10:51PM

Couldn't he just round em all up in his pickup

PanamaRed&Black3205/29/2020 10:46PM


DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:27AM

I'm good with that. ****

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:12AM

Reporters on CH 2 saying most seem to be from out of town..

McDonoughDawg6205/29/2020 10:37PM

So how do they know that, did they ask everyone?***

DawgDaddy005/30/2020 05:23AM

Leave it to ANTIFA to take a mostly peaceful protest and cause shit.***

junkyarddawg205/29/2020 10:39PM

Yep - this all happened after the protest ended . . .

Doris4705/29/2020 10:43PM

That seems to be the norm now.***

UncleJohnsDawg105/30/2020 04:11AM


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