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sweetriverdog says...Georgia vs. Alabama in...


I may get a Power G tattooed on my ass.***

MusicCityDawg9101/11/2022 04:51AM


79Dawg9101/11/2022 04:48AM

Hunker Down Dawgs.***

UncleJohnsDawg6201/11/2022 04:53AM

Effin' DAWGS!!!!!!!!!***

79Dawg8801/11/2022 03:48AM

3am...just made it back from downtown Athens. Greatest night of my life***

DawgsGoneWild8501/11/2022 03:05AM

Concur. Just got back to Louisville. Best day ever.***

Coon Dawg5201/11/2022 03:27AM

Back in Stetson's frosh year running the scout team I remember...

Jawjan50901/11/2022 01:47AM

Great story for sure.***

UncleJohnsDawg5601/11/2022 04:50AM

He has made old timers forget about Theron Sapp***

Ahmahtbychew6201/11/2022 03:03AM

Well Said. Thanks.***

EastBroadDawg5301/11/2022 02:13AM

Me and Waycross have been vindicated..always said the road to the next NC for UGA was paved with a South GA QB*

Punkin146601/11/2022 01:55AM

For sure***

dingo5501/11/2022 08:28AM

Yes sir!***

UncleJohnsDawg6401/11/2022 04:58AM

Sure wish Tursiops and all other HOTd members who passed away could be here tonight....

Tybee-Dawg23301/11/2022 01:39AM

They are.....***

MillDawg5301/11/2022 07:46AM

I had similar thought about the number of folks I know died within the

30Adawg11401/11/2022 07:22AM

Yes sir!***

UncleJohnsDawg6101/11/2022 04:49AM

Amen. *

ladyQ5301/11/2022 01:51AM


TDK6301/11/2022 01:41AM

Man, Stet weeping hit me.

Death30101/11/2022 01:21AM

#MeToo, it also reminded me of how shitty our fan base is***

MillDawg6201/11/2022 07:31AM

Amazing story. Little guy kept fighting even when everyone said he couldn’t do it

CCDawg13401/11/2022 02:16AM

Great stuff CCDawg.***

UncleJohnsDawg5701/11/2022 06:59AM

Stetson is one of us. A lifetime Dawg fan. He isn't the only one on the team....

Tybee-Dawg18101/11/2022 01:25AM

Notre Dame had this little FATASS named Rudy. We got something way better. We got the mail-F'N-man***

GibsonDawg10301/11/2022 01:23AM

There needs to be a cleansing here.***

Death5601/11/2022 01:25AM


TDK6401/11/2022 01:21AM

There will be a coffee table book written about him

lobatt8701/11/2022 01:24AM

Kid deserves an award.***

Death5401/11/2022 01:23AM

Well, he did get Offensive player of the game!!!...

Jawjan8501/11/2022 01:35AM

Aight...I’m out. Will sleep like a baby tonight. Night all you National Champion f’ers! Sounds good, don’t it? the finger smiley***

GriffWoody7401/11/2022 01:18AM

Guess I won't have to worry any rolling out of bed tonight iykwim***

GibsonDawg8401/11/2022 01:17AM


Tybee-Dawg43801/11/2022 01:15AM


DawgDaddy5001/11/2022 05:03AM

Very cool.***

UncleJohnsDawg5301/11/2022 04:56AM

Re: Hope.....is HOT....that is all

Dawgma16101/11/2022 01:42AM

I have an unhealthy obsession with her***

theTODD5501/11/2022 01:38AM

That is awesome.***

GriffWoody5501/11/2022 01:17AM

All damb day.***

TDK5201/11/2022 01:16AM

Hey TDK, if I call Bama a buncha godless sister fuckers, will that ding us with Google?***

GibsonDawg7301/11/2022 01:14AM

Good question…They’d prolly let that slide.***

TDK4901/11/2022 01:15AM

Fact is facts, man***

Doris5501/11/2022 01:14AM

I'm so happy, I turned down Toasty's mom, tonight.***

Doris7001/11/2022 01:12AM

Defense gave up 369 yards of passing…Need to tighten that up, imo.***

TDK7301/11/2022 01:12AM

2nd & 26 has been put to bed. And F every F’er that has ever said 1980.***

GriffWoody8001/11/2022 01:11AM

Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Go Dawgs!***

DawgDaddy5401/11/2022 07:36AM


81n95dawg5301/11/2022 01:45AM

Amen. The Gators & Noles here will be QUIET for at least a month***

FeralDawg5001/11/2022 01:13AM

Two things, Stet can’t make the deep pass and we will never win the big one with him at qb. dead horse smiley***

GriffWoody9801/11/2022 01:09AM

This shit is on Kirby…Game has passed him by.***

TDK5401/11/2022 01:11AM

Damn your banana phone.***

Death6101/11/2022 01:12AM

So by winning this breaks the paradigm of having to have a 5 Star Heisman QB ?

