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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Auburn in...


Sticky Happy HOTD Birthday to uga1988!...Hope it's a good'un!...GATA smileys with beer *** (5 Posts)

TDK1610/04/2022 09:18AM

Sticky Auburn Ticket (1) - Face Value (1 Posts)

Ponddawg10810/03/2022 03:52PM

Sticky 2 Georgia / Florida tickets available (1 Posts)

dawglegright11910/03/2022 01:36PM

Sticky GA/FL Tickets + Parking Pass (2 Posts)

Ponddawg19110/03/2022 08:58AM

Sticky Night Y'all, be civil.*** (1 Posts)

TEE57,65706/08/2015 10:08PM

G'nite Dawgs. Go Braves!!!***

79Dawg010/04/2022 10:32PM


Toasty B4810/04/2022 09:55PM


79Dawg210/04/2022 10:00PM

Seems it's a little more dangerous to interview the rookies bout now***

Toasty B010/04/2022 09:53PM

Braves could use a few days of rest...

gulfportdawg4010/04/2022 09:42PM

well, there is a game scheduled tomorrow***

Toasty B310/04/2022 10:22PM

Don't matter.***

79Dawg010/04/2022 10:35PM

Damn right.***

79Dawg010/04/2022 09:44PM

My biggest worry tonight was Odorizzi. He came through big time.***

79Dawg710/04/2022 09:18PM

Some DA on here called him Odorshitti..D'JD***

Toasty B110/04/2022 09:31PM

I crapped on him more than once. He was money tonight.***

79Dawg010/04/2022 09:33PM

Re: My biggest worry tonight was Odorizzi. He came through big time.

bNe3610/04/2022 09:24PM

Re: My biggest worry tonight was Odorizzi. He came through big time.

79Dawg2310/04/2022 09:32PM

great interview***

Toasty B010/04/2022 09:30PM

Fock the Mets!***

81n95dawg910/04/2022 08:55PM

Dey fucked..............

Toasty B1110/04/2022 09:31PM

Re: Fock the Mets!

scn2210/04/2022 09:13PM

FTM imo

4sure3910/04/2022 09:11PM


79Dawg010/04/2022 09:21PM


bNe010/04/2022 09:17PM

LOL, Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49010/04/2022 09:14PM

Toasty was right with the Braves Mets on the RR track meme.***

EastBroadDawg410/04/2022 09:07PM

Where is that RR track meme.***

PharmDawg310/04/2022 09:24PM

Re: Where is that RR track meme.

Toasty B610/04/2022 10:17PM

Banned I think.***

EastBroadDawg010/04/2022 09:49PM

May the worms eat they apple. Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49310/04/2022 09:06PM

May the worms eat they apple. Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49310/04/2022 09:06PM

May the worms eat they apple. Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49210/04/2022 09:06PM

TWO TIMES!!!!***

79Dawg110/04/2022 08:56PM


ugafan49110/04/2022 09:07PM


79Dawg110/04/2022 09:08PM

Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49110/04/2022 09:09PM

Patiently waiting….***

humpindawg310/04/2022 08:52PM

There it is! V-v-v-v***

humpindawg110/04/2022 08:54PM

We cut cable and are streaming so I'm a little behind. HEY NOW!!***

79Dawg010/04/2022 08:56PM

Braves win!!!!***

79Dawg1410/04/2022 08:52PM

Post of night.***

Top Row Dawg010/04/2022 09:23PM

Go Braves!***

DawgDaddy010/04/2022 09:06PM

Glad that one is over. Great work by the pitching staff.*

ladyQ310/04/2022 09:03PM

Me too and the bullpen was awesome!!!***

79Dawg010/04/2022 09:22PM

I dig it***

McDonoughDawg010/04/2022 09:00PM

World Series Bound, Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49010/04/2022 08:58PM

Re: Braves win!!!!

Swad910/04/2022 08:55PM

Yase bro!!***

LawDawg010/04/2022 08:54PM

Hail yeah!!!

bNe910/04/2022 08:53PM

Re: Hail yeah!!!

79Dawg910/04/2022 08:55PM

Never a doubt!!!!***

humpindawg010/04/2022 08:53PM

Good work, 79***

Tomato Sandwich010/04/2022 08:52PM


Dymwit010/04/2022 08:51PM

Braves win!***

WRGA Dog310/04/2022 08:51PM

Champs doing champ stuff!

bNe1210/04/2022 08:52PM

After suffering through decades of hearing large groups of visiting teams' fans cheering loudly at Fulton County Stadium and Turner Field

81n95dawg6910/04/2022 08:51PM

Right ON!!!!!***

ugafan49010/04/2022 08:59PM

Que 79***

McDonoughDawg910/04/2022 08:32PM


Death010/04/2022 08:51PM


bNe1210/04/2022 08:28PM

you remind me of my Grandmother Ruth. Used that term many a time.***

Death210/04/2022 08:48PM

Re: Egad

79Dawg4010/04/2022 08:31PM

Re: Egad

bNe1510/04/2022 08:43PM

Re: Egad

79Dawg610/04/2022 09:09PM


bNe210/04/2022 08:30PM

My Dad would have been 92 today had he survived. His heart gave out when he was just 55....

