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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Kentucky in...


Sticky Happy HOTD birthday to rogasingingdawg!…Hope it’s a good’un!…GATA smileys with beer *** (16 Posts)

TDK4710/15/2021 06:08AM

Sticky Cannot post much anymore . On oxygen and a walker. Better than alterntive*** (45 Posts)

JamanDawg39710/11/2021 07:40PM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.* (1 Posts)

TEE174,95806/08/2015 11:08PM

dam ACC is unwatchable***

JaxDawg.com410/15/2021 08:34PM


Death110/15/2021 08:35PM


GibsonDawg010/15/2021 08:37PM

WTF? According to the Algores and TV announcers, Clempsun QB's name is pronounced oo-ee-AHNG-guh-luh-LAY, but I don't see a damn "n" anywhere in Uiagalelei?***

81n95dawg310/15/2021 08:32PM

So fuck that. No go from me.***

Death010/15/2021 08:37PM

Pronounced Ukulele FWIS***

Bullochdawg110/15/2021 08:35PM

That's what I've gone with***

81n95dawg010/15/2021 08:38PM

Just a hade's up…taking the server down a little later for some maintenance***

theTODD410/15/2021 08:30PM

TDK gone grab a smoke***

GibsonDawg110/15/2021 08:32PM

Re: TDK gone grab a smoke

Bullochdawg210/15/2021 08:37PM

Should Ukulele have to return his NIL cash, ihotdvho?***

TDK110/15/2021 08:28PM

Suck it Universe!!…

Bullochdawg1710/15/2021 08:27PM

We're just that damned good. I'm a earth jingoist***

GibsonDawg110/15/2021 08:36PM

It’s not bragging if it’s true***

Bullochdawg010/15/2021 08:38PM

Love seeing Hannah on GPB Friday night games....

JC-DAWG834610/15/2021 08:04PM

Old prevert***

smokindawg310/15/2021 08:18PM

Dawg bless her, imo.***

TDK010/15/2021 08:11PM

Which team do we hate more, Rade Sox or Asstros, ihotdvho?***

TDK1010/15/2021 07:51PM

I want a Braves vs Red Sox World Series.***

EastBroadDawg110/15/2021 08:28PM

Sounds good to me…Always wanted to play in Fenway.***

TDK110/15/2021 08:31PM

Re: Which team do we hate more, Rade Sox or Asstros, ihotdvho?***

Booneville Dawg910/15/2021 08:21PM

I’ll Allow It.***

TDK010/15/2021 08:22PM

Rang bro rang***

smokindawg110/15/2021 07:57PM

RangBarves need Rick Behenna type field general to step up and lead postseason charge siap.

TDK810/15/2021 08:09PM

As a National League rival, I'd have to hate Astros more***

Tomato Sandwich310/15/2021 07:57PM

FORMER National League rival…They AL now…They’re still cheating MFers, tho.***

TDK110/15/2021 08:02PM

Damn, just don't tell me they've messed with the Brewers and Twins rivalry***

Tomato Sandwich110/15/2021 08:07PM

LOL, sorry bro… Brewers are NL now.***

TDK310/15/2021 08:10PM

I feel blindsided***

Tomato Sandwich010/15/2021 08:22PM


junkyarddawg210/15/2021 07:54PM

Whud I do???***

TDK110/15/2021 07:56PM

Nuthin. You deserve the perks of deleting your own double posts because of your effort....

junkyarddawg810/15/2021 07:57PM

Ah, yase…I didn’t think it went thru, so I hit post again…#shame ***

TDK110/15/2021 07:59PM

Not at all. How's the Woodford this evenin?***

junkyarddawg110/15/2021 08:00PM

Saving it for tomorrow…Got a new bottle to CRACK for the game.***

TDK010/15/2021 08:03PM


JC-DAWG83310/15/2021 07:53PM

Push this ever-lovin' pin!***

81n95dawg010/15/2021 08:00PM

I like trucks.***

TDK010/15/2021 07:55PM

Pliney the Elder at Blind Lady Ale House..

Punkin142710/15/2021 07:47PM

Tell rrttrax i said hello***

smokindawg010/15/2021 07:52PM

Beer named for ancient Romans, interesting***

JC-DAWG83110/15/2021 07:50PM

Got lucky this trip.. usually is not on the beer menu*

Punkin14010/15/2021 08:01PM

Yay dawgs!

smokindawg3610/15/2021 07:42PM

Syracuse cheerleaders wearing masks, brilliant!***

JC-DAWG83710/15/2021 07:34PM

smdh siap ***

TDK010/15/2021 07:35PM

Ukulele mighta just lost his job to the punter.***

TDK110/15/2021 07:32PM

This BCF go out to our dawg JD99 cheers bros !!

LawDawg3210/15/2021 07:31PM

Yase emotional wreck right now at the bar***

smokindawg110/15/2021 07:46PM


LawDawg010/15/2021 07:47PM

North Cobb at Walton on Peachtree TV. Reckon Walton can’t handle North Cobb….

junkyarddawg2810/15/2021 07:17PM

How he gone catch with one hand in his pocket, junky?***

TDK310/15/2021 07:26PM

♫Cause the other hand is bigger than Rogababy's♫***

junkyarddawg210/15/2021 07:53PM

LOL, nice.***

TDK010/15/2021 07:54PM

Your team captains for tomorrow…Salllllute!…

Bullochdawg8810/15/2021 07:16PM

Kirby really brings in the talent.***

EastBroadDawg410/15/2021 08:08PM

That's three badasses. 3 5* too.***

EastBroadDawg010/15/2021 08:08PM

Hope they’re ready to GATA…They sure look like they are.***

TDK010/15/2021 07:24PM

That's some good ones.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 07:23PM

Cambridge HS has a someone daughter kicker…5’4” shawty.***

TDK610/15/2021 07:12PM

My experience is that if you buy them dinner and rub it a little first

JimDandyDawg8910/15/2021 07:15PM

I'm a tell ladyQ to spank dat ass

GibsonDawg2810/15/2021 07:31PM

LMAO to all yall***

JimDandyDawg010/15/2021 07:37PM

Re: My experience is that if you buy them dinner and rub it a little first

junkyarddawg2810/15/2021 07:24PM


TDK3610/15/2021 07:19PM

Mom KINDa HOT…This game is getting interesting.***

TDK210/15/2021 07:13PM

Girl with no pants at Arkansas game. Germans?…

Bullochdawg13610/15/2021 06:56PM

I think that outfit is a one piece thing, whatever it is I'm glad she wore it***

JC-DAWG83210/15/2021 07:27PM

Very cool.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 07:21PM

That someone hot daughter siap (nm)***

TDK210/15/2021 07:01PM


LawDawg110/15/2021 06:58PM


Bullochdawg110/15/2021 07:00PM

Something’s going on in the NFL…

Bullochdawg9310/15/2021 06:53PM

Still haven't watched any NFL since 2019***

PrairieDawg110/15/2021 07:42PM

Probably since 2016 at least for me, to hell those woke MFs***

JC-DAWG83010/15/2021 07:47PM

I hope they destroy themselves***

JC-DAWG83210/15/2021 07:29PM

Not gonna use the "L" word, but if you want a sure-fire bet tomorrow...

MusicCityDawg10410/15/2021 06:40PM

Just dropped the mortgage, thanks***

Tomato Sandwich010/15/2021 06:56PM

I don’t trust UT. There explosion has been against shit Ds. The over is the only thing I’d look at***

JimDandyDawg310/15/2021 06:43PM

"Their" fwiw***

JC-DAWG83010/15/2021 07:23PM

Might not be much defense at all on old Rocky Top tomorrow.***

TDK210/15/2021 06:46PM

Kiffin is spiteful and has a good offense. Wouldn’t touch that with TyTy’s wallet.***

Dymwit410/15/2021 06:52PM

Good choice. ****

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 07:18PM

Yep…He’ll be looking to make a statement in front of the hillbillies.***

TDK210/15/2021 06:58PM

May God bless his efforts verily.***

JimDandyDawg110/15/2021 07:35PM

Yase verily.***

TDK010/15/2021 07:37PM

Is HOTD running very slow for anyone else?***

JC-DAWG83810/15/2021 06:39PM

Today it has been for me.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 07:16PM

All afternoon here.***

DawgDaddy010/15/2021 06:44PM

According to Jmac, yes***

Tomato Sandwich010/15/2021 06:43PM

Has been slow between transitions for me off and on all day…Thought it was just me.***

TDK010/15/2021 06:42PM

Two weeks of practice have not helped the Clemps…offensively nor defensively…Ouch.***

TDK1010/15/2021 06:36PM

They sorta stink***

Rocky Raccoon010/15/2021 07:14PM

Looking really mediocre vs the Orangemen. I'm not shedding any tears.***

rogasingingdawg010/15/2021 06:38PM

That's too bad. ****

UncleJohnsDawg310/15/2021 06:38PM


TDK510/15/2021 06:40PM

'Cuse giving clem and son all they want right now***

JC-DAWG83410/15/2021 06:36PM

They always play clemmers close it seems***

Tomato Sandwich110/15/2021 06:44PM

Never mind, idiot qb throws a terrible interception in red zone***

JC-DAWG83010/15/2021 06:38PM

Good deal.***

UncleJohnsDawg210/15/2021 06:37PM

TDK quick question

SSI-Dawg5410/15/2021 06:30PM

It’s on my work computer - Windows…I haven’t thought about adding it to my Mac…Do they have an OS version?***

TDK310/15/2021 06:33PM

They have one, but they say it’s

SSI-Dawg1910/15/2021 06:36PM

Hmmm…That doesn’t inspire confidence. confused smiley ***

TDK210/15/2021 06:38PM

Kind of what I was thinking.

SSI-Dawg810/15/2021 06:42PM

thumbs up…Let me know how it goes.***

TDK110/15/2021 06:43PM

Will do. Looking forward

SSI-Dawg410/15/2021 07:15PM

Well, it really doesn’t do a whole lot, but you can get some good results if you try different settings, adjust levels, and such.***

TDK010/15/2021 07:22PM

Any future Cawgs to look for in the Cambridge - Johns Creek game?…TIA ***

TDK110/15/2021 06:27PM

There are a lot of players up there. Some must be good.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 06:37PM

Wrecking Bar Brewing May the Shrarzbier with You...5.9%***

4sure210/15/2021 06:21PM

Good choice, 4sure. ****

UncleJohnsDawg110/15/2021 06:36PM

Isn’t he starting against the RangBarves tomorrow night?***

TDK210/15/2021 06:32PM

LMAO! After 4 hours of Finebaum with UGA vs KY, guess what comes on next?

DawgFacedGremlin9210/15/2021 06:11PM

That's the biggest day of their year.***

UncleJohnsDawg210/15/2021 06:35PM

Good planning on their part.***

DawgDaddy110/15/2021 06:25PM


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