FeralDawg12001/11/2022 01:07AM

Fucking Stet!***

Death9001/11/2022 01:06AM

He wept. You did too.***

Death6301/11/2022 01:07AM


UncleJohnsDawg5101/11/2022 05:00AM

No doubt, I did. I wept for the win and those that weren’t with us any longer to see it. Specifically, my FIL, a former HS D-coordinator.***

GriffWoody5401/11/2022 01:13AM

He will be a rare story for the ages. He had more fight in him than JTD apparently

FeralDawg9501/11/2022 01:12AM

Do we ever know the real story of JT?***

GriffWoody5701/11/2022 01:14AM

Nope. Maybe by Summer***

FeralDawg5201/11/2022 01:17AM

I squalled like Tammy Faye***

GibsonDawg5201/11/2022 01:11AM

When’s the parade?…Y’all going?***

TDK9201/11/2022 01:03AM

Think they said Sat. I plan too. Wish I could find out when they are flying back***

Viper23696101/11/2022 01:09AM

As long as they don't bring those creepy Shriners with the belly dancer dude***

GibsonDawg5401/11/2022 01:05AM

Like to see those two fat twins what ride they motorbikes have a spot in Cawgs parade.***

TDK5701/11/2022 01:06AM

Four words: Monkey Brigade On Collies***

GibsonDawg6301/11/2022 01:08AM

HOLY………………………………..CRAP ***

TDK5701/11/2022 01:09AM

F'All Y'All, siap***

Tomato Sandwich7101/11/2022 01:01AM

Many would have given up after 40 + years and all the heart breaking

Leotis13101/11/2022 01:00AM

Damn Griff (and Feral)

Doris22501/11/2022 01:00AM

Bring it in for a hug (but no funny business)***

FeralDawg5301/11/2022 01:04AM

I'm pretty sure Griff touched my ass. nttawwt***

Doris5201/11/2022 01:08AM

Sporty ass slap...an attaboy, if you will.***

GriffWoody5801/11/2022 01:10AM

Attaboys don’t require exploratory fingers, iirc***

FeralDawg5601/11/2022 01:16AM


GriffWoody12401/11/2022 01:02AM

Awesome - rock on***

Doris5201/11/2022 01:03AM

How Bout them Fucking Dawgs!!!!***

Tomato Sandwich5801/11/2022 01:01AM

I had 2 babies with birthdays tonight.

Death16001/11/2022 01:00AM

Get that boy outta syria and back in the land of the dawg.***

GriffWoody6301/11/2022 01:05AM

Aye, got the Fireball sent. Surprised it maf=de it through.***

Death5501/11/2022 01:08AM

funny, you don't look syrian***

BulletDawg6001/11/2022 01:03AM

Lordy, I aint. Talk to little Deaf. He's on 9 month tour.***

Death5101/11/2022 01:05AM

That's some serious timing there Deaf - Good onya and kudos to the boys.***

Doris5901/11/2022 01:01AM

Thank man. For REAL./they both were all on a DAwg win. Period.***

Death5301/11/2022 01:04AM

Laura Rutledge sitting in that chair on the SEC Network just like Sharon Stone. As my Mama used to say "looks like she's trying to take a picture"***

Zolotisty10101/11/2022 12:59AM

The best thing about this is the tech maggots…

barnesville dawg23201/11/2022 12:57AM

Somehow they knew. Mu cousin leaving the stadium took this picture just now...

Tybee-Dawg37501/11/2022 12:57AM

So good.***

DawgDaddy5001/11/2022 07:39AM

Solidarity. The Brotherhood of The Mailman is strong. Damn Frigid Freezing Weather Can't Stop Them From Delivering***

Zolotisty5301/11/2022 01:12AM


Doris5401/11/2022 01:02AM

thumbs up ***

TDK5101/11/2022 12:59AM


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