rogasingingdawg8510/04/2022 08:14PM

Hang with us a while***

McDonoughDawg010/04/2022 08:38PM

Wow. Sorry you lost your hero at that young age. We need you on this wall!**

1966septemberdawg210/04/2022 08:29PM

You're busting ass. You're gonna stay with us for awhile.***

junkyarddawg010/04/2022 08:26PM

Feel free to stick around for a while longer.head bangin smiley***

79Dawg210/04/2022 08:23PM

Keep pumping boss.***

Death010/04/2022 08:18PM

Judge hits 62....

junkyarddawg6010/04/2022 07:52PM

Fuck the Yankees***

McDonoughDawg110/04/2022 08:23PM

I can respect that**

DawgFacedGremlin010/04/2022 08:32PM

Welcome to the National League........20 years ago......

DawgFacedGremlin3510/04/2022 08:09PM

mild clap.***

Death210/04/2022 08:02PM

Shot will clear that right up***

MillDawg010/04/2022 08:37PM

I don't really care about it but I respect it***

junkyarddawg110/04/2022 08:03PM

Exactly mild clap.***

Death010/04/2022 08:09PM

Yuck the Fankees and posters and networks that have interrupted chit to try to BROADcast it***

bNe110/04/2022 07:56PM

Agree. Yuck the Fankees. Just delivering the news.***

junkyarddawg110/04/2022 07:58PM

It doesn't get better than this. RIP Loretty

Tomato Sandwich5110/04/2022 07:35PM

Idgaff what y’all say….I love Kelly Krull***

scn2010/04/2022 07:22PM

she looking good in that leather dress tonight. I would like to soil it****

hitdawg010/04/2022 08:57PM

^^^ no respect for the RULZ***

Shadrach110/04/2022 07:28PM

I got you..........

79Dawg9310/04/2022 07:43PM

Ok then.***

Death010/04/2022 08:02PM

I ain't mad at her....

79Dawg6010/04/2022 07:27PM

I know some hams have been baked for Loretta, but it should also be

Ahmahtbychew12810/04/2022 07:06PM

She's a different kinda country than Jason Aldean sings about. A close friend of mine

Shadrach7910/04/2022 07:26PM

County as it gets…….

smokindawg6310/04/2022 07:24PM

Gwinnett County***

Dymwit410/04/2022 07:42PM

County jail.***

79Dawg010/04/2022 07:46PM

Loretta and Conway are back together. I need to lie down.....**

11B1SG(Ret)Dawg510/04/2022 07:22PM

I like that CKS doesn't like PCs....

junkyarddawg10210/04/2022 07:04PM

baseball has changed for the worse imo. 1st sac bunt for the braves with 1.5 games left in the season. D,JD.***

bNe1310/04/2022 06:46PM

I said earlier to my husband that you'd think the lefties would really try to bunt much more with that open side of the INF.

ladyQ1510/04/2022 07:19PM

I doubt Olsen has bunted 5 times in his career.***

79Dawg210/04/2022 07:30PM

Earlier in the season he did try to hit to left field often with runners on.

ladyQ1810/04/2022 07:37PM

Re: Earlier in the season he did try to hit to left field often with runners on.

79Dawg510/04/2022 08:33PM

selfish iyam***

bNe110/04/2022 07:34PM


79Dawg110/04/2022 07:36PM


bNe010/04/2022 07:47PM

Bunting right here by grossman would be an easy call to make imo***

bNe110/04/2022 07:24PM

shift beater for sure.***

bNe010/04/2022 07:20PM

Yeah, only won 100 games without it. How awful***

Tomato Sandwich110/04/2022 07:16PM

talking about the sport, not the team, scooter

bNe1410/04/2022 07:18PM

Probably a sign that it's good strategy***

Tomato Sandwich210/04/2022 07:50PM

no. its about money and greed

bNe1010/04/2022 07:55PM

Waste of an out***

Tomato Sandwich110/04/2022 07:57PM

if you bunt against the shift, you are likely to be safe at first.

bNe510/04/2022 08:01PM

I guess MLB as a whole disagrees with you***

Tomato Sandwich110/04/2022 08:07PM

MLB is chasing the dollar. Like i said, the game has changed for the worse.

bNe310/04/2022 08:10PM

Well, shit, sunshine, let me know when Snit takes your call. FFS. Sorry about your bunting conspiracy***

Tomato Sandwich210/04/2022 08:15PM

You are approaching DFG level of dumbassery now

bNe310/04/2022 08:21PM

Who says it's worse? You, sunshine? Sounds like an opinion to me, but keep the personal insults coming.***

Tomato Sandwich210/04/2022 08:31PM

Yes. I did. Said imo In the original post....

bNe510/04/2022 08:50PM

More insults. Sorry I disagree, sunshine. Let em swing away IMO***

Tomato Sandwich110/04/2022 08:59PM

Play the contrarian, get put in place

bNe510/04/2022 09:04PM

LMAOlaughing smiley***

Tomato Sandwich010/04/2022 09:25PM

Universal DH has a part in it. Their lineup is pretty strong, top to bottom.***

Dymwit210/04/2022 07:05PM

League wide, fewest sac bunts in history this year. 50% fewer than 10 years ago.***

Playallnight110/04/2022 07:03PM

Reason is simple. DH in both leagues.***

79Dawg110/04/2022 07:06PM

even before the DH bunting was on the decline

bNe1010/04/2022 07:19PM

You are not wrong.***

79Dawg010/04/2022 07:29PM

crybaby fans are worse***

BulletDawg110/04/2022 06:53PM

Horrible spot for it, too.***

79Dawg110/04/2022 06:52PM

bunting beats the shift. fixing something that is broken by choice imo

bNe1310/04/2022 07:17PM

Re: bunting beats the shift. fixing something that is broken by choice imo

79Dawg1110/04/2022 07:19PM

Re: bunting beats the shift. fixing something that is broken by choice imo

bNe610/04/2022 07:22PM

Re: bunting beats the shift. fixing something that is broken by choice imo

79Dawg610/04/2022 07:26PM

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times.

Dawghammarskjold5710/04/2022 06:39PM


BulletDawg310/04/2022 07:05PM

Great stuff Dawghammarskjold. Thanks.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/04/2022 06:43PM

Two statues in a park

Buddy Revell14810/04/2022 06:03PM

grinning smiley***

rogasingingdawg010/04/2022 07:47PM

Jerry Mitchell probably has a better, one hit joke.***

junkyarddawg010/04/2022 07:14PM

Not Laughing—>***

smokindawg310/04/2022 06:38PM

Good one Buddy Revell. LOL.***

UncleJohnsDawg310/04/2022 06:19PM


79Dawg110/04/2022 06:05PM

Im pissed off. High level pissed off. Usually if im pissed off its in a violent way

smokindawg14710/04/2022 05:54PM

Talk to me bro. Let it out.***

Death010/04/2022 07:21PM

Bring it, Grass Boy.***

Dymwit010/04/2022 07:13PM

Crank up some Branchez. Get your mind right.***

Shadrach110/04/2022 06:17PM

Lighten up Francis

Buc-N-Dawg4910/04/2022 06:07PM

Re: Im pissed off. High level pissed off. Usually if im pissed off its in a violent way

Dawghammarskjold8210/04/2022 06:01PM

Is there something you'd like to share with the group, smokin'?***

Rocky Raccoon310/04/2022 05:58PM

Damn...sexual harassment in a women's professional soccer league.....

DawgFacedGremlin9910/04/2022 05:14PM

I make this point all the time, men lusting after women is what has propagated our species***

Tomato Sandwich510/04/2022 05:47PM

My heart goes out to those who drive around the north side of I-285 every day.... "'Profound delays' expected during eight-month lane closure at I-285 and GA-400"

RockmartDawg6110/04/2022 03:53PM

Come drive in Ohio for a week......dumbest fucking drivers I've ever witnessed...

DawgFacedGremlin5010/04/2022 04:54PM

Been there, never going back.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/04/2022 05:10PM

i could care less***

BulletDawg110/04/2022 04:49PM

So you care at least a little, then.***

junkyarddawg310/04/2022 04:51PM

couldn't say***

BulletDawg010/04/2022 06:56PM


Shadrach010/04/2022 06:34PM

I don't think I could ever go back to a job that requires my to commute significantly.***

junkyarddawg110/04/2022 04:49PM

you can pretty much double everything in that article, delays, length of construction etc***

MillDawg310/04/2022 04:27PM

These “engineers” are absolute NTACs. It takes an hour to think about going anywhere in that area.***

Dymwit110/04/2022 04:26PM

So glad I'm done with that. Once lived at Northridge x 400.***

EastBroadDawg210/04/2022 04:25PM

Good place to get mugged.***

Dymwit310/04/2022 04:26PM

Now it is for sure.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/04/2022 06:21PM

yup, getting worse by the day***

MillDawg110/04/2022 04:31PM

This was late 80s in apartment on Roswell Rd. Swinging singles yuppie heaven. Sure its changed.***

EastBroadDawg310/04/2022 04:30PM

During that time it was really nice.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/04/2022 05:12PM

You wouldn’t let your girl go to the store after dark. It’s also one of the hotspots for shitty drivers. Go figure why.***

Dymwit210/04/2022 04:32PM

Aye carumba!***

Shadrach110/04/2022 06:20PM

I keep missing the 400N exit since they’ve moved it back by the Perimeter exit..same wit Roswell Rd..my brain can’t keep up with it all anymore*

Punkin14210/04/2022 04:12PM

So normal, right?***

4sure010/04/2022 04:10PM

Shouldnt be there***

smokindawg210/04/2022 04:03PM

That's gonna be a real mess.***

UncleJohnsDawg110/04/2022 04:01PM